Fijian Customs and Culture

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The women are in traditional clothes and garlands of flowers and the men in full warrior costumes with spears.

Culture & Heritage

Musical instruments are used also for percussion. Kava is the traditional, national drink of Fiji. In a traditional ceremony the chief of the village drinks first, then is followed by other village members in order of status.

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When visiting a village you are expected to join in the Kava ceremony. The main religion in Fiji is Christianity.

Customs in Fiji. Home Australasia Fiji Customs. There are three main cultural ceremonies which they take part of such as the Lovo, the Meke and the Yaqona Kava : The Lovo is a type of feast, like a camp fire. Religion in Fiji The main religion in Fiji is Christianity. Cookies This site uses cookies: Find out more.

Fijian Culture

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  8. The crew were fantastic and all the guests got to know one another. We love Fiji having visited many times and certainly hope to do another Captain Cook cruise.??? Fijian Customs and Culture Find out More.

    Fijian Customs Most Fijians are religious, modest and dress accordingly in public places — Remember to always cover your shoulders and knees when visiting villages. The most popular religions are Methodist and Hindu followed by Muslim and Catholic Fijian lifestyle is a relaxed combination of traditional culture and a strong belief in the family and community.

    Fijian ni sa bula vinaka ya dra vinaka sa vacava tiko sega na leqa kere kere ni ca moce formal Moce informal.

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