Bike Lane (A Road Rage Tale)

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How did road rage get this dangerous?. I felt bad for the motorcyclist, but mostly felt bad cause I was too scared to help… How do we help without aggregating the situation?

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Home Videos. Road rage incident near Mall of Africa brings traffic to a standstill [video] A motorist angrily confronted a biker on Friday morning, as this shocking case of road rage unfolded near the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg. Also Read.


Watch: Two leopards fight over a warthog [graphic video]. Tags: Johannesburg road rage road safety South Africa.

Motorcycle lane split ROAD RAGE TRIGGERED, 5 Car Crash! + MAC MILLER likes my bike!

Latest Posts. Premier Soccer League. Read more. Proteas earn consolation win over Sri Lanka Eli, are you Dutch or something? Road users of every modality rely on compliance with yield signs all day every day. A yield sign is, by definition, traffic signalization just as much as as a light or a lane marking. Grade separated infrastructure, which you seem to be suggesting is the only thing which would make cycling in Seattle safe for you, and which is not ubiquitous in Portland or Eugene, will always have compromises at intersections, and at those intersections we depend on compliance with the law.

Chicago, for example, has a plan to remove channelized right turns almost all of them, apparently as part of its pedestrian master plan.

I re-visited the site later, and watched what drivers were doing as they made the turn from Nickerson to Dexter. I feel that a rider who is crossing the merging lane to reach the bike lane, or a pedestrian who is crossing the merging lane to reach the bus stop, is apt not to be seen by merging drivers. The opposite corner, going from northbound Westlake onto the Fremont Bridge, is controlled by a traffic light. I feel that the Nickerson-to-Dexter merge should also be controlled by a light. I expressed my concern to SDOT, but they declined to act on it.

The yield sign is clearly visible to motorists. If some drivers are ignoring the sign, that is a matter of poor driver behavior rather than a design flaw. I contacted the traffic enforcement section of the Seattle Police Department and relayed your concerns about speeding motorists failing to yield.


The whole thing maximizes the amount of time cyclists are exposed to cross traffic. Not to mention the situation for pedestrians making various movements. The best solution would be to remove the channel entirely. It would be better if the right turn lane was along the main roadway instead, incorporated into the signalized intersection instead of bypassing it. This is an intersection between two streets Dexter and Nickerson that have received road diets or complete-streets redesigns just within the last few years in addition to the bike counters and lane markings around the Fremont Bridge, the South Ship Canal Trail, and the upcoming Westlake Cycletrack!

Al Dimond: I think you hit the nail on the head. The merge is configured like an on-ramp to a highway. One interesting thing in Google Maps as of last night is that StreetView imagery shows the old configuration of Dexter and overhead imagery the new one. In the old configuration traffic in the channel went straight into its own lane on Dexter. In the new configuration traffic from the channel has to cross the bike lane and then merge into the general-purpose lane to its left.

You can keep the merge lane if cyclists had a larger floating sidewalk and could stop on it, in which case they could safely cross the merge lane with a crosswalk and then have the dedicated bike lane and not have to merge at all. This same situation is Montlake and for cyclists getting off the west bound freeway station and crossing the offramp. I have cycled in Seattle for 26 years an I have seen it all. It is way past time for Seattle to do the right thing and restrict cars to certain lanes and make a wider lane for bikes hat has physical separation from cars, not just a painted line.

Woman accused of deadly road-rage incident involving motorcycle

Ideally Seattle should be a car-free city. Personal vehicles have led to nothing but urban sprawl, noise, obsecene amounts of pavement, obesity, laziness and pollution. Time to get fat-assed lazy people out of their cars. If they are too torpid to ride or walk, they can take a bus. I have cycled in Seattle for 26 years and I have seen it all. It is way past time for Seattle to do the right thing and restrict cars to certain lanes and make a wider lane for bikes that has physical separation from cars, not just a painted line.

Personal vehicles have led to nothing but urban sprawl, noise, obscene amounts of pavement, obesity, laziness and pollution. Thank you so much for covering this story, Tom! Thanks for sharing your story too, Ted Diamond.

Poll: Do you get road rage?

I guess we just need to keep the pressure on them. Eli I want Seattle to be a city where it feels safe to get around by bike or on foot. I ride through this intersection every day and always watch for cars doing exactly what happened here. If the plastic bollards are being destroyed like this then it proves there is a problem with the design, contrary to what SDOT reported to Ted.

Seems that putting a nice little curb bulb there maybe with a rain garden! Paint does little to nothing. Navigating southbound from the Fremont Bridge onto Dexter is a disaster. Florentia should be capped off at that end. It is almost entirely used as a short cut to Nickerson and is super dangerous. Then when you get past all the obstacles you named, Dexter starts to incline right where the bus stop is, so the bike traffic is often slowing down pretty significantly.

Sooooooper funsies! Bob Hall pretty much nails it. Very scary. Second, This seems like a perfect intersection for additional improvements. It seems clear from the wear on the paint where drivers are going. Where is the interview with a city official demanding a response plan? It shows how the media and much of the general population have come to view this sort of road carnage as an acceptable cost of driving.

Why would we need to make any changes to our infrastructure? No more channelized turns! Those are highway infrastructure for high speed limited access highways! The ideal in the city is a grid formation when possible, with ninety degree intersections. The SunBreak. Log in Register. Enter your email here Seattle Bike Blog Supporters receive endless love, some special emails and whatever else we can think up to show our appreciation.

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Driver apologizes after video of Calif. road rage incident goes viral

This entry was posted in news and tagged alana martinez , dexter , hit and run , injuries , maile martinez , nickerson. Bookmark the permalink. July 10, at am. First: So glad Maile is OK. JAT says:. Al Dimond says:. Ted Diamond says:.