Words Like Honey: Collected Poetry and Prose

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Retrieved 24 June Huffington Post. Retrieved 22 March The Telegraph. Retrieved 1 March The Independent. Writers who wish to make their readers feel and leave a lingering emotional impact can utilize the techniques executed in Milk and Honey to do so.

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Poets are masters of evoking emotion in as few words as possible. Whether the feeling is happy, sad, thrilling, or calming, the sensation is one readers desire. Poetry communicates through emotion. Because poetry is designed to share what the writer was feeling in a specific moment, it is often autobiographical. Milk and Honey tastes of truth. For example, Kaur says:.


milk and honey

They feel love, agonizing want, loneliness, stubbornness, and fear — all wrapped in a handful of poignant phrases. By coupling the emotion with a familiar item, Kaur gives the reader a taste, smell, heat, and image to associate with the emotions she invokes. She makes the intangible tangible in the cup of black coffee. One of the techniques Kaur uses to evoke an emotional response from her readers is the use of second person point of view.

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While she uses first and third person points of view too, the second person poems pull the reader in, transforming them into the body experiencing the sensations and emotions Kaur focuses on. Second person point of view works in Milk and Honey because the reader gets the sense Kaur is speaking directly to them. She is offering her condolences and advice while lifting the reader up and letting them know they are worthy of a better love than she has experienced.

9 Books Like 'Milk And Honey' To Read While You Wait For Rupi Kaur's Next Collection

Even though two chapters of the collection are dedicated to the hurting and the breaking, the text has a positive overall tone. Because Milk and Honey is a collection of poems, not a traditional prose text, Kaur is able to switch from second to third to first person point of view with each new poem. She chooses the point of view that best conveys the emotion and situation of that piece.

At the same time, each point of view is very close to the characters. To compare the different points of view uses, pros, and cons in an easy to read chart and get weekly writing tips, subscribe to Ignite Your Ink.

Neon Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

Access your point of view comparison chart here or wait for your copy in your email. Good Luck Igniting Your Ink! By combining text and image in this way, she creates a stronger piece of art.