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We wanted to highlight how the purpose of this plot of land has always revolved around the playfulness of children. We kept that in mind as we began to develop design elements that helped convey this message.


Before beginning our final installation we questioned how a playground can be applicable to adults. How can we bring a space meant for children to a new space experienced by adults? The black tape on the wall, the vinyl cutouts on the floor, and the hula hoops give the entire space a playful vibe. The red pillars are reminders of the jungle gyms and on them sits a book that is a documentation of sixty minutes at Brassil Playground.

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Within the book, playground elements and childlike conversations flow through the sixty compositions. These include the major histocompatibility complex in mammals and gene clusters for nutrient use and secondary metabolite production in fungi. A growing number of functional gene clusters for different types of secondary metabolite are now being discovered in plant genomes. However, the molecular mechanisms and evolutionary pressures behind their formation are poorly understood.

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Here we discuss the implications of our recent investigation into the origin of two functional gene clusters in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Read Article at publisher's site. How does Europe PMC derive its citations network?

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Protein Interactions. Protein Families.

We look forward to following the success of Snug. See Snug in action on:.

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Loop : Made up of modular elements, the Loop can be used to construct curved play structures to encourage balancing games and create areas for socialising. Cone: The Cone provides a meeting point and introduces a vertical structure to the playground. It can be jumped onto and hidden behind, it is perfect for hugging and bouncing off. Bump: Perfect for jumping off, bouncing on or rocking and spinning on, the Bump can be used to create pathways or linked to other elements using Noodles.

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  5. It can also be used as a building block as it fits over both the Bump and the Cone quite easily. Wave: This versatile building unit has two distinct sides — a softer waved surface and a hard, flat side. Together they can be used to create platforms for performing and dancing, lounging areas, raised walkways, barriers and walls.