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I would like to leave it to the audience to decide what kind of personality she has and what she stands for and what she has accomplished. The Muffin Man is a freedom fighter. She once told me that facebook wall should have been called facebook wallstreet, because the image rights for the right image are a rising commodity. Your style seems to cover a lot of approaches from painting, pop art,3D, illustrations and some abstract work, what is the motive behind that? Well, the main intention was to present this as primarily an online exhibition.

Your work is extremely well branded, from the tone of the posts and the blue and magenta hues in the artwork to name the obvious few , what was the main intention behind this?

TogetherWeServed - SGT Job Navarrete, Jr.

Thank you, I suppose it has become a habit, designers are trained to present ideas a certain way and I believe it will come across in the way they present everything else they make. What are some of the hardships that an artist of your nature faces in your industry? We spend years trying to grow creatively and to be asked to forget all that for a moment and think about how it is a product to be sold like a microwave oven is …eish. Instagram Facebook Tumblr Linkdin Twitter. The third annual Zakifo Music Festival took place at Blue Lagoon this year and as always it promised to be an epic festival for eclectic music lovers.

It was an unusually cold weekend in Durban for the 3 days of the festival but people came out nevertheless to experience a world-class line-up. The set up consisted of two main stages and we could go from one stage to another as soon as the acts on one stage were done and the other stage lit up. Friday night started off with the classical and jazz sounds of Jobie Clarke who welcomed us all with a calming spirit and a set that made us all look forward to what would follow. Lu Dlamini followed with a mesmerising performance that got most people standing and moving slowly to her smooth and graceful sound.

She was undoubtedly the headline artist for the night as the grounds filled up and the audience sang along to her Xhosa rhythms and swayed to the jazz and funk sounds provided by her band. Ray Phiri went on next hitting everybody with a bit of nostalgia with his iconic jazz set delivered with the energy of a young man at heart.

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Baloji culminated the night with his charismatic raps and afrocentric Hiphop instrumentals that had the crowd dancing throughout his set. Throughout the evening one could dance to an eclectic range of sounds from Hiphop, Jazz, Grime, Soul and heavy Urban Punk. It was The Soil who slowed things down with their acapella set and ultimately stole the show that night. It felt like the crowd was singing along to every lyric with their hands in the air in unity.

Tey truly delivered a stellar performance, one that everyone seemed to talk about even after they had left the stage. Sundays festival activities started early with Durban based electronic Dj and producer Missu who eased the crowd into the performance of Durban Duo Easy Freak. Easy Freak welcomed the crowd to the last day of the festival with a mix of rock, funk and electro. Petite Noirs set boasted a broad range of sounds which were a trip sonically because of how borderless yet endemic they were.

As soon as the lights went off on the first stage where Petite was performing everyone gravitated to the quiet stage where a man waving a flag around stood. Everyone stood in excitement as they waited for the crown jewel of the festival Damian Marley to grace the stage. The band started with an instrumental intro that was a build up that eventually bought out Damian Marley. The grounds were the most packed that I had seen them since the festival started. Damian Marley started chanting in a powerful voice and the crowd seemed to chant with him. Throughout his set, he moved from his loud songs all the way to his soft ones all with the full attention of the crowd.

It was the perfect way to close off the festival. Connect with us.


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The makings of a Yellow Bone…

Feature SoFarGone. New York City Rage Fest Mad Solar Burn Baby Burn Cold Blooded Since when does any artist need features to make a solid album? I feel like the less features the more personal the album and as a result the album would be better. Good look! Makes me think , do ppl not fuck with Cole? Cosign DiCipher.

I hate the artwork a lot.

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Its whack to me. It has nothing to do with the album theme. The DiCpher cover makes more sense. Dude most likely stole the idea from DiCipher album cover. I know firsthand that artists troll sites like datpiff for inspiration from unknowns.

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