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Although principally an individual challenge, the tower also includes cooperative challenges for pairs of campers.

Camp Watonka Activity Tour 2009 (Video Science)

The Climbing Wall has six faces of varying degrees of difficulty including the most challenging overhang face. The Wall is principally an individual challenge event.

Camp Watonka

The Odyssey is a multi-event high ropes course designed to encourage cooperation and team work among a group of participants across 4 challenging traverses. The Odyssey is completed with two zip lines to the ground.

Gold Arrow Camp

The Team Development Course includes more than 40 available activities, our facilitators can choose both the activities and the sequencing for different objectives and to to best fit the age and dynamics of the participants. The Participant is harnessed and safety checked on the ground and then pulled to his desired height up to 30 feet by co-participants assisted by our ropes staff.

Get ready for a summer of fun at Camp Watonka.

You're bound to have the time of your life swimming, doing crafts, learning archery and riding minibikes during your stay at summer camp. Build long-lasting friendships this summer at Camp Watonka while having the time of your life! Not sure where you placed your packing list?

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Don't worry, we have the Camp Watonka packing list available online. We have bedding, fans, Sigg water bottles, and everything else you'll need before heading off to summer camp.

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we want to make sure you have a great camping experience. Give us a call at and let us help you get ready for camp. Apparel See More "Close Cart". Footwear See More "Close Cart".