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Published: April 19, This is the story of the modern VTOL that almost was! Words: 1, Published: April 4, Ancient Alien Theorist's wild belief that a three inch gold trinket represents a larger exotic flying machine Published: February 17, Absolute fantasy in the late s and s, here are images of what they were thinking. Thanks to Mario Merino for the computer generated digital images. Words: 5, Published: January 5, This is the history of this magnificent aircraft, pieced together by author David Myhra, PhD from documents and reports long thought nonexistent.

Computer artist Jozef Gatial has contributed the colored plates in the middle of this book, to show how the He would have looked in real life. Published: December 29, This is a declassified report that was done by combined intelligence reports compiled by the Allies during World War 2. Published: December 24, This is a report generated by First Leutenant J. Newton, in January , report No. Published: December 23, This is a photo album showing the new Chinese "Varyag", a retro-fitted former Soviet Union aircraft carrier, from purchase to towing to China to setting off on sea-trials and intimidating the rest of the world!

This is a photo album showing the new Chinese "Varyag", a retro-fitted former Soviet Union aircraft carrier, from purchase to towing to China to setting off on sea-trials. Beautiful photographs and descriptions encompass this 5 volume edition. Published: December 22, The YF was an unconventional-looking aircraft, with diamond-shaped wings, a profile with substantial area-ruling to reduce drag at trans-sonic speeds, and an all-moving V-tail.

The trouble with conventional aircraft is that they need runways, long expensive concrete runways so that they can take-off and land. During times of war, the enemy's airports and their hard-surfaced runways make inviting targets. Canada's circular winged 3-jet powered saucer prototype. Virtually nothing much is known about Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau's design genius Hans Multhopp's outline for a twin ramjet-powered two man piloted bomber.

Harri Luukkanen. September Cunard's Three Queens.

Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy, Second Edition

The Slave-Trader's Letter-Book. Jim Jordan. Sam Bateman. The Real Jim Hawkins. Roland Pietsch. Electric Boat Corporation. James S. Richard Perkins. Rachel Slade. The Seamanship Examiner. David House. Maritime Portsmouth. Paul Brown. David Myhra. Horten A Monogram Close-up.

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Horten Argentine IAe Conversations With Walter Horten. Sack AS 6. Messerschmidts Over America-Part 2. The Heinkel He Part 2. Messerschmitts Over America-Part 5. Messerschmidts Over America-Part 4. Messerschmidts Over America-Part 1. Herman Oberth. Avrocar VZAW. Messerschmitts Over America-Part 8. Conversations With: Reimar Horten-Volume 3.

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Messerschmitts Over America-Part 6. Messerschmitts Over America-Part 7. How to write a great review. It was deployed on submarines of and projects. In the missile weapon complex with upgraded anti-ship missiles Bazalt was commissioned to Navy. The complex was deployed on atomic submarines of MKV project. According to governmental decree of , these missiles armed missile cruisers of project including flagship of the Black Sea fleet, cruiser Moscow , and the atomic aircraft carrying cruiser of Due to this complex Russia at present has unique formation of cruising atomic submarines capable to fulfill any missions in the World Ocean.

It was supposed that sea surveillance satellites would be brought to the orbit by launch vehicles of medium class developed by the company. This launch vehicle was also to deliver to space the first in the world maneuvering satellite, which development and building were under way at the company. The launch vehicle was designated UR and it had the launch weight about t. On November 4, the first launch of the new rocket took place. Then 8 more successful launches followed, to validate high performance of the rocket and eminent capabilities of the staff. However, the overt launch of the rocket complex did not meet requirements of that time and its further development was terminated.

In the first in the world maneuvering satellite "Polyet-1"was launched. At the same time the company was developing a satellite system for the anti-satellite defense. Simultaneously with all above activities the company embarked on manned space programs in the interests of National Defense Ministry. Project UR assembled at the company a group of experts in the field of rocket engineering, established a new type of cooperation between subcontractors and opened the way to master new technologies for intercontinental ballistic missiles of light class, but unlike UR, this rocket was deployed and launched from a silo.

The experience gained from to allowed the company to develop and commission the missile complex with a canisterized intercontinental ballistic missile UR of light class. By about rockets UR were put on combat duty and that provided the parity between strategic forces of our country and USA. Its life has been extended for more than thirty years. At present NPO Mashinostroyenia in cooperation with its subcontractors undertakes efforts on research and development of new strategic missile complexes and advanced warheads.

Astronauts Y. Artukhin, P.

Popovich, B. Volynov, V. Zholobov, V. Gorbatko, Y. Glazkov worked on-board the stations. The crews including L. Demin, G.

Fort Konstatin

Saraphanov and V. Zudov, V. Rozhdestvensky could not dock Soyuz spacecraft with the station because of Soyuz on-board docking system failure. However, by that time it became clear that tasks for military applications might be successfully managed by automatic stations. Besides it turned out that so called "human factor" came very expensive and it complicated the equipment operation.