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Those behavioral predictions and interpretations are very valuable to advertiser. Since they cannot expect that you will tell them how to do this, they hunt for behavioral data and employ algorithms to find meaningful correlations in this chaos. Binding decisions made by banks, insurers, employers, and public officers are made by big data and algorithms, not people.

It saves a lot time and money to look at data instead of talking to humans, after all. And it seems more rational to place statistical correlations over a messy individual story. The troubling thing is that we as users might not like or recognize ourselves in the profiles that are created for us. Market players do not care about you—they care about numbers. Algorithms make decisions based on statistical correlations. If you happen to not be a typical individual, showing unusual characteristics, there is a chance that an algorithm will misinterpret your behavior.

It may make a mistake regarding your employment, your loan, or your right to cross the border. As long as those statistical correlations remain true, nobody will care to revise this particular judgement. Why would they? Why make an exception in the system just for you? We can already see this playing out in China. Fail to pay a parking ticket? Look up banned topics online? Your actions in real life have lasting effects, such as your ability to buy train tickets or send your kids to good schools.

Scoring systems in the West place the same blind trust in big data, ignoring the specificity and uniqueness of individual cases.

We must take back control of our digital shadows. We can take measures to control the first layer of our online profile. Even though we are often impulsive or spontaneous with the data we share, we have the tools to control this process. We can choose not to post status updates or like pages. We do not have to use messaging systems embedded into social media platforms. We can encrypt our private communication by choosing certain messaging apps and block tracking scripts by installing simple plug-ins.

But even if we make that effort, we cannot control what is observed and interpreted by algorithms.


The second and third layer of our profiles will continue to be generated by machines. The only way to regain full control over our profiles is to convince those who do the profiling to change their approach. Instead of hiding this data from us, they could become more transparent. Instead of guessing our location, relationships, or hidden desires behind our backs, they could ask questions and respect our answers.

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Imagine that instead of having data brokers guess who you are, you could just tell them. Sharing real information would help make your online experience and any offline ramifications more accurate.

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  • Sounds too radical or naive? Not really. European law already requires companies that engage in tracking and profiling to make it more transparent. The data protection regulation GDPR that was put in place in May gives European users the right to verify their data , including marketing profiles generated by data brokers, internet platforms, or online media.

    While companies can still protect their code and algorithms as business secrets, they can no longer hide personal data they generate about their users. Are you a childcare provider? What you need to know. Help paying for childcare Look through all the help on offer, or tell us a bit about you, so we can find the offers that might be best.

    You are:. Do you live with a partner? Yes No. My partner is. Tax-Free Childcare. For families with children under 12 or under 17 if disabled.

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    Your income is above the threshold for this scheme. Your household income is above the threshold for this scheme. Childcare Calculator - external link. Get an estimate of how much help you can get with Tax-Free Childcare and other offers.

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    You need to be receiving support. Where can I use it? What isn't covered? Full Details. For families with 3 and 4-year-old children.

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    It's available at participating: Full day care e. Get an estimate of how much help you can get with 30 hours free childcare and other offers. Apply now for a September start - external link. When can my child start? Tax credits for childcare. Tax credits are closed to new applications for the majority of people from 1 February You can use tax credits for childcare to help pay: Registered childminders, nurseries and nannies Registered after-school clubs and playschemes Registered schools Home care workers working for a registered home care agency What's happening to Tax credits?

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    Universal Credit for childcare. For families with children under You need to be working. If you're about to start work, you could still be eligible.

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