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The opinions expressed in this commentary are his. What does it mean to turn one, or 15, or 38, or 65, or 97?

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I had the idea to look for the answers in literature — to assemble a list of passages about every age from birth to , put them down on the page, and take in the patterns of a life. And indeed, when the list then came together, those patterns did emerge — there in the annual articulations of what it was to be a child and a teen, what it was to be of middle and then old age. I knew of course that any such observations were subjective.

Life might swing unpredictably one year to the next. Experience might vary by accident of birth. Still, within the list, there was the undeniable arc of the human experience, its desperations and delights.

Wisdom: God's Vision for Life

And not because I curated it so. I simply hunted for passages about age, and steered clear of those that seemed less true than tidy, preferring, say, Updike to Twain, Plath to the Dalai Lama. And though the majority of the passages came from libraries I scanned online, and not my everyday reading, they somehow seemed familiar to me, true to my own life; when I read the words of Donald Justice, that.

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  4. The purpose of the WISDOM Center is to provide a safe space where students can reflect and critically examine what it means for women of African descent to be called by God and live out their faith. In community and sisterhood, Spelman women think deeply about the intersection between academic pursuits, spirituality, career choice, and leadership. Questions abound and students want answers. Required bi-monthly reflection groups are structured around a Sacred Calling Handbook that outlines readings and journaling assignments specific to faith development, spiritual formation, vocation and ethical leadership.

    The Wisdom of Life, by Arthur Schopenhauer

    Fasting Wise Councel Appropriation. People Going Astray Criticism, amongst believers. Paths Of Life Thought. Bible Theasaurus Life instances Wisdom instances. Related Readings 47 more readings on Life 43 more readings on Wisdom. Copyright Knowing-Jesus.