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Protestation et identité culturelle

He was reaching for his weapon when they braked to a halt, bowed, smiled, and offered him a cup of orangeade. But even though Japan has been remade since, it remains conspicuously eager to please American leaders. In large measure that is because Japan cannot properly defend itself. After World War II, Japan was demilitarized to prevent a repeat of the fascist militarism that led to its brutal conquest of much of East Asia.

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The U. Conveniently, the U.

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For several decades, the arrangement made sense for a Japan that faced few credible military threats. But the 21st century has changed past assumptions with startling speed. One long-term nightmare here: a unified, hostile Korea. In sum, Japan looks around and sees enemies and rivals that recall brutal Japanese occupation, and too few close friends. That leaves it as dependent on the U. In the Trump era, the U. In meetings with diplomats and military strategists, most of whom would only speak off the record, I was told repeatedly that a scaled back U.

Trump officials, more than Obama ones before them, have wholeheartedly embraced the shift, which Trump will implicitly endorse this weekend when he visits a Japanese navy helicopter carrier set for an upgrade that will allow it to carry advanced American-made FB fighter jets.


But Japan also needs American in other ways. Its diplomats have urged the U. In a signal of U. Navy base at Yokosuka, in southern Japan. But it has involved some cost at home. Many Japanese officials argue, though, that Abe has made the best of an awkward situation. Still, there is a sense of real disquiet here about what may lie ahead.

One Japanese official told me that Trump is an effect, not a cause, of eroding American public support for overseas alliances and adventurism. Moreover, some Japanese worry that the character of the U. It is unclear whether Trump will know or care about such sentiments when he greets Emperor Naruhito on Monday.

But it was those values that America spent decades instilling in Japan as the U.

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Japanese mythology. Amaterasu Susanoo Tsukuyomi Ame-no-Uzume. Emperor Jimmu Tagishimimi Kesshi Hachidai.

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Amida Nyorai Daruma Five Tathagatas. Shinto deities Mythology in popular culture Japanese deities Sacred objects Japanese religions.