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Running in the Mists By Victoria J. Hyla

Hunted by the duke, who seeks to harvest her powers, Lavinia knows Duncan wants to help her. But can she trust the tortured warrior with her secrets? In the end, it is only by joining forces that they can save not only those they are sworn to protect but each other. Praise for Alexis Morgan and her novels 'Alexis Morgan's warriors heat up the pages. Find your local bookstore at booksellers.

Our Lists. Hi-Res Cover. They are cursed by the gods, and war is their salvation. Anyway, aside from being incorrect, the biggest reason Ken should have known better than to say what he said is because of who he said it to. Ira Louvin is an unpredictably temperamental person. Remember the time he smashed his mandolin onstage? If you believe Charlie Louvin, he and Ira had more fistfights with each other than some amateur boxers have on their entire fighting record. Every so often in his autobiography, Charlie comes up with another guess for why Ira might have been the way he was.

He certainly could not handle any criticism from any other people. If Ira played a new song for Fred Rose — one of the greatest songwriters in the world — and Fred suggested a small change of one line, Ira would crumple up the lyric sheet for the entire song and throw it in the trash. Imagine that degree of insecurity. Scrapping an entire work because somebody said it might not be perfect, yet. Friends, this is pure Hell in the recording studio. Ira forces take after take after take, often killing the life that was in a song a little more with each repetition. Look at the cover of Satan Is Real.

Ira took control of the art direction for this album cover. They made a foot-tall Satan figure out of plywood, took it down to a rock quarry and set a bunch of kerosene-soaked car tires on fire around it. Then, the guys stood in front of all that, posing, as it began to rain.

People usually think the album cover looks ridiculous. But creating this image clearly mattered a lot to Ira Louvin. The title track of the album is what they call a recitation. A tale of what happens in the middle of a service in a little country church. You can hear him in songs that give praise to idols and sinful things of this world! You can see him in the destruction of homes, torn apart! This idea means something to Ira. They were poor and dragging families around with them everywhere they moved. Ira was a womanizer and, when he drank, he became violent.

Charlie remembers driving up to a Sunday dinner with his wife, Betty, to discover Ira and his third wife, Faye, fighting in the front yard. Charlie started going more often and hanging around longer to spend time with Betty. They married after two years of that and she supported his dreams, sometimes financially, even putting up with Ira. This is impressive when you consider the circumstances. At one point, both Louvin brothers, their wives and their band are all living in the same apartment. Charlie had to make that call from a payphone because the phone company had shut off their line at home for not paying the bill.

Charlie tries to put a little much-needed distance between them. You already know the mandolin went away but how do you think Ira reacted in that moment, in the studio, when Ken Nelson insulted the mandolin to his face with other people standing around and watching? Smash the instrument? Punch Ken? He picks up the mandolin, takes it over to the case, puts it inside and shuts the lid. Because, a long time before this, Ken had found a way to show Ira that he knew what he was talking about.

Ken is entirely wrong about it. Yeah, there was drinking before and it was a problem before. Every story you hear about Ira Louvin acting like an asshole begins with how drunk he was. Those close to him say he was the nicest guy in the world when he was sober. While he may not be playing anymore intros or breaks on new songs in the studio, he still has to play the mandolin live to do the old songs right.

After a good smashing, Ira sweeps up the pieces into a bag to take it home and glue it back together again. Everybody needs a hobby. It takes domestic arguments to a whole new level. Even when having a physical fight with his wife, Ira was likely to take a lot of the punches himself.

That story goes like this…. Faye and Ira begin arguing over whatever excuse they had to fight that night and they take it into the bedroom, so as not to disturb their drinking buddies. Not how Faye wants to spend her evening. Then, she remembers that Ira keeps a loaded gun under his pillow, so she grabs that gun and starts shooting.

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Lucky for Ira, the gun was a. He survived, though, three of the bullets were close enough to his spine that removing them would risk paralyzing Ira. So those three bullets stayed in his body for the rest of his life. All two years of it. Charlie probably could have lived with that. He made it this far on much less and seems ready to get back out there on the road and show people what The Louvin Brothers can still do. But their days together are numbered. The time off at home with his wife and children had surely been an eye-opening contrast for Charlie. No fireworks. Quite the opposite.

He nags Charlie about the mandolin the whole drive to the show. Neither one of them hated the other one. These two looked out for each other their whole lives. Ira got him through it. The same thing happened the first time they played the Opry. Ira talked Charlie into doing a lot of stupid things, yeah. Charlie may not have done anything at all without Ira to push him. Ira ruined many opportunities for the brothers, sure. Charlie could have walked away after the ninth or tenth time. His voice was perfectly molded to fit around the voice of Charlie Louvin and only the voice of Charlie Louvin.

Blood harmony. You can not lay all the credit for their success or all the blame for their failure at the feet of either Louvin brother. Through good and evil, it takes two to tango. The promoter tells other promoters not to book The Louvin Brothers unless they like angry audience members demanding refunds. He means it. When Charlie gets home he straight away takes his family on a summer vacation to Florida, even going through Sand Mountain to pick up his parents. They book him on the next show. Of course, it went fine. The audience applauded when he came out and applauded when he was done.

Like the first time, he performed on the Friday night show, again on the Saturday night show and, then, got a booking agent to start getting him some dates. This time as a solo act. His first solo album in put four singles in the country Top Ten. The Louvin Brothers never had an album like that. That one went to 7.

Colonel gave him a couple acres and Ira had a house built on it for himself and his fourth wife, Anne. If he really believed that Charlie was less than half the draw for The Louvin Brothers, Ira could have been inspired by how easy it was for Charlie to go solo. Needless to say, Charlie Louvin was not so easily replaced. Still, Ira got some tour dates together and he hit the road with Anne.

CR006 The Louvin Brothers: Running Wild

Everyone in both vehicles is killed. The driver and front seat passenger in both cars die on impact. Anne and Ira are in the back seat of the car they were in. Ira bleeds to death before any help arrives. It would later come out that Ira had telephoned his mother in the days before the wreck to say he realized that touring to play music was the major cause of all his drinking problems. He told Georgie that he was going to do these dates to fulfill these contracts and then quit music to begin life as a preacher, his true calling.

Once, when Charlie arranged a reunion show to help Ira out with some money problems and, another time, when Ernest Tubb got them to sing together on the Midnite Jamboree. One performance together per year they were broken up. His final album came out in , making his solo career last about 3x longer than that of The Louvin Brothers.

Charlie died of cancer in He and Ira are buried next to each other in a cemetery near Nashville. There are things we hear in music today that we never would have heard if not for The Louvin Brothers. Every episode is written and produced by me, Tyler Mahan Coe. I also want to mention the Facebook group that I started.

Curious Beginnings - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 1

Please recommend this episode to one person in your life. If anything I talked about reminded you of a conversation you had with someone, tell them this episode reminded you of that conversation. That means, it ranked higher than every other music podcast in the world except for eight of them. Nothing special happened, promotion wise.

Zero presence in the mainstream media. This episode is brought to you by drunkMall. You can stay home and go to drunkMall. There are even things that would be perfectly acceptable to give to children, if you have to buy something for a kid. But do not show this website to that kid.

So go hit up drunkMall. He was a behind the scenes player and the scenes he was behind were major scenes. Three episodes of a podcast about one song? Come back next week. They may be removed from YouTube in the future for any of a number of reasons but, for now, here they are:. This episode mattered so much to me. It really reminds me of something you would read in Greek mythology and they even seem to embody these notions, physically. Then Charlie is smaller with a rounder face like a cherub, you know, like a painting of a little angel guy.

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