Jugendgefährdende Medien bei eBay (German Edition)

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Selling video games on international online markets can be very profitable: the video game industry is thriving.

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The following article will highlight why selling video games on foreign markets requires extra research and attention to detail. To increase your chances of video game ecommerce success , read on! Ecommerce can be daunting, especially for sellers who want to broaden their online reach, offering their products on international marketplaces.

Exceptions to what can be sold in each country are often learned the hard way. Mundane items, such as disposable contact lenses, can be sold in one country without special attention, but controlled in another. Many toys are prohibited in certain marketplaces. Not every marketplace handles games the same way. Much like the film industry, the videogame industry still practises region lockouts, which is about digital rights management to prevent the use of certain products or services, such as a hardware device or multimedia, outside of a given region or territory.

Either hardware or software encoding can prevent games from running in undesignated parts of the world. Games designed for the North American market, for example, will not work in Europe or in most Asian and African countries. The regions are quite broad and themselves have the occasional exception. Here is a list of regions :.

Germany | wilmap

Console makers have their own policies when it comes to region lockouts. Here is a breakdown of how the major console producers handle region lockouts. Nintendo Entertainment System Famicom : hardware lockout using different cartridge shapes and software region lockout. Super Nintendo Entertainment System : Hardware lockout using different cartridge shapes and software region lockout. Nintendo 64 : hardware lockout using different cartridge shapes and software region lockout. Game Boy and Nintendo DS : no region lockouts.

Ratings are segmented into age brackets. Some countries within each region have exceptions so make sure you familiarize yourself with each rating system and pay special attention to the country where you would like to sell video games. Take Germany as an example. The requirement is that all couriers check the age of the buyer before handing them a game bought online. If you sell games and want to avoid violations in Germany, you not only need to put age info, but also remove DE from locations available in other countries so on originals.

Titles that are on this list may only be sold on request to adults aged 18 or older, are not to be advertised in any media or put on display in retail stores. The legal consequences of a work being listed on the Index which is harmful to young people are enumerated in the Jugendschutzgesetz law for the protection of minors :.

The package must bear a USK Rating. Hence, check all your inventory in terms of identifying any products that would fall under this restriction. Assume that somebody has an opinion which limits 1. The display and propagation of such an opinion could lead to an abolishment 1. Hence there is an exception to 1 for opinions of the kind described in 2. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen loukash How about this for a start: Braincafe The line of thought in current German law for prohibiting nazi stuff runs roughly along the following lines: 1.

Diesen Beitrag anzeigen gboe I'm not at all impressed with neither your usual pompous headmaster attitude I'm genuinely sorry that you feel this way.

Fundamental questions

As for the rest, your language is suggests you're more interested in trolling and unpleasantness. As I'm making efforts not to get dragged into such matters, I don't think biting and joining your troll battle would be in keeping with this effort. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen O Freunde, nicht diese Toene! Sondern lasst uns angenehmere anstimmen und freundenvollere! Are those the words? I always thought it was "Oh!

Diesen Beitrag anzeigen Eviltoastman your language is suggests you're more interested in trolling and unpleasantness If you are suggesting that I'm not really in this discussion because the topic itself is the heart of the matter to me you are completely wrong. Being a satirist and journalist in Denmark qua the cartoon crisis, the iTunes nudity ban and such cases this is not just fun with words or Monty Pythonesque "buying an argument". This is genuinly important to me.

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  • Please delete this stupid faschistic band releases.
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But I am generally alarmed over the ethical clumsiness and strongly personal views biased approach to such a delicate matter as freedom of speech. I have never seen banning defended so blindfolded to own interestedness and the rights of your opponent. Let me repeat for the sake of not being misunderstood. I'm all against nazis, white supremacists and a whole bunch of other stupidity societys as well. But I - like most western constitutions - will not give up the gigantically important principle of freedom of speech to feel the little selfsatisfaction that today I rocked a pebble.

Not even if I was offered a chance silence zionism. Think of it. The Wisconsin killer did the killings while his music was for sale on Discogs. Does anyone truly believe that banning his music would have made him turn around on the temple doorstep? Would he have killed less? Would others kill less due to banning? Would a few Discogs users feel better? The urge to feel better by at least rocking a pebble in this evil world shouldn't blind anyone to the reality that - yes, there will be 1 less fascist record on some college kids attic room, and no, banning or not there will be just as many future white supremacist idiots with a confused mind and a loaded gun and yes, you will sacrifice freedom of speech for the sake of just a little selfsatisfaction.

Banning is just not how you stop such people. Eviltoastman I'm making efforts not to get dragged into such matters That'll be a U-turn that rocks the world. I will try to follow your example. I will continue to be helpful and contributing to the database in discographic matters as I believe I have been. But when it comes to banning I'll be exactly as engaged as I have been - this time around again.

Because this is bigger than selfsatisfaction and a few pieces of vinyl less sold. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen btw.

German Government Tries To Censor Publication Of Its List Of Censored Websites

She had stated on her blog that: "I am very confident that Muslim men in very large scale worldwide both rape, abuse and kill their daughters. It is in my opinion as a Danish-Iranian, that this is a defect and misanthropic culture - if at all culture" She is willing to go to prison rather than accepting the verdict.

I off course disagree with this verdict. Had she said that islam is defect and misanthropic culture the case would never have been raised. Now she has been sentenced because instead of islam she said "muslim men" and thereby the statement fell under the hate speech paragraph. Had she said that fat men, redhaired men or unintelligent men have a "defect and misanthropic culture" there would have been no case as these groups are not protected as well as those men with a religion.

Now, can you tell me that banning based on current hate speech acts is not a slippery slope. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen gboe Denmark qua the cartoon crisis Is an editorial decision not to print a cartoon or an article for that matter considered censorship in Denmark? As much as I understand many of your points, here you seem to be missing it.

The point of the block wasn't to prevent further killing. The point was that some sellers have immediately jumped on the bandwagon and tried to make profit from the sudden "popularity" of the artist. And Discogs has obviously decided not to support such a cynical attitude, obviously as a sign of respect for the victims which is how I argumented in my own support request regarding this issue, which was then confirmed by Leeann.

An alarming story indeed. But I don't really see any connection to Discogs deciding whether they want to allow the sale of selected neonazi records on the Marketplace or not. Ihre Suchanzeige verletzt jedoch den eBay-Grundsatz Jugendgefaehrdende Medien und wurde deshalb beendet. Did I consider it "censorship"? Diesen Beitrag anzeigen loukash The point was that some sellers have immediately jumped on the bandwagon and tried to make profit from the sudden "popularity" of the artist. I recall what happened. But that kind of ban was not what pro-banners requested - and not what is requested in this thread.

Self-censorship if you dare not to print due to physical threats or economic or any other kind oppression with the deliberate purpose of making you not print editirically relevant stuff, that the oppresser dislikes. The key is - if your only option is to not print or to flee - then it's censorship in some variant. No, but if cartonist A will never publish because third part C In this case let's say the muslim community threatens to kill any publisher B and C thereby achieves counterproductive editorical control over B and A - yes, that censorship.

Diesen Beitrag anzeigen timetogo I have no interest in negative publicity for Discogs but I have every interest in fighting online hate and incitement which leads to tragedies like the one in Wisconsin. Do you fight that hate and violence too?

EILMELDUNG: 121 Hausdurchsuchungen in 14 Bundesländern wegen fyvowojo.ml

I really hope you do. If there are any, they might be eligible to be reported to the management, and then the management will decide whether they want to block their sale on the Marketplace or not. If there are any. Indeed there is a fair amount of Pro-palestine material in the DB, not notably material by the late Muslimgauze. Genocide is the wiping out of an entire ethnic group. The Palestinian population has increased eight fold since The total number of Palestinians who have died in their endless battles against the Jewish people is smaller than the deaths in one year in Syria or Sudan.

Sorry, no sale.

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It's all a pack of lies. Jayfive notably material by the late Muslimgauze Who included material calling for the death of all Jewish people. I'd love to see that removed. Discogs never directly supported or funded any such thing, but ended up doing so indirectly and perhaps unwittingly. If other sites block sales of these groups and Discogs allows them the net affect is that these groups use d Discogs for their fundraising efforts.

That accusation was valid at one point. Thankfully I do not believe it is now. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen WHY was this bumped back up again? Diesen Beitrag anzeigen Mr. Mystery WHY was this bumped back up again? Diesen Beitrag anzeigen Israel is responsible for many, many cases of human rights abuses, they are well documented. It's a poor shiled to cower under when people conflate anti-semitism with anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist sentiment.

Anti-Israeli or Anti-Zionist each not to be conflated with each other either are not the same as anti-semitism. Are Jews against the Israeli state or against Zionist participating in self hate? I don't think so. It;s like saying that conflating all Catholics with Child Abusers. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen timetogo Who included material calling for the death of all Jewish people. I'd love to see that removed No he didn't, you're pathetic, get your facts straights.

Bryn Jones wanted a free Palestinian state, free from Israel abuse and genocide. You're whining about so called nazi propaganda or is it freedom of speech? Diesen Beitrag anzeigen I don't know too much about Muslimgauze except for the fact that all the material I heard was instrumental.

They used the track titles to invite listeners to find out about the issues themselves, though I do understand that they supported the Palestinian cause. If there are words to any of the material then yes, please put it forward to the Discogs management for consideration.

If, on the other hand, we're talking about opinions expressed in interviews then I do not believe we can ask for the releases to be removed from the Marketplace. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen Clogwhistle I don't know too much about Muslimgauze except for the fact that all the material I heard was instrumental. He was expressing abstract hate :. Diesen Beitrag anzeigen Eviltoastman Israel is responsible for many, many cases of human rights abuses, they are well documented.

How does it connect to the topic? Which was — the last time I checked — "Please delete this stupid faschistic band releases". We've already agreed that we won't delete any releases from the database , no matter how "stupid faschistic" they are. So that point is solved. We now also know that the management is willing to examine reports regarding highly offensive material for exclusion from the Marketplace. They didn't tell us yet by which criteria, but we're also aware that they don't even need to tell us in the first place, because they just can if they want.