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Nasa is testing a gargantuan rocket known as the Space Launch System.

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Bigger than the original lunar rockets, it would propel its Orion space capsule to the moon, where it would dock with a space station in lunar orbit known as the Lunar Gateway. This largely removes the need for the international partners to accelerate their own programmes to match Nasa. Instead, there is the option for them to complete the original full version of the gateway on the original time frame to facilitate future lunar visits. However, one place international cooperation is still critical is on the Orion crew spacecraft. While Nasa is making the crew compartment, the European Space Agency Esa is building almost everything else.

The service module they will provide is a large cylindrical spacecraft that attaches to the crew capsule and supplies it with power and propulsion.

Without this, Orion will be going nowhere. David Parker, director of human and robotic exploration at Esa, is confident they can supply all the Orion service modules that Nasa needs as soon as it needs them. He says Esa has two service modules in various stages of completion and is setting up the construction of a third — the one that could take astronauts to the lunar surface. Even if they can justify the need to race back to the moon, there is still the big question of whether Nasa will get the money.

In the traditional scheme of things, Nasa contracts the big US aerospace companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin to make rockets and flight hardware to their specifications.

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As with everything bespoke, the price tag is eye-watering. By pure coincidence — if such things ever really exist — a week before the budget announcement, Bezos unveiled a mock -up of a lunar lander that Blue Origin have had in development since He said that it could be ready by So if Congress refuses the request, the accelerated return will be dead before it has even started — unless Nasa can come up with a cheaper way of doing it, such as buying spacecraft from Bezos, whose company rather than the US taxpayer funds the development.

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Even with the proposed reduction, the program would have sufficient money to cover all costs through , the official added. Astronauts, including the first woman to walk on the moon, Mr. Bridenstine said, would first stop at the orbiting lunar outpost. They would then take a lander to the surface near its south pole, where frozen water exists within the craters. NASA is looking to commercial companies to develop the lander rather than doing that work itself.

Apollo 11 at 50: A Complete Guide to the Historic Moon Landing Mission

One possible option was revealed last week by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon and the owner of the rocket company Blue Origin. At a hearing this month , Eddie Bernice Johnson, Democrat of Texas, who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, said she wanted to better understand the reasoning behind the push.

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  4. Johnson said on Monday in a statement. Jack O. The clip shows the astronauts riding zip lines in training, to practice procedures for escaping an exploding Saturn V — the monster foot meter rocket that would bring Borman, Anders and Jim Lovell to the moon. It was the first time this rocket was tested with humans on board.

    But when it came to the focus for the mission, Anders appeared to trust the team on the safety aspect and work on the matters he could control. He hearkened back to his pilot training; most astronauts in the program at the time hailed from the military and usually had extensive fighter pilot and test pilot experience.

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