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Jeremy Goldkorn worked in China for 20 years as an editor and entrepreneur.

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While clear-eyed about Beijing, he warns […]. Home Newsletter The island shared by Russia and China, and other links. Known as Heixiazi south of the border, the island has been shared between Russia and China since a agreement, dividing it roughly in half. Proposals must be submitted by November 30, China Law Blog is a good resource for practical China business advice. Co-productions between Chinese state entities and foreign film crews sometimes look neutral, but they are a more sophisticated type of propaganda. It was a joint effort of the Discovery Channel and a propaganda organization under the central government.

Suicide is suspected.

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A "Titanic" Myth: Would Jack Have Survived if Rose Had Shared the Door?

Two theories exist that try to explain the origin of this Island. One is that it was as a result of the separation of Sri Lanka from India and the other describing it as a result of growth in the organic bodies and rising of the land.


The bridge is 50km long with the sea level measuring between one to ten meters deep. There is a challenge with navigation as the waters are not deep hence big ships cannot travel. It was reportedly passable on foot in the 15th century until the channel was deepened by a storm. The island was completely above the sea level until cyclone of Most countries are ruled by different governments.

Serenity Island Day Trip Shared provided by PJ's Sailing Adventures

However, the control of shared Islands is a responsibility of more than one country. The countries are responsible for the welfare of the islands since the islands are considered shared territories. Other islands shared by more than one international border includes Usedom which is shared by Germany and Poland but under different governments, Market Island shared equally between Finland and Sweden, Koiluoto Island also shared equally between Russia and Finland, Borneo shared among three continents which are Indonesia Malaysia and Brunei.

A more comprehensive list is provided below. This page was last updated on August 1, By John Misachi.