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Engineers need to understand forces when they build structures such as bridges. Let's see how different bridges support the forces that are placed upon them. Converting Units Chemistry uses many types of measurements. Some of the most common include distance, mass, time, temperature, volume, density, pressure, amount, concentration, energy, velocity, molarity, viscosity, and electric charge.

Each of these can be measured in different ways. For example, mass can be measured in pounds, ounces, grams, and kilograms. Because of these differences, chemists must Burning Fossil Fuels Burning fossil fuels releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere.

Large quantities of carbon dioxide are linked to global climate change. Humans release on average annually about 64 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That is like releasing 3. Since greenhouse gases are Compare the Decades In , a recession took place in the United States that seemed to echo the Great Depression of the s. Called the Great Recession, it was a time when unemployment spiked in and and many people lost their homes.

How was this recession similar to the Great Depression? What is Religion? Defining religion can be a difficult task. Often, our definition of religion is shaped by our family, experiences, traditions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and many other factors. Understanding these influences in your life can be helpful as you compare and contrast the five major religions in this book. Ask a group of friends or classmates Make Bracteates Norse craftsmen hammered images onto thin metal discs called bracteates. Archaeologists have found bracteates with images from Norse myths.

In this activity, you are going to make your own. Marshmallow Tower Try the Marshmallow Challenge, a fun and quick design challenge that thousands of people have attempted. A customer named Nirvan Mullick liked Caine's Arcade so much, he invited lots of people to come and play. Mullick also made Track a Viral Infection Map Infection from a virus is called a viral infection. It can be transmitted from person to person.

Do you know how many people can be infected from one person? Let's find out! Paint with Soil Soil from different locations can be different colors, depending on what it's made of. Since ancient times, soil has been used for painting. You, too, can create works of art with soil! Who's In Charge? What would your life be like if you were ruled by someone who didn't follow the rules or made up their own rules?

Here's your chance to find out! Sending Signals Neurons send signals by releasing chemical neurotransmitters across a synapse, the space between neurons. The axon terminal releases the neurotransmitter, which moves across the synapse and attaches to receptors on the dendrites of a nearby neuron. This generates an electrical signal that goes to the neuron's cell body. If enough input signals are received, the As you add more pages, your journal will start to look like a flower! Make a Poetry Journal Most poets carry a notebook around with them wherever they go.

In case they think of something when they're not at their desk! Inspiration can happen at any moment, and it's a great idea to keep all of your poetry thoughts and drafts in one place. Build a Balance Board Earth's atmosphere is in a delicate balance. Humans are adding carbon dioxide at a rapid rate. The atmosphere needs to stay in balance just like your balance board, but it doesn't take much to create an imbalance.

On the night of April 18, , he climbed the tall steeple in total darkness. When he reached the top, he lit two lanterns and held them to the window. This signaled to the patriots on the other side of the river that British troops Tetrahedron Forcebuster Civil engineers rely on triangles for many constructions.

The tetrahedron is a shape with four triangular faces think of the pyramids of egypt. Test how well triangle power can resist pushing and pulling forces. Ask an adult to help you thread the sewing needle and supervise as you use it How Far Can You Go? Why do some animals migrate so far, and some stay so close to home? This activity will help you think about why different kinds of animals travel different distances when they migrate. For this activity you will need a few people: one to call out animal names, and the others to be migrating animals. Make Your Own Barometer One way you can predict the weather is by using a barometer.

Barometers measure the air pressure around you. Keep track of the air pressure, and see what kind of weather happens the next day. After some practice, you might be able to make your own forecasts! Salt Water Experiment Trapped in the middle of the ocean with no freshwater to drink?

No problem! There is a way to make salt water good to drink. Origami Solar System Mobile All the members of our solar system travel around the sun. The route they travel is called an orbit. Each planet's orbit is different. Like runners at the Olympics, each has a separate lane. The planets do not switch lanes because the sun's gravity keeps them in their place. If there was no gravity the Carnation Creation Here is a really fun way to watch capillary action in action. Make Your Own Igneous Rocks When a volcano erupts, the rocks that form can have minerals that are big enough to see, or so small they can't be seen.

Sometimes a mineral doesn't form at all and the rock is a glass. Make Your Own Freshwater The water cycle takes salt water from the ocean and turns it into freshwater. When the salt water evaporates, it leaves the salt in the ocean. When the water vapor cools and turns into rain, it falls as freshwater! This is how rain fills lakes and rivers with freshwater.

In this activity, you can explore Night Watch When does your night start? It can change every season. One way to keep track is to make your own night watch. Map Your State's Natural Resources Make a three-dimensional map to give you an understanding of the natural resources in your state. This map will include natural resources found in your state, such as fish or forests, but not products made by them. NOTE: This activity requires going online. Ask an adult to supervise while you are on the Internet. Make Your Own Longhouse The Iroquois men built their longhouses in the spring when the trees were young and flexible.

Longhouses were large enough for 20 or more families to live in. Native Americans used materials that they found in nature. They believed that nothing should go to waste. Build a longhouse using as many natural resources as you Underwater Viewer A lot of life cycles happen under water, where you can't see them. With this underwater viewer you'll be able to get a peek at the action. Have an adult with you when you use this viewer near any body of water.

On the Straight and Level In the introduction you made a plumb bob that used gravity to make sure things are vertical. Now you can make a water level, a tool that uses gravity to make sure things are straight across! The water level works because when water is in a confined space, gravity makes sure the top of it Anemometer An anemometer measures wind speed. The Wright brothers used a handheld anemometer to estimate wind speed when they tested their flying machines.

You can make an anemometer to record wind speed near your home. Electroscope William Gilbert used a device called a versorium to test an object's charge. You can make a similar device to see static electricity at work. The ships could be about feet long. These ships had to carry enough supplies for the long journey. Some of those supplies were food and water, clothing, guns and gun powder, tools and candles.

The colonists brought the things Make a Plumb Bob Ancient Romans used simple tools to build their roads, homes, buildings, and aqueducts. One of these simple tools was a plumb bob. A plumb bob uses gravity to help a make a straight line. Plumb bobs worked so well that many carpenters and builders still use them today! Make a Kylix A kylix is a two-handled cup the ancient Greeks used. When they weren't drinking from it, the family hung the cup on the wall, by one of the handles, for decoration.

Make a Rainbow Myth Window Hanging In the Bible, God creates the rainbow as a symbol of his promise never to send another flood to destroy mankind. For the ancient Greeks, the rainbow was the goddess Iris. She carried messages from Earth to the heavens. The Norse believed that a rainbow bridge connected Middle Earth with Asgard, the home of the Reading Seasons from a Shadow Each day the sun appears to move across the sky from east to west actually the sun stays in place and the earth spins on its axis.

Although the sun may seem to rise and set at the same spot on the horizon each day, the path it takes between those two points varies over Knitting Spool Before the power loom was invented, weaving and knitting were slow, tedious tasks. Try hand weaving with your own knitting spool. With a few simple items and some yarn, you can create a knitted tube that you could use as a bracelet, belt, or skinny scarf! The Right Footing A pagoda's tiers hold up to the force of powerful winds by moving independently. Shibam's mud skyrises also stand up to the force of wind.

But Shibam is vulnerable to floods. Experiment with natural materials to build foundations, determining which best stand up to the forces of wind and water. According to legend, Queen Amytis was quite homesick for the lush, green mountains of Media. King Nebuchadnezzar had the Hanging Gardens built to cheer Aeolipile In this project, you can recreate the work of the Greek mathematician Hero, using water instead of steam. The basic principle of action and reaction is the same—for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As the water shoots out of the holes in the carton, it pushes on the carton with an Loom and Cloth This activity gives you a sense of how much work it was for Maya women to weave clothing by hand for an entire family.

Make Your Own Sundial Shadows change direction depending on the time of day. As the earth rotates and the sun moves across the sky, shadows also move. In the morning, your shadow will stretch out behind you to the west, but in the evening it will stretch to the east. The shadow on your sundial does the same thing. They also fished in the many rivers that wind through the Plains.

Some of these rivers, like the Missouri and Knife Rivers, are so big that Native Americans needed boats to cross them The warm, humid air from the Amazon basin makes its way up the mountains where it is blocked by cold, denser air there. The trapped air drops its moisture in the form of clouds and mist, quenching the thirst of the Make Your Own Victory Banner During World War II, families made patriotic banners called victory banners or sons-in-service flags to show their support for their sons, fathers, and brothers battling far away on the front lines.

Banners were hung from a window or door at the front of the house where everyone could see them. The banners were white rectangles Covered Wagon Covered wagons were about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. They were covered by canvas laid over the top of a wooden hoop frame. A team of oxen usually pulled the wagon, which held most of a family's food and supplies for the 4- or 5-month journey. They could hold up to 2, pounds Juggling Sticks Juggling sticks have been around for thousands of years, but no one is quite sure how they made their way to Europe.

Some people believe that they may have come to Europe from China where they were called Devil sticks along the Silk Road with Marco Polo. The Silk Road was an ancient trade route Ring and Pin Game Native Americans played many games. The games varied by tribe, and many were based on physical skills. The point of many of the games was to help improve hunting skills. Foot races improved speed, hideand- seek games were good practice for being silent, and archery games sharpened a hunter's aim.

Asgard Viking Editions

Are you surprised that Native Lean-to Shelter If you don't have access to a backyard full of branches, you can use any sort of stick or pole such as broom or rake handles, ski poles, or garden stakes. You could build your lean-to up against the wall of a building. If you decide to do this, you may want some other stabilizing Make Your Own Berry Ink The ancient Egyptians used brightly colored minerals to make ink, but you can use blackberries to make homemade ink to use on your papyrus.

Invisible Ink One way to send secret messages during the Revolutionary War was to use invisible ink. Make Your Own Marshmallows Ancient people used a plant to make marshmallows, but that's not how we make them today. If you've never created your own marshmallows before you're in for a treat!

They're easy to make, and they taste fantastic! Make sure you have adult supervision. Make Your Own Compass Before to the compass, sailors used landmarks and the position of the sun and stars to tell them which direction to sail. They often kept within sight of land, in case it became foggy or cloudy. The invention of the compass allowed sailors to navigate safely away from land.

A compass's magnetized needle aligns itself Make a Manga-style Sketchbook Hokusai made his own sketchbooks and filled them with drawings of what he saw each day. Make your own manga-style sketchbook with staples, glue, and paper. Egg Bungee Drop Zip your egg in a clear pouch and see if it can survive a wild ride. HINT: You can substitute a hard-boiled egg to cut down on mess.

Speaking of mess, the ziplock bag could burst, so you might want to conduct your experiment Bags o' Bread Mold Fungi lack chlorophyll, so they can't obtain energy from the sun and can't produce their own food. To get energy, many fungi feast on dead organisms. Mold is a fuzzy, multicellular fungus that flourishes in many environments. It reproduces with spores. You can grow your own mold on slices of bread. What happens when you Use an Abacus Place numbers onto your abacus by pushing earthly and heavenly beads toward the midway mark of the skewer.

For example, the number 7 consists of 1 heavenly bead representing 5 plus 2 earthly beads representing 2 at the midway point. Let's add and on our abacus. Make Your Own Plastic While this recipe doesn't involve boiling lilies or eggs, combining the following ingredients over heat will result in a natural plastic that you can shape, dry, carve, and paint, very similar to Leonardo's plastic glass. Caution: Never point the film canister at someone once you have closed the lid. Keep your own face away from the lid.

Wear goggles to protect your eyes. Also, Alka-Seltzer contains aspirin. Don't eat it and keep it away from small children and pets. Do this activity outside! Swim Paddles Even at a young age, Ben was a good observer and inventor. When he was swimming, he saw that some kids could swim faster than others. Ben decided to experiment with ways to make himself go faster both on the surface and under the water. He believed that the size of a swimmer's hands and Leopard Mask Make your own leopard mask complete with whiskers and spots.

Skateboard Ramp Design Your town is looking to design a skateboard park and they have asked for suggestions.

Norse Mythology

You and a group of your friends have some ideas for ramps and would like to submit them to the committee. Kinetoscope The kinetoscope was a wooden box used to look at images made on a kinetograph. The game performed well commercially, selling over five million copies within a month of release and over 10 million by May , making it one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games. A novelization was released in August , followed by a four-issue prequel comic series published from November to February God of War is a third-person action-adventure video game. It features an over-the-shoulder free camera , a departure from the previous installments, which featured a fixed cinematic camera with the exception of 's two-dimensional side-scroller Betrayal.

The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combat and puzzle game elements. The gameplay is vastly different from the previous games, as it was rebuilt from the ground up. Instead, he uses a magical battle axe , called the Leviathan Axe, [14] which is infused with ice elemental magic. Larger enemies have precision targets and throwing the axe at those targets stuns the enemy. The weapon can also be thrown at environmental objects to trigger a damaging explosion and it can freeze objects and some enemies in place for puzzle solving until the axe is summoned back to Kratos' hand.

The axe has standard light and heavy attacks, and over time, it can be upgraded with runes to allow for special runic attacks, with one slot being for a light runic attack and the other for heavy. This provides players with a variety of options to cater to their own play style. When not in use, it folds up and appears like a vambrace on Kratos' left forearm.

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When summoned, the shield can be used offensively and defensively, similar to the Golden Fleece in previous games. Similar to previous games, there is a "Rage" ability called Spartan Rage. Like the previous versions, the Rage ability has a meter that gradually fills during combat. With this ability, Kratos uses powerful bare-handed attacks, as opposed to weapons, to greatly damage enemies. The game also features role-playing video game RPG elements.

Experience points XP are used for learning new combat skills. The meters are replenished by green and red orbs , respectively, found throughout the game world and dropped by downed foes. Filling up the stun meter helps to defeat more difficult enemies. When the stun meter is full, a grab-prompt will appear. Depending on the enemy, Kratos may rip it in half or grab them and throw them into other enemies, among other possible outcomes.

Although the game is played entirely as Kratos, [22] there are times when the player may choose to passively control Kratos' son, Atreus. One button is dedicated to Atreus and its use depends on the context. For example, if the player needs assistance, they can look at an enemy, press the button, and Atreus will use his Talon Bow to shoot arrows at the enemy. When facing a large number of enemies, he distracts the weaker ones as Kratos fights the stronger ones.

Just like Kratos, Atreus acquires new skills, armor, special arrows, such as lightning arrows, as well as runic attacks for his Talon Bow, but it only has one slot instead of two. Atreus' runic attacks summon different spectral animals with different abilities. For example, one summons a wolf that attacks enemies, while another summons the squirrel Ratatoskr that will dig up orbs for the aforementioned health and rage meters.

While the first seven games were loosely based on Greek mythology , this installment takes the series to Norse mythology. Predating the Vikings , [23] [25] the majority of the game takes place in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard , inhabited by humans and other creatures and is the same realm that the Greek world had existed in. As more creatures began appearing, many humans fled.

Optional explorable realms include Niflheim , a realm of poisonous fog with a maze-like structure of rewards, and the fire realm Muspelheim , featuring the six Trials of Muspelheim; completing each trial grants rewards and advances Kratos and Atreus closer to the top of a large volcano. Although each realm is a different world, they simultaneously exist in the same space.

After ending up in ancient Norway, he met his second and now deceased wife, Laufey addressed as Faye , and they bore their son, Atreus, who does not know about Kratos' past or his divine nature, but can hear other beings' thoughts. Freya tried leaving Odin, as she did not truly love him, and Odin had her banished to Midgard, after which she became known as the Witch of the Woods. To protect her son from a prophecy that foretold his death, Freya cast a spell of immortality on Baldur, which also caused him to not feel pain or any feeling of pleasure, which he resented her for.

The only thing that she could not prevent from breaking the spell was mistletoe , which she kept secret. Harrington , a pair of dwarves who appear at various points in the world and assist Kratos and Atreus with forging new gear. Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods , [b] and he now lives with his young son Atreus in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard. The game opens following the death of Kratos' second wife and Atreus' mother, Faye, whose last wish was for her ashes to be spread at the highest peak of the nine realms.

Before starting their journey, Kratos is confronted by a mysterious man with godlike powers. After seemingly killing him, Kratos and Atreus begin their journey. He instructs Kratos to cut off his head and have it revived by the Witch of the Woods, revealed to be Freya. After Kratos kills Magni, Modi flees, but later returns and ambushes them. She tells Kratos that he must retrieve the heart of the Keeper of the Bridge of the Damned in Helheim, but his Leviathan Axe is useless there. Kratos then returns home to unearth his old weapons, the Blades of Chaos, and is haunted by Athena's spirit, who goads him about his past.

After retrieving the heart, he has a haunting vision of Zeus. Atreus is cured and Kratos tells him that he is a god. Atreus then becomes increasingly arrogant on their journey, and he murders a weakened Modi, despite Kratos ordering not to. Atreus makes amends with Kratos and they find out about Freya and Baldur's familial relationship. During the fight, Baldur is pierced by Atreus' mistletoe arrow, breaking Freya's spell on him. Baldur is defeated, and although Kratos gives him an opportunity to retreat, he instead attempts to strangle Freya, forcing Kratos to kill him.

A grieving Freya swears revenge on Kratos and taunts him about hiding his true nature from Atreus. Kratos finally tells Atreus about his past and how he had killed his fellow Greek gods, including his father Zeus. Atreus laments whether all that gods are good for is committing parricide. Kratos tells Atreus that they should both learn from their experiences and not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. In addition, they discover that Faye was a giant who decided to stay behind in Midgard, making Atreus part giant, god, and mortal. Their fight with Baldur was shown, revealing he was actually after Faye the whole time, unaware that she was already deceased.

It is also revealed that Atreus was named Loki by his mother. Wondering if Faye planned this in advance, Kratos and Atreus fulfill their promise and spread her ashes at the peak, overlooking a valley of giants' corpses. Afterwards, Kratos reveals to Atreus that his given name was also the name of a compassionate Spartan comrade. In the game's secret ending, Kratos and Atreus return home and slumber.

Atreus has a vision that at the end of Fimbulwinter, Thor will arrive at their home to confront them. Barlog said that the game was in very early development and that it would not be a prequel, but possibly a reboot. The images showed Kratos in the world of Norse mythology; a concept originally considered by series creator David Jaffe after Kratos eliminated the Greek gods. The demo showed a fully bearded Kratos with a son, and Kratos was teaching the boy how to hunt. The pair also battled a troll. The end of the demo showed the title God of War and confirmed it was in development for the PlayStation 4.

Barlog had been a major contributor in the development of the God of War series since the original installment in , with his prior most notable role being game director of God of War II This new installment was his fifth God of War game. In naming the game, Barlog stated that it was deliberately titled God of War with no numeral or subtitle because although it is a continuation of the series, "we are reimagining everything.

We're moving and starting from zero and kind of moving forward on that. Barlog said that half of the team was for it, but since "there's a lot more about civilization — it's less isolated, less barren", he had to make the decision and decided on the Norse setting because they wanted the focus to stay on Kratos: "Having too much around distracts from that central theme of a stranger in a strange land.

Most of the development team that worked on the original God of War worked on the new installment. The developers also confirmed that some of the more controversial mini-games found in previous entries such as the sex mini-game would not return. The entire game was done in a single shot, as in no camera cuts , meaning there are no loading screens or fade-to-black between gameplay and cutscenes. The only other game to fully utilize this technique was the indie game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice , which also began development in and was released eight months before God of War. Sony, on the other hand, was much more supportive of Barlog's creative ideas.

Explaining Kratos' axe, lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald, who had worked on the series since the original game, said the axe was chosen because they wanted a more grounded direction for the game. Initially, they were unsure how to make it unique, like how the double-chained blades were. After they came up with the concept of throwing the axe and having it return to Kratos, "things started to fall into place. One challenge was creating quests in a world that did not have non-playable characters outside of the core narrative.

DiMento said "I set out to create a quest giver that was light-weight, but also flexible enough to be used in multiple locations, while providing a varied suite of quest activities. Having the spirits tell their stories "made [the world] feel more alive". The developers ended up with a four-tiered system for side quests: the top tier quests were from the characters Brok and Sindri, the next level from wayward spirits, then treasure maps and artifacts, and the bottom tier were milestones, such as destroying all of Odin's ravens. Brok and Sindri's quests were made into dungeons while the others were used for exploration.

The developers also had to find the reasons that would motivate Kratos to do these quests. Barlog and lead level designer Rob Davis were also influenced by the Resident Evil series, particularly Resident Evil 4 ' s "combination of poised camera exploration and scavenging" and Resident Evil 7 ' s "strong vision" from a team making "bold decisions, and actually have the audience follow them. Unlike the previous games, Santa Monica did not make a demo specifically for public release. Barlog explained that doing so would have delayed the game by a couple of months. Favoring resolution runs the game in 4K with checkerboard rendering at a target frame rate of 30 frames per second fps , while the performance option runs the game at p and targets 60fps.

A new trailer was shown at E3 , featuring new gameplay, cinematics, and characters. In the trailer, Kratos was shown using a shield that he could use offensively and defensively. At one point in the trailer, Kratos finds a Greek vase with himself on it, wielding his infamous double-chained blades. During the trailer, an unnamed woman warns Kratos about the Norse gods, as they know what he did to the Greek gods, while a pair of wolves were also shown. The trailer ends with Kratos and Atreus encountering the World Serpent. Atreus was able to translate what it said, which was that it wanted to help the pair.

It was confirmed that the game would release in early During early development, there was talk about having a different protagonist for the game, but it was decided to keep Kratos. Referencing the Nintendo character Mario and the Mario games , Barlog said that just like Mario, "Kratos is intrinsically tied" to the God of War series. I knew I didn't want to simply reboot the franchise, starting over with a retelling of the origin story.

I wanted to reimagine the gameplay, give players a fresh perspective and a new tactile experience while delving deeper into the emotional journey of Kratos to explore the compelling drama that unfolds when an immortal demigod makes a decision to change. Barlog explained that Kratos had to change his cycle of violence and learn how to control his rage. He said that Kratos had made many bad decisions, which led to the destruction of Olympus , and wanted to know what would happen if Kratos made a good decision.

The birth of Barlog's own son influenced the idea of Kratos' character change. We want to tell the story of [Bruce] Banner now. Commenting in response to the change, Carson said, "Sony went in a new direction. Although Carson had done the motion capture for Kratos in Ascension , Barlog said the actor change was made because of the type of camera work they wanted to do. For the new camera work, they needed someone who was closer to Kratos' size to do the motion capture along with a child. Carson was unsuitable for this because he was much shorter than Kratos, who is over 6-feet tall: "Offsetting [Carson's height] for the size of a child, it turned out it was going to be almost impossible to try and actually shoot them and go in and redo the animations.

He was also chosen because of the chemistry with his thenyear-old co-star, Sunny Suljic, who plays Kratos' son Atreus; Suljic's opinion was also sought in making the decision, and out of all the auditions, he liked Judge the most. The two bonded well, and Judge described his time with Suljic as time he had missed with his own children. In stepping into the role of Kratos, Judge took it as an opportunity to add something new to the character. He researched the character and Carson's performance, but decided not to imitate it. Since Santa Monica was going in a new direction, he decided to start fresh.

Judge was thrown off when he first read the script, stating it "was a real script", and not just "a way to get into battles. Instead of going directly to Santa Monica to audition, Jacobus recorded an audition tape and they immediately hired him. Barlog said he did not want the game to be an escort-mission where the A. Their goal was for Atreus to enhance Kratos' capabilities without Atreus becoming a liability. This resulted in the developers designating a command button for Atreus as well as for him to act freely.

A Head, Heart, and Hands Education

Jason McDonald said it took a lot of iterations with the enemies and Atreus to make it all work together. Early in development, it was suggested for Atreus to be cut or to significantly minimize his role due to the many developmental challenges and financial expense. Barlog stated that the game could have worked without Atreus, but it would have been completely different, likening it to that of the film All Is Lost. Barlog said that with just Kratos, it would have been "one character who talks to himself occasionally, but generally, it will be very silent and everyone will talk in old Norse, so that you won't understand anything anybody's saying.

Lead level designer Rob Davis also noted that with Atreus, it allowed for "significant gameplay and storytelling opportunities that might not otherwise [been] possible. Barlog felt that it was "fantastic" to be compared to that game and found it odd that some people considered the similarities to be a negative thing. Although he did not directly state that they were influenced by The Last of Us in developing God of War , he did say "I think we're all inspired by each other. Navy SEALs. Ideas of folk music, mythology, Nordic ethnic instruments, vocal writing, and classical thematic development were discussed, to which McCreary correctly guessed that the discussions were about a new God of War.

He met with Barlog early on, and they discussed Barlog's narrative vision for the game. After meeting with Barlog, McCreary felt that the franchise was in good hands because God of War II , which Barlog also directed, was his favorite installment. During initial discussions, McCreary realized that he needed to compose completely new music for the game and not reuse any previous music from the series.

The Stranger's theme, found in the track "Deliverance", uses a Hardanger fiddle. The first theme composed for the game was "Memories of Mother". McCreary said the theme itself was not originally for Atreus' mother Faye, but it was actually for Kratos himself. His initial sketches were different variations of this melancholy tune. After the game went into full production, McCreary and the development team realized it was "too sad and lyrical to represent Kratos.

McCreary described it as "arguably one of my most structurally satisfying and catchy melodies. When it was decided that God of War would be revealed at E3 , Sony wanted McCreary to perform his original score with a live orchestra at the press conference. McCreary opened the show with the new main theme before the unveiling of God of War , and performed the gameplay demo's music live during the presentation.

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Barlog released the overture as a thank you to fans for God of War ' s E3 trailer reaching fifteen million views on YouTube. The game was released worldwide on April 20, , for the PlayStation 4. There was also various downloadable content DLC , including an exclusive shield skin, in addition to an armor set and another shield skin for Kratos, a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme, a digital artbook, and God of War 0 by Dark Horse Comics.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with all of the digital content, minus the exclusive shield skin. Pre-orders at select retailers received three skins for Kratos' shield, while pre-orders from GameStop or EB Games also received the "Luck of Ages XP Talisman", granting increased XP gain, increased Hacksilver gain, and increased ability to trigger perks. In addition to the special editions of the game, a Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle was available the same day as the game's release. The bundle included the standard base game, a PlayStation 4 Pro console decorated with the runes as on Kratos' axe, and a similarly themed DualShock 4 controller with the God of War logo.

The four-part miniseries began publishing monthly with Issue 1 in November Game Director Cory Barlog confirmed that God of War would not have microtransactions post-launch, a feature that had become prominent with other games and negatively criticized. He said that he had pitched an idea for DLC, "but it was too ambitious". Since launch, Santa Monica has supported the game via patch updates to address software bugs. Additionally, the developers have added new features along with these free updates. A Photo Mode was released as part of update patch 1. Photo Mode allows players to take customized in-game screenshots.

Players can adjust the field of view, depth of view, filters, borders, the visibility of characters, and the ability to change the facial expressions of Kratos and Atreus. In order for players to access the mode, they must have completed the game on any difficulty. The mode itself can be played on any difficulty, but enemies are higher leveled with new maneuvers. All obtained items carry over to New Game Plus, and there are new resources to further upgrade gear, which also have a new rarity level.

The option to skip cutscenes was also added. To help further promote God of War , Sony partnered with Facebook to develop the play-by-web game, which released on February 1, Completing the game unlocks downloadable concept art. The short story follows Atreus on his first adventure in the Norse wilds. After archery training and learning runes with his mother, Atreus adventures into the wilderness after telepathically hearing the voice of a dying deer; he finds it covered in blood and stays with it during its final moments.

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A couple of draugrs appear and Atreus attempts to fight them, but is injured. He is saved by his father, Kratos, who was out hunting. The two then battle a revenant before returning home. The novel retells the events of the game, but unlike the previous two novels in the series, this one stays very close to its source material with a few notable exceptions.

The novel gives some indication. Kratos chose to leave ancient Greece to hide his identity and to change who he was. This caused Kratos to have a flashback to that battle and makes him wonder if it was them who had dragged him to this new land and why. It is further mentioned that he tried several times to get rid of the blades, but by fate, they kept returning to him for example, he threw them off a cliff, but they washed up on a shore near him. Sometime after ending up in Norway, he decided to hide them under his house and to never use them again.

This moment was stated to have occurred 50 years prior to the start of the current story. Atreus falls ill shortly after the first encounter where Kratos kills Magni. Raising Kratos is a YouTube documentary of Santa Monica Studio's five-year process in making the game, showing the "herculean effort" that went into reviving the franchise. The documentary was announced on April 20, , the one year anniversary of the game's launch, and was released the following month on May God of War received "universal acclaim" according to review aggregator Metacritic , [91] tying it with the original God of War for the highest score in the franchise.

It has the fourth-highest score of all-time for a PlayStation 4 game, and the highest score for an original, non-remastered PlayStation 4 exclusive. Many also felt that it had successfully revitalized the series without losing the core identity of its predecessors. The story was well praised. He also noted that "there is often some comic relief to be found when Kratos' curtness and Atreus' charming naivety collide.

He cited that it is easy for child characters "to succumb to a number of annoying child archetypes," but Atreus is more like a young man who is doing his best in an adult world. He also said that regardless of which character the player meets, the cast of God of War is "strong, convincing, and oddly enchanting.

In terms of the game's combat system, Plessas stated that unlike previous games, which often relied on the player to use many combos in a sequential fashion, this game is "more about individual moves strung together in response to the assortment of enemies being fought. Plessas said that Atreus is "surprisingly useful" and that he "lands in the perfect spot on the spectrum between independence and reliance. Writing for Polygon , Chris Plante praised the camerawork as a technical marvel, noting the seamless nature of the game shifting from cinematic back to the gameplay.

It is without a doubt one of the best-looking console games ever released. Despite the game's grandeur, Plessas felt that the boss fights "do not hit quite the same frequency as they did in the past few games. Plessas felt that the RPG elements present in the game make this installment "unique" in comparison to previous entries. He said the game allows players to "specialize Kratos to meet the specific task at hand, or develop a build that best suits a preferred playstyle.

He did, however, say it was "cool" to see new armor on Kratos. In terms of flaws, Plessas said that " God of War is so good that its most egregious failing is not letting fans play more of it", as New Game Plus was not an option at the time of the review. He also felt that the fast-travel system was "weirdly cumbersome" and that it opens up too late in the game. There are plenty of big boss battles and tests of skill throughout the course of the game, yet this fight doesn't reach the same heights, and feels like it was played a little safe.

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