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Jewish shops were boycotted and smashed and the synagogues, the cradles of the infamous Jewish doctrines, went up in flames. These measures were by no means as spontaneous as they appeared. On the night the murder was announced in Berlin I was busy at our headquarters. Although it was very late the entire leadership staff were there in assembly, the Bann Leader and about two dozen others, of all ranks I had no idea what it was all about, and was thrilled to learn that were to go into action that very night.

Dressed in civilian clothes we were to demolish the Jewish shops in our district for which we had a list supplied by the Gau headquarters of the NSKK, who were also in civilian clothes. We were to concentrate on the shops. Cases of serious resistance on the part of the Jews were to be dealt with by the SA men who would also attend to the synagogues. An important aspect of the role of the Hitler Youth was military training.


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Erich Dressler later explained: "We used to carry out regular military exercises in the woods around Berlin, and we always thought this the high spot of our duties War veterans from an SA detachment came along to direct our operations. We were given real strategic tasks, like the defence of a hill or a road crossing, and we soon learned how to read ordnance maps and work out compass directions.

Dressler met Adolf Hitler in March The sub-Bann Leader, who was marching at our head, ordered us to step to the side of the road. Suddenly there were feverish shouts from the end of the column. We all stiffened to attention like one man and raised our arms in the German salute.

The leading car slowed and halted. The car following also pulled up I saw him there for the first and the last time. I noticed that his face was more wrinkled and his hair greyer than one could tell from his photographs. And he had a strange nervous twitch in his face when he spoke. But the most marvellous thing was his eyes; they were very large and radiant, with a peculiar gleam lighting them with an uncanny power.

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I had to summon all my strength to look into his eyes. But then I knew surely and certainly and calmly that whoever looked in his eyes would be ready to die for him. His look was like an electrical discharge, an impelling force which none could withstand. I have read the same thing about Napoleon, but who was he to compare with the man whom destiny had sent to re-design the face of the earth! Hitler spoke a few words to some of those nearest him, asked where they came from, whether they had enough to eat, and what their accommodation was like, and then he shook hands with them.

Officer , was all I could say. After this he spoke to a few others, but I heard nothing of it. I was as though in a trance. In the end he made an adjutant give our Bann Leader marks, with which we should go and see Vienna. He returned to his car; we stood taut and shouted Heil! The memory of this day has never faded and will be with me all my life. From this time I set myself religiously to follow the maxims which Adolf Hitler had laid down. Dressler admitted that he had mixed feelings about the early success of the German Army at the beginning of the Second World War.

I was fifteen and my most ardent desire was to be a soldier myself and to be allowed to fight. But everything went off with such maddening speed, and before I could think of it the Polish campaign was over and the enemy utterly beaten! What was to follow? It was quite clear to me that the war would be over before my time came. At that rate we could have conquered half the globe before I reached the age of eighteen and could join in. At seventeen he received his army training and joined the Fifth Tank Regiment in Except for the officers, nearly all the rest of men were teenagers.

He first saw action in Sicily in July, He went into battle against the British Army just outside of Palermo. Then they were on us. The tanks stopped, and the infantry went forward. We were in utter chaos; there was no communication with our base, our lieutenant was killed, the sergeant-major had lost his head. What was left of his tank regiment were forced to retreat back to Italy. In September took part in the Battle of Salerno.

They swarmed over to the Americans in whole battalions, leaving tanks which were still intact, throwing down helmets and arms They fled as soon as they had a chance. Our evacuation turned into a rout. The enemy forces were far too superior. On the retreat our gun jammed and I had to get out of the machine to try to fix it. I was just climbing back when I was hit in the leg. Erich Dressler was taken back to Germany on a hospital ship.

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After treatment in an hospital in the Black Forest he was allowed six weeks leave in Berlin : "I found that my parents had aged. Father especially was very sickly and I cannot say that they displayed any marked enthusiasm for the war. As soon as Berlin had received its first heavy air attacks their belief in ultimate victory just faded away. During my stay with them, in November , the British made their dastardly and cowardly attacks on the city without regard for the defenceless women and children.

In January , Dressler was sent to a military academy at Rennes. We all waited confidently for the wonder weapons of which we had been told. Having been hustled all across France by train for several days they were fit for nothing, and we went straight into battle. After being soundly beaten the German Army retreated back into central France. Dressler and some of his friends managed to steal a car and managed to get to Strasburg. We surprised a Russian artillery position and completely liquidated it, but then the Russians fought like robots Russian tanks and mobile tanks and mobile guns lumbered into position and a terrific barrage was opened This product is manufactured in India.

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His playing at the opening concert of the th anniversary celebration of the Round Lake organ was described by audience members as "riveting" and "stunningly elegant. Dressler is an organist with solid technique, well known for his exquisite rendering of Renaissance and Baroque music. But he does not only specialize in "early" music. He also spends much time exploring performance practices of the 19th century, trying to uncover possible modern misconceptions about this music and present it in a manner the composers would have recognized.

As a teenager, Mr.