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After you schedule your appointment successfully, you will receive a confirmation via email. When cancelling appointments in advance please do so online, using the scheduling system. A 24 hour advanced notice is required to receive a refund on service deposits.

Micro Lena

Upon arrival at your appointment, please make sure your hair is ready to be styled, free from braids, twists, and tangles. Each unit is custom designed so the final pricing details will depend on the style you desire and the method of shipping you prefer. If this is your first time ordering, let's schedule a consultation as soon as possible to make sure your styling needs and expectations are met. Natural base, custom hairline, support bands and basic layer cut if desired are all included in this base price.

We talk with Lena Kasparian ahead of her Vancouver Fashion Week showcase.

All base price wigs come in natural dark brown haircolor. The silkening process infuses moisture and shine into the hair during straightening. When you book this service, your hair will be cleaned, conditioned, blown out, and thermal straightened with an iron best suited for your hair texture.

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No chemical straighteners are used during this process. Your specific hair needs will be assessed during the appointment and products best suited for YOUR hair will be used. The keratin treatment is an alternative option for straightening hair and controlling frizz in humid weather conditions.

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  • The products used for keratin treatments have improved significantly over the past few years and are now safer and more effective. Lena has specialized in lace closure, frontal and wig application since She initially trained with Lace Front International in and stays up to date with new methods and products.

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    • She also studies bacterial antibiotic resistance mechanisms and their modes of transfer among different communities. Furthermore, she is interested in the discovery of novel antimicrobial strategies.

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      The group carries out research investigating engineering solutions that reduce the spread of infectious disease and improve environmental health. She has successfully supervised over 20 MSc and over ten UG research projects. Contaminants in sewer overflows can contribute to exceedances of environmental quality standards, thus the quantification of contaminants during rainfall events is of relevance.

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      However, monitoring is challenged by i high spatiotemporal variability of contaminants in events of hard-to-predict durations, and ii a large number of remote sites, which would imply enormous efforts with traditional sampling equipment. Therefore, we evaluate the applicability of passive samplers Empore styrene-divinylbenzene reverse phase sulfonated SDB-RPS to monitor a set of 13 polar organic contaminants. With sampling rates of 0. The contaminant uptake kinetic shows a fast initial accumulation, which is not well represented with the typical first-order model.

      Our results indicate that mass transfer to passive samplers is either controlled by the water boundary layer and the sorbent, or by the sorbent alone.


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      Overall, passive sampler concentration estimates are within a factor 0. We conclude that passive samplers are a promising approach to monitor a large number of discharge sites although it cannot replace traditional stormwater quality sampling in some cases e. Passive samplers facilitate identifying and prioritizing locations that may require more detailed investigations.

      See DOI. See Institutional Repository.

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      Considerable pollutant loads can enter surface waters during rain events. Three factors challenge quantification of these pollutant fluxes using traditional sampling methods: i concentration fluctuations; ii unknown event duration; and iii placement, operation, and maintenance of equipment.

      Passive samplers offer the advantage of sampling in a continuous mode without power supply. However, variable uptake rates due to environmental factors and desorption in the case of fluctuating concentrations can affect the accuracy of time-weighted average TWA concentration estimates. While uncertainties related to environmental factors could be accounted for with additional effort, we can neither control nor quantify the concentration variability.