30 Healthy Desserts You Can Eat Every Day

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On her blog, she shares simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and snapshots of her life. Happy Birthday! Not healthy, but delicious.

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Happy Birthday!!! Happy 30th!! You were one of the very first food and healthy living bloggers I ever started following. I hope your birthday is the greatest yet. They all look fantastic. Happy Birthday Lindsay! I am 30 this year too and am really looking forward to it! Happy Birthday my friend. What a great way to celebrate! I am drooling on my keyboard! Yummy recipes here from everyone. Thanks so much for including me.

What an awesome roundup. Happy Happy Birthday! Happy happy birthday Lindsay!

This is an amazing sweet round-up but you are the sweetest of them all! Hope your day is amazing, and someone is doing the cooking for YOU! Hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year! Happy birthday, Linz!! What an awesome idea for a birthday post… I am dying to try all of these!! Happy birthday Lindsay!

20 Healthy Desserts to Buy for Weight Loss | Eat This Not That

Hope you have a fabulous year. These recipes will keep me baking for awhile! Happy birthday, my friend!! They ALL look fantastic! Thanks for including mine in here! Happy, happy, birthday Lindsay!!! The more important thing is getting added sugar out of your meals and snacks.

Food manufacturers add sugar to nearly every product imaginable, under names ranging from cane sugar and molasses to dextrose and glucose, so cutting back on packaged snacks and processed foods will automatically lower your intake.

Healthy Desserts

Priven also says you should toss sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, such as energy drinks, coffee drinks, and sweetened teas. Priven notes that there are plenty of ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without downing a tub of ice cream or eating a sleeve of cookies. Need ideas?

3 EMERGENCY VEGAN DESSERTS! » Healthy + Quick + Decadent

The moral of the story? As an RDN, Matt is an expert in the areas of food and nutrition. He holds a M. Sometimes, I'll still polish off every last crumb or wipe the last bit of frosting off the plate with my finger, but I also have no problem not finishing something if I'm full.

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Even if something tastes incredible, I now know that shoveling in another bite is rarely worth the bellyache that inevitably follows. In the past, I'd usually skip dessert on these occasions and end up feeling deprived.

Or if I did say yes, I'd overdo it and feel guilty, which would drive me to eat even more junk. Those kinds of things just don't happen anymore. Now that I allow myself to have dessert whenever I want, I don't feel compelled to scarf down sugary stuff that I don't really want just because it's there. And a few times a month, when I get a hankering for something indulgent, like an ice cream sundae or a really delicious pastry, I'll have it, enjoy it, and move on. You'd probably expect me to say that after a few weeks of daily dessert, my pants started to feel uncomfortably tight.

Instead, I lost about 7 pounds in the last year, without altering any other aspect of my diet. My weight has always been in the healthy range and still is , but these days my body feels lighter and my stomach feels flatter. By giving myself permission to eat dessert whenever the mood strikes instead of bingeing once or twice a week, I'm actually eating less dessert overall. These days, that stuff just doesn't factor in.

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I enjoy every bite without a side of self-loathing. And when I'm finished eating, I no longer think how I wish I had more or how I'm gross for eating so much. Instead, I think, wow, that was so good.