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An interesting and multi-faceted character that carried the central thrust of the book with ease, and more importantly with a sense of believability.

What Mogford holds back from his description of his protagonists, he then lavishes upon his description of location and history, but controlling this so it does not overpower the reader. Using two locations, that to me certainly were entirely unfamiliar, Mogford paints a picture of Gibraltar and Morocco, that not only brings both locations visually alive, but also gives the reader a sense of the troubled and complex multi-racial histories of both countries, and the issues that loom large in their current state from identity and migration to the exploitation of the indigenous populations.

Weighty issues are seamlessly melded in to what is both a compelling thriller, infused with wit, and yet also a controlled depiction of the greed and excesses of mankind. A highly impressive debut. A domestic dispute has escalated into a bloodbath.

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When his uncle and aunt are found dead, Spike Sanguinetti must cross the Mediterranean to Malta for their funerals, leaving the courtroom behind. But the more he learns about their violent deaths, the more he is troubled by one thing: what could have prompted a mild-mannered art historian to stab his wife before turning the knife upon himself?

In Malta, it seems, brutality, greed and danger lie nearer to the surface than might first appear. In the second outing for the debonair but troubled lawyer, Spike Sanguinetti, I picked up on a palpable change of tone and feel to this book. A bold but necessary depiction of the plight of women seeking a better life for themselves, but so at risk by those who seem to be aiding their escape. I thought this was both a powerful and well-realised strand of the story, that made for uncomfortable reading, but was good to expose in this context. By shifting the action to Malta, as he had done using Gibraltar and Morocco in the first, Mogford has centred on a country with a multi-layered history both in terms of religion and demography, fuelling the book with additional points of interest for the reading, but not resorting to a travel guide commentary of the locations and historical anomalies of this fascinating location.

Malta has a rich and varied history that Mogford unveils piece by piece as Sanguinetti traverses this island nation in pursuit of the guilty and each location is vividly brought to life from the comfortable neighbourhood of his family dwelling, to the claustrophobic migrant camp and to the less than salubrious Marsa where the seamier side of Maltese life resides. While studying to be a lawyer, he looked into practising abroad. Instead, he decided to write a series of thrillers set in the Mediterranean region.

Shadow of the Rock introduces Spike Sanguinetti, a lawyer from Gibraltar who is willing to risk everything to protect his client.

Thomas Mogford

The setting, the characters…. And yes, anyone who can make a tax attorney into a slick, sexy dangerous hero deserves credit!

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Just as a degree of calm returns to Spike Sanguinetti's life in Gibraltar, he receives the shocking news that his Maltese uncle and aunt are dead after a domestic dispute Thomas Mogford. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free.

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