The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site

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He lives over in Houma. We are old ham radio buddies. You ought to talk to him! By this time the reporter had shown up. Fortunately the launch window had been just long enough for another UFO case to be brought up. The interview was done, and there was a great crowd that night at LSU. The next day, from the airport, I called telephone information in Houma. I had no idea where it was, other than that it was in Louisiana.

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There was a listing for a Jesse A. Marcel, so I called him. I mentioned the TV station manager as a kind of reference, and then we spoke for some while. Jesse told me his story about his involvement in the recovery of strange wreckage outside Roswell, New Mexico, in company with Counter Intelligence Corps officer Sheridan Cav Cavitt, on orders from Colonel William Blanchard, the base commander.

The Roswell Legacy: The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site

Jesse had been a major, the base intelligence officer. Moore, and Crash at Corona by Don Berliner and myself. Jesse noted that he had been told not to say anything, but that just after the incident occurred, his picture had appeared in newspapers all over the United States, and some overseas. The official explanation was that what was recovered was just a weather balloon radar reflector.

But Marcel never believed that, and the notion that neither he nor Colonel Blanchard who was later a four-star general could not recognize such a common device was absurd. Yet his story was credible, and it whetted my curiosity. I knew that the summer of had been a very busy flying saucer time, beginning with the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting in June, and escalating in the next few weeks. So, after speaking with Jesse, I filed the story in my gray basket and shared it with Bill Moore, whom I knew because we had both earlier been active in the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh back in the late s.

Bill had moved to Minnesota, and I was living in Hayward, California, and lecturing all over. A few months later, after a lecture to a packed hall that I gave at Bemidji State College in Bemidji, Minnesota, I was quietly approached, at my table of papers, by Vern and Jean Maltais, who asked if I had heard anything about a crashed saucer in New Mexico. I said I had heard something, but wanted to know more.

They spoke of the experience of their friend Grady Barney Barnett, who had worked for the soil conservation service out of Socorro, New Mexico. Barnett had seen a crashed saucer and strange bodies, and was chased off by the military along with some college people who were also there. I obtained phone and address contact information from them, and the next day I passed them on to Bill Moore, who was then teaching in Minnesota.

This story was about an English actor, Hughie Green, who had heard a story on the radio while driving from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. He was able to pin down the date as early July, , as such trips were not very common back then. This was a real boost, as it named other people that were involved, and validated what Jesse had said. On July 8, , many evening newspapers all over the United States carried the very exciting story of a crashed saucer sometimes called a disc recovered by a rancher outside Roswell.

This began an intensive research effort that lasted years for Bill and me. Bill and I had done most of the work, finding 62 people in those pre-Internet times. We had spoken with 92 people. We both had spoken to Dr. Jesse Marcel, and had been very favorably impressed.

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Live done in Washington, D. Jesse was brought in for it, as was I. He had contacted me before I moved to New Brunswick, and had brought Bill in to help with doing a script for a short-lived movie project. They continued to work together, and kept me informed. A number of books and documentaries have been done about Roswell since the late s.

Roswell Legacy : The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site

Some of the documentaries were by Roswell debunkers, much of whose research was often of the armchair-theorist variety. I spent a great deal of effort throughout the years dealing with the false arguments of the naysayers. The problem is that we researchers have been racing the undertaker. Inevitably, we lose, though new witnesses do turn up sometimes. As the only Roswell researcher who has been in the homes of both Jesse Sr.

Any reasonable person would agree that these facts are relevant to credibility. It was almost funny that the debunkers on the show, such as SETI specialists and Harvard psychologists, had their full titles presented, despite their lack of familiarity with the evidence. Some people have asked, So why did all those so-called witnesses go running to Friedman and Moore? Just to get on TV? We had to work hard to find the witnesses. One critic was sure that Walter Haut, who had issued the famous press release of July 8,, had just made up the story and put it out.

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The Career Press, Inc. Includes index. Anderson released a diary that his uncle had kept which recorded the event. Alas, examination by a forensic chemist showed that the ink used to write the entries did not exist in but had first been manufactured in Anderson claimed that the tested pages were copies, but he never made the alleged originals available. Attributed to an anonymous former government cameraman, the film was distributed by a British marketing agency that formerly handled Walt Disney products, and it was promoted during prime time on the Fox network.

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Although the film was supposedly authenticated by Kodak, only the leader tape and a single frame of film had been submitted, and Kodak refused to be taken in by the obvious ploy. And so the hoaxes continue. Many ufologists have heralded the Roswell incident as providing the primary evidence for the UFO invasion of planet Earth.

It was not, of course, the grandiose coverup of extraterrestrial visitation that conspiracy theorists now imagine. The best current evidence indicates that the crashed device was in reality a U. As a consequence of these sordid events, the Roswell incident has left a half-century legacy of bizarre cult mythology, anti-government conspiracy theories, and unrelenting skywatching by self-styled ufologists who seem to fancy themselves on the brink of a momentous discovery.

The Roswell Legacy The Untold Story Of The First Military Officer At The 1947 Crash Site Book Review

The latest book or television program to the contrary, what crashed at Roswell was the truth, plain and simple. Crashed-saucer conspiracy theorists continue to rewrite the history of what the book that launched the mania termed, via its title, The Roswell Incident C.

Berlitz and W. Moore One of their claims regards a press release issued on July 8, , by a young public information officer, Lt. Walter G. According to Berlitz and Moore p. Actually we have only his own assertions to interviewers made decades later. He gave differing versions regarding who supposedly instructed him or what the circumstances were. He was not credible.