Candy Apple #28: Winner Takes All

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I'll get more this weekend in the direct sun. Attached Thumbnails. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Den. Those colors are pretty darn close I think. Visit moels's homepage! Find More Posts by moels. I think they probably look alot different under 'direct light' Find More Posts by Strickland.


Received 1 Like on 1 Post. Jury is still out Visit FLAstangx3's homepage! Likes: Received Likes on Posts. They are kinda close Hard to say with the pics. Look at the front fenders just over the wheels It just gets darker red as you go towards the back.

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Totally awesome. And in the right light Redfire turns purply hued. Visit houtex's homepage! Find More Posts by houtex. Hard to say with the pics Only can tell if, up close and personal. And, I have never seen any purple in my RedFire. Only the 'deeper' part is hard to tell, mind The blue you definitely should be able to see. It's plain as night and day for me in those pics. I've seen it in person It's deeper, I'm tellin' you. Visit Glenn's homepage!

Find More Posts by Glenn. So for the anons that are participating this thread so far, perhaps it's a good time for you guys to register. Just saying! Katherine Rebekah wrote: This is only a wiki thing, so I don't think Meyer would have much to benefit from it. The anon sorry cuz I have no way to tell what to call you is actually on the right track; if you have read the staff blog post closely, you'll realize some of the selection that made it to the end have in fact got sponsored by their official material; Meyer may not actually "earn" anything out of this, but to say she wouldn't get much "benefit" from it isn't true, for if food from her work made it to battle rounds, her fame will consequently raise as well.

It doesn't hurt to ask her to help spread the word. In fact, I've asked another author to spread word about their fantasy food that's also participating and the other author has agreed.

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So there's that. Just another idea. I would make an account but im not 13 yet. But I just used my number BTW, I'd strongly advise you to NOT post short replies separately, because the act is borderline spamming when you could have easily type them all in one post or EDIT a previous post if you forgot to say something.

Candy Apple # Winner Takes All by Jenny Santana | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Just to make sure we are on the same page, you do realize you have to vote via the Goolge Form, correct? I don't want us to get excited over nothing. I saw that you've left a comment on the blog, and I know a lot of other people actually thought those comments count, which they don't.

Not that commenting to let other people to be aware of this option isn't good or anything, but perhaps next time next year you do it, also include what fandom it is from, cuz I'm pretty sure comparing to stuff like Butterbeer, Winter's candy apples aren't at that famous level yet. At this point this late at the game , I'm not sure there's much else to do.

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I'm not sure when you said you've contacted Meyer, how exactly you did so, but I'm sure if she posted on her social media Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest that's probably the most help we could get. Other than that, if you yourself is on any other social media like having a blog or tumblr , promote this event yourself may help too.

By your reply, I take that you don't have any of the accounts I mentioned above? Well, that's just too bad. Then again, I've never actually tweeted her before so I don't exactly know how responsive she is on that platform. I've talked to one of the Wikia staff and she said the submission is open till tomorrow around 9am PST, and she has put in a good word for Lunar Chronicles; that's all I'm doing for this wiki besides nominating the item using up my quota of the votes; if you seriously want to help out, just make your friends and family in real life vote, since according to you anons can vote as well, so it shouldn't take much time for them to do it.

Other than that, let's just all keep our fingers crossed! Oh and I don't have any of the accounts.

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  8. Honestly what a huge bummer That's to say, do ask everyone you know to help vote if you wish it to continue to the next round! So cool. Glad to see you guys continued this when I left and so happy to be back on wikia after a week. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

    Follow 1 Kudos. Battle of the Fantasy Foods. Katherine Rebekah.

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    8. For those of you unfamiliar with this annual wiki wide contest the rules as taken directly from this years blog by Acarwell are as follows: CHOOSE: Choose a food or beverage that exists only in a fictional universe Examples: Butterbeer from Harry Potter or Lembas from The Lord of the Rings. On July 29, we'll post the first voting polls with our bracket of 64 chosen foods. Then the battle begins with a new narrowed-down round of voting happening each week until we have a final four for our Food Truck Showcase and—of course—an ultimate winner.

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