Continuing Care Retirement Communities: An Insider Tells All

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A type A contract includes prepayment for assisted living as part of the monthly fee.

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A type C contract does not include prepayment for assisted living. In that arrangement assisted living, should it become necessary, is paid on a fee for service basis. Greenspring offers a type C contract. Courtesy of Westminster at Lake Ridge. Westminster has about residents.

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It offers woodland and pond views. Creeks feed the Westminster ponds that empty into the Occoquan River. Westminster offers apartment living and cottages. Kimberly Andreadis, sales counselor at Westminster at Lake Ridge, says the monthly fee includes 15 days each year in their fully staffed health center with access to nurses and doctors and round-the-clock care. Overnight visits and short vacation stays by grandchildren and young relatives are encouraged. McKay says there is much babysitting at Greenspring, and Andreadis tells the story of how one granddaughter, while on an extended visit encouraged her grandmother to learn to swim.

Acts Defines a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Most retirement communities, including Greenspring and Westminster allow pets, including dogs. A few weeks ago, I was speaking with a friend who squarely fits into the Boomer market. He's still working and hopes to retire in the next decade or so. We were discussing his plans for the Thanksgiving holiday. This conversation jogged his memory, and he said aloud, "That's right. I need aluminum foil. I'll have to go to the dollar store.

When you conjure up a memory of your grandparents' home, what springs to mind? Is it the sweet smell of cookies in your grandmother's kitchen? Perhaps it's the sound of the radio in the garage as you helped your grandfather work on one of his projects.

  1. Do your homework before moving into a retirement community;
  2. Must Have CCRCs: Find the Right Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) for Yourself or a.
  3. Jackie Stone.

Eventually, the family grew older. Grandma and Grandpa moved out of their house and went to Florida or took up residence in a retirement community. If you ask veteran marketers what they believe to be important factors in marketing to Boomers and seniors, you'll get a litany of responses. One common answer you might find among them is, "Keep it simple. Recently, I found this concept being put into practice when I was talking about cellphones with a Boomer friend.

Independent Living Communities near Broward County, FL

Just over the horizon are a slew of new apps and services that are perfect for Boomers and seniors, but you may not have heard of them yet. VI provides actionable data by analyzing Visitor opinions. ViM Analytics also conducts general purpose hospital and strategic consulting. VI has developed a proprietary survey process to solicit Visitor opinions. Our process fits symbiotically with your current method of obtaining Patient satisfaction opinions.

Although visitors may be distressed by the circumstances of those they are visiting, they are generally unencumbered and able to provide credible reporting of their observations. The VI Survey is designed to provide targeted feedback on three aspects of the Visitor experience: general hospital atmosphere and accessibility, patient room, and specific waiting rooms. VI is also able to work with the client hospital and design short Visitor surveys for specific areas such as the emergency room, or specific ICU and outpatient waiting areas.

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Both real and perceived quality of care can be enhanced by capturing the observations of Visitors who are in a position to provide real time feedback. Martin C. With recognized success, Mr.