Catastrophe and Extreme Survival Tips

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On the general side of the ledger, survival experts suggest that families plot escape routes and make sure that they know how to contact one another in a crisis. It makes sense to list all of the critical systems that support your daily life and home hot-water heater, boiler, water pump, phone, electricity, Internet and learn how they work. Then you can create a backup plan in case they fail.

Once an immediate threat has passed, the survivors of any natural disaster need to focus on securing warmth, water and food—and it doesn't have to be difficult. Heat and electricity sound like two different challenges, but both needs can be satisfied by a generator and fuel. During almost any natural disaster, the power may go out and stay out for a while. In such a situation, generators can seem like miracles. In cold weather, generators can power either electric space heaters or fuel pumps to keep oil burners running.

But you can't just buy any generator, stick it in the garage and expect to reap the benefits when the lights go dark. Selecting and using this machine is an exercise in load management. Before you shop, figure out which household appliances you want to keep running, the electrical load in watts that each one draws and how many hours per day they need to operate. Many retailers feature generator calculators to help you pick the right model.

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Once you get the generator home, be sure to operate it safely. Large generators work best when wired directly into your home's circuitry. Consider hiring an electrician to install a transfer switch so you don't have to plug individual appliances in separately. After shelter, water is the most pressing need in times of disaster.

Most of us can't survive more than three days without it, and natural disasters often knock water-treatment plants off-line. During floods, contaminated water can also back-flow into household water pipes. That means that an army of microbes is just waiting to infect your gut at exactly the time when local hospitals are likely to be overwhelmed. Treating water is easy: Strain it, then boil for 1 minute or treat with chlorine bleach 1 tablespoon for 10 gallons and you'll kill off most pathogens.

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But it's better to think ahead by keeping a three-day supply of bottled water 1 gallon per person per day on hand. If disaster looms, he suggests filling everything in the house—from bathtubs to 1-gallon zip-lock bags—with tap water before contamination begins. Food is the least essential of the survival essentials. Damage from the storm may make it impossible for responders to reach you for more than day or even two. Is your home reinforced and ready to sustain a direct hit from a category 5 hurricane? Board up your house by covering all doors and windows with plywood anchored to the house frame with screws.

When the storm arrives, brace your emergency exit door to prevent the wind from blowing it in. Loss of windows or doors means you will probably lose your roof. Build an Emergency Disaster Survival Kit. Move all your emergency supplies including food, water, and bedding to an interior room without doors, windows, or outside walls. Keep your cell phones charged and have at least two spare batteries fully charged.

If something happens to one, you have the other. Remember that power outages will last for days or even weeks depending on the damage. Use your phones sparingly and turn them off when not in use.

Surviving Emergencies and Disasters

Hurricane Irma Forecast Cone. Hurricane Irma Forecast Discussion. Locate town, county, and state agency websites for local information regarding the disaster. Bookmark those sites on your smart phone for easy access. Make sure your phone has alerts enabled and not turned off.

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Facebook allows users to mark themselves safe during disasters. Only Family and Friends see the notification, keeping your location secure. Few things are more frustrating or cause more worry during a disaster than not knowing the status of loved ones. Have a plan to contact family and friends to let them know you are safe. When service is spotty at best, a single point of contact—out of state is preferable— who has the names and phone numbers of those you want to notify is far easier than trying to contact everyone yourself while you deal with the aftermath of the storm.

Super typhoon: disaster survival tips

Good to Know — Cellular Text Messages are easier to send than making voice calls when cell towers are overwhelmed with traffic. Hurricane winds can carry large objects at deadly speed and even small objects become missiles of death. If you really need video or pictures of the storm, mount a cam outside and record video or take pictures. A Standby Generator keeps food fresh, sump pumps working, charges phones and runs the air conditioner and television.

Standby generators for home use are best. They turn on automatically no need to go outside the moment the power goes out and keep running for as long as you need them. Some have longer service intervals.

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Never Operate Portable Generators Indoors. Guns are a disaster no-brainer. Men have defended their families with firearms since before the Revolutionary War. The NRA 15 or your local shooting range can connect you with gun safety and usage classes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in there were deaths from the accidental discharge of firearms Tragically, this figure includes a number of children.

How to survive a global disaster: a handy guide

It serves as a grim reminder of the duty you have to handle and store your firearm responsibly in secure places like a locked gun chest. You can also make sure your whole family, young and old, knows basic gun safety Diarrhea and food poisoning can knock your whole family out for days.

In severe cases, these conditions can even kill. Avoid that by learning food and water safety skills.

Whether You Evacuate or Stay Home–Preparation and Planning is the Key to Surviving

The chart on this page 18 and this guide from the CDC 19 compare these purification strategies. Food preservation can be a little more complicated. Canning is a bit of an investment to get into, but you may score cheaper supplies from Craigslist A Jeep in good working is invaluable when you have to get out of a situation fast.

The first step is to stay alert to warning signs of car trouble like the ones on this list from the Federal Trade Commission Next, you need to fix the problem. Community education centers offer classes in this. What about your HAM radio? Part of the roof? However, gardening requires planning and a fair amount of know-how. You need to choose crops adapted to your environment, plant them at the right time, protect the developing crops from pests, and harvest them. Everyone prepares for a disaster in a different way.

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