Noise of Silence

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The decibel levels in some cities can at times reach deafening crescendos. The prevalence of rudeness and incivility in everyday life seems to be increasing.

WHO wants to hear the sound of silence

We hear raised voices and arguments in politics , on radio and television and certainly in the social media. Loud conflicts and confrontations, angry put-downs, outbursts of yelling, and threats and rage are used by many politicians, television pundits and sadly, by common citizens. No sooner than we are upset by a major political scandal, this can soon be followed by a tragic natural disaster, just prior to a horrendous terrorist attack, followed a report of atrocities in one of many wars raging on this planet. We react to these noises via our physiological sensations blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rhythms, digestive system functioning, headaches, taut muscles , and in our psychological responses tension, anxiety , distractibility, irritability, mood swings, confusion.

Or least sounds that are a little quieter.

Our auditory and visual perceptions and our cognitive circuits become over-stimulated and overwhelmed. People have long been searching for relief from sources of cacophony. Though none of the following remedies for internal noise abatement works for everybody, they are all tried and true for some.

Meditation , Mindfulness …. Swimming, Water Sports …. Bio-Feedback, Auto- Hypnosis …. Religion , Spirituality , Faith Healing….

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Mindful Eating, Nutrition , Sleeping Practices…. Laughter , Humor , Amusement…. Contemplation: Appreciation, Gratitude , Forgiveness …. Integrative Medicine …. Various Psychotherapies, Counseling ….

Avoiding the sound of silence | TECHNOLOGIST

Marijuana , Cannabis, Wine…. Psychotropic Prescription Medication ….

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Carry a set of beeswax earplugs at all times. They help blunt noise quite a bit, while still allowing one to hear emergency sirens, etc. It is amazing how putting them in can help reduce noise pollution and help you feel more relaxed. I never leave home without a set. Saul Levine M. Old friends provide comfort and caring, and losing them is particularly painful.

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  4. Increased acts of hatred towards Jews in many countries is dangerous to all. What do you see when you evaluate yourself in the metaphorical mirror of life? Back Psychology Today.

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    What is Sound?

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