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Sam confronts Dylan as he reactivates the Control Pillar, and knocks Dylan into the Pillar, killing him. Bumblebee and Ratchet arrive and destroy the Control Pillar, permanently disabling the Bridge and causing the partially transported Cybertron to implode, becoming badly damaged. Optimus and Sentinel fight while Carly convinces Megatron that he will be replaced by Sentinel as leader of the Decepticons. Sentinel severs Optimus's right arm and is about to execute him until Megatron, having listened to Carly, intervenes, incapacitating Sentinel.

Megatron slyly proposes a truce, having the desire to become the one in charge again, but Optimus instead attacks Megatron, decapitating and killing him. Sentinel pleads for his life, but Optimus executes him too for his betrayal. With the Decepticons defeated, Carly and Sam are reunited and the Autobots, knowing that Cybertron is badly damaged, remain on Earth still; making it their temporary home. I said I was taking off a year from Transformers. Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3 —they asked me on the phone—I said yes to July 1—but for —whoops!

Not ! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots. Screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman , who had worked on the two previous Transformers films, declined to return for the third film, with Kurtzman declaring that "the franchise is so wonderful that it deserves to be fresh, all the time. We just felt like we'd given it a lot and didn't have an insight for where to go with it next". On October 1, , Bay revealed that Transformers: Dark of the Moon had already gone into pre-production, and its planned release was back to its originally intended date of July 1, , rather than Cameron reportedly told Bay about 3-D, "You gotta look at it as a toy, it's another fun tool to help get emotion and character and create an experience.

In a hidden extra for the Blu-ray version of Revenge of the Fallen , Bay expressed his intention to make Transformers 3 not necessarily larger than Revenge of the Fallen , but instead deeper into the mythology, to give it more character development, and to make it darker and more emotional. Unicron is briefly shown in a secret Transformers 3 preview feature in the Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray disc. Ultimately, the producers decided to forgo a plot involving the planet-eating Transformer, and no further comments were ever made on the subject. Bay promised to not have the "dorky comedy" from the last film.

Megan loves to get a response. And she does it in kind of the wrong way. I'm sorry, Megan. I'm sorry I made you work twelve hours. I'm sorry that I'm making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy. With Fox not reprising her role, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was chosen to play Sam's new love interest.

Malkovich explains: "I play a guy called Bruce Brazos, who's just a loudmouth, kind of business man who's Shia's character's boss. Who's just a jerk, and a kind of a loud one. But a fun character. It was fun. Very, very enjoyable, just with Shia, Rosie a little bit, and with John Turturro. So, for me, it was a blast. Jeong described the film, "Yeah, it's a small role in Transformers but yeah. I had an out-of-body experience working on that one because I just couldn't believe I was there.

Still, that was not a thing where oh, I'm going to be a part of a blockbuster franchise like Transformers 3 or even now Hangover 2 for that matter. So I can't believe I'm a part of these franchises in any way. It was amazing. Michael Bay is brilliant and it'll blow your mind.

Unlike the two previous Transformers installments, which were based solely on the script writers' story, Transformers: Dark of the Moon was based on a novel called Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday , written by Alan Dean Foster. The novel is a prequel to the film Transformers. The story structure differs slightly, though, because the novel was written merely as prequel to the first film.

Due to the critically panned Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen , Bay decided to remove the characters called the Twins entirely from Dark of the Moon : "This one really builds to a final crescendo. It's not three multiple endings. One thing we're getting rid of is what I call the dorky comedy. T headquarters in their vehicle modes in the film. Bay acknowledged that Revenge of the Fallen was "disappointing to the fans" and stated that he "doesn't want the third one to suck".

Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Club , the film had several minor story inspirations from the s cartoon The Transformers , including the usage of a Space Bridge, and the "kicking the Autobots out". Similar to the previous two installments, the film was told in the human point-of-view to engage the audience. Bay wanted Sam to have a girlfriend like in the first two films.

Actor Shia LaBeouf said that Sam and Mikaela had become "one character" and, although he would "miss" Megan Fox, with this change "you have discovery again from a new perspective. It's the one where Spock goes nuts.

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Like the Starship Enterprise in here. I am and always shall be yours. The next four weeks were spent in Chicago. While filming in Washington, D. Two further locations announced were the Milwaukee Art Museum and the former Tower Automotive complex on Milwaukee 's north side, then under redevelopment for mixed use as well as the city's equipment yard. Filming was scheduled to take place there after work was done in Chicago.

On October 16, a scene in the later s was shot at the Johnson Space Center in Houston , using extras with period fashion and hairstyles. Dark of the Moon has been found to contain recycled footage from an earlier film directed by Michael Bay— The Island Filming was temporarily delayed on September 2, , when an extra was seriously injured during a stunt in Hammond, Indiana. Due to a failed weld, a steel cable snapped from a car being towed and hit the extra's car, damaging her skull.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer 3 Official (HD)

The extra, identified as Gabriela Cedillo, had to undergo brain surgery. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with Gabriela, her family and loved ones. The production will continue to provide all the help we can to Gabriela and her family during this difficult time.


A second accident occurred on October 11, , in Washington, D. The area had been closed off by the Washington, D. Both drivers were uninjured, [67] but the Camaro was severely damaged. ILM had been working on the pre-visualization for six months before principal photography started, resulting in 20 minutes' worth of footage. ILM's visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar said that "not only were the film's effects ambitious, they also had to be designed for 3-D", and explained the company's solutions for the new perspective: "We did make sure things are as bright as possible; Michael called up theatre owners to make sure they keep the lamps bright in the theatres It's totally unlike a plain surface subject like a human head or an animated head.

He'll say, 'Put some stuff hanging here! The most complicated effects involved the "Driller", a giant snake-like creature with an eel-like body and spinning rotator blades, knives and teeth. In Revenge of the Fallen , it took 72 hours per frame to fully render Devastator for the IMAX format, which is approximately a frame amount of 4, For the Driller, which required the entire render farm, it was up to hours per frame. ILM digital production supervisor Nigel Sumner explained: "We did a lot of tests early on to figure out how to break the building apart exploring a lot of the procedural options.

A building that's 70 feet tall—to go in and hand-score the geometry so when it fractures or falls apart—would be a time consuming laborious process. The floor of a building may be made of concrete. How does concrete fracture when it tears apart? The pillars would be made of a similar material but made of rebar or other engineering components. We'd look at how a building would blow apart and then choose the best tool to help achieve the properties of that during a simulation.

The scenes in Chicago were mostly shot on location, as Bay believed the plates had to really be shot in the actual city. Farrar was always fascinated with the idea of shooting on location, and then blending the film with computer-generated imagery. The visual effects team used aerial plates of the city's actual buildings and added destruction elements such as smoke, fire, debris, fighter planes, war, battles, and torn up streets. Animator Scott Benza said Sentinel Prime had a face "more human-like than any of the other robots", having a more complex frame and "a greater number of plates" so it could be more expressive.

Every robot would take approximately 30 weeks to build visually.

This film provides examples of:

Originally, the fight between Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, and Megatron was considered to be on water in the Chicago River , but the budget was cut and the ILM realized that they would not want to present that version of the final battle to Bay, so they decided to have the battle take place on the bridge over the river. Since Bay shoots all his films in anamorphic format, Dark of the Moon 's representation would be "squeezed in" to distort the image, and ILM would add in the robots and "un-distort" the image. Composer Steve Jablonsky , who had before collaborated with Bay on The Island and the first two Transformers films, returned to compose the Dark of the Moon score.

Jablonsky's musical score was lauded by critics and fans. The score was released on June 24, , five days before the actual release of the film. The album was originally set for release on June 28, , but Amazon. The score's length is approximately It consists of singles produced by different artists and bands, and rock tracks. American rock band Linkin Park composed the lead single for the film, " Iridescent ", as they did with the first two films: " What I've Done " was used in the film and " New Divide " for the film. The sound effects for the Transformers and foley was synthesized and developed by electronic music producer Christian Valentin Brunn born 20 July , better known by his stage name Virtual Riot.

The music video for "Iridescent" was directed by Joe Hahn. The song was not exclusively for the movie, and was featured in the credits. Most of the characters returned for Hasbro 's new toyline, which was released on May 16, In May , the novelization, junior novel, and graphic novel of Transformers: Dark of the Moon were released. Both the novel and the graphic novel featured Skids and Mudflap as supporting characters, but the characters were missing from the junior novel.

Though it is slightly different from the film, the novel still pertains to the topic and synopsis of the film it is based on in the outcome of the final battle. The novel features about pages and is published by Del Rey Books. Its synopsis is:. All humankind was watching that day in And yet only a handful knew the real mission behind America's triumph in the space race: to explore the alien ship that has crashed on the far side of the moon.

Decades later, scientists are still struggling to understand the technology found on board—though with the treacherous Decepticons after it, a powerful force must be at stake. The only hope of averting a crisis is to reawaken Sentinel Prime, the long-lost leader of the Autobots—but who knows what else remains in the shadows, hidden from man and machine?

The versions for Nintendo's consoles were developed by Behaviour Interactive , [93] while the versions for the rest of the consoles were developed by High Moon Studios , who had previously developed Transformers: War for Cybertron. Linkin Park performed a special outdoor concert in Red Square in Moscow on the same night in celebration of the event.

The film opened in 4, theaters including a then-record total of 2, 3-D locations.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Movie Review () | Roger Ebert

This was the sixth-best opening Wednesday. A Walmart exclusive edition of Transformers: Dark of the Moon also was released on September 30, Transformers: Dark of the Moon received mixed reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Its special effects—and 3D shots—are undeniably impressive, but they aren't enough to fill up its loud, bloated running time, or mask its thin, indifferent script. Roger Ebert gave the film one out of four stars, criticizing its visuals, plot, characters, and dialogue. Scott in The New York Times wrote "I can't decide if this movie is so spectacularly, breathtakingly dumb as to induce stupidity in anyone who watches, or so brutally brilliant that it disarms all reason.

What's the difference? Despite praise being given to most of the acting, several critics felt that Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's performances were ineffective. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film 0 stars, the same rating that he had given to Revenge of the Fallen , and stated the two actors "couldn't be duller.

After two films, his fidgeting isn't cute anymore. It's hard to call his posturing and screaming 'acting'. Lou Lumenick of the New York Post wrote that her "'acting' makes Megan Fox look like Meryl Streep in comparison. Many reviews praised the film's special effects and aggressive use of 3-D. More than that, it was a comfortable experience and helped exemplify great use of stereoscopic 3-D with live action and digital characters. That said, I think they still could have taken it much further. Charlie Jane Anders of io9 believed that some elements of the film were deliberate self-references to Michael Bay's own sense of under-appreciation after the backlash to the second film: "After a few hours of seeing Shia get dissed, overlooked and mistreated, the message becomes clear: Shia, as always, is a stand-in for Michael Bay.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

And Bay is showing us just what it felt like to deal with the ocean of Haterade—the snarking, the Razzie Award , the mean reviews—that Revenge of the Fallen unleashed. Consistency is for Decepticons. Michael Bay's ideal movie shifts from action movie to teen comedy to political drama with the same well-lubricated ease that his cars become men. By the time you've finished watching, you will speak Michael Bay's cinematic language.

The fourth film in the Transformers film series, Age of Extinction , was released June 27, A fifth film, The Last Knight , was released on June 21, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For other uses, see Transformers: Dark of the Moon disambiguation. For other uses, see Dark of the Moon disambiguation.

Theatrical release poster. Hasbro Di Bonaventura Pictures.

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Main article: List of Transformers film series cast and characters. Leonard Nimoy plays a great role. Play media. Sentinel Prime left was modeled after actor Sean Connery right [12]. Steve Jablonsky — "It's Our Fight". The climax is played, and a unique bass drum is used in the process. Main article: Transformers: Dark of the Moon video game. Film portal. Paramount Pictures. May 23, Archived from the original on March 20, Retrieved February 12, Archived from the original on February 21, Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved May 20, June 21, Retrieved June 28, May 25, The Hollywood Reporter.

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Anyway, this column's duty is now clear: it must offer a theory of its own. Here goes. Director Michael Bay knew he faced an awkward challenge. A third helping of mindless metallic mayhem must have threatened to be a bit of a bore, even to him. What was to be done? Why, this time he could invest the proceedings with a bit of romance, menace and magic. He could co-opt a real-world phenomenon that has always enthralled and unnerved. He would initiate his action in an eerie place that's perpetually dark, perpetually cold and condemned to rotate endlessly around our planet forever out of our sight.

A place that many believe has already played host to real alien incursions. Bay's team applauded enthusiastically and set to work on a film that would obviously need to be called Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Everyone was thrilled. Everyone, that is, except one geeky intern.

For in this lowly youngster's head a horrible doubt was taking shape. Mindful of Megan Fox's fate , he kept his counsel long into the months of postproduction. Finally, however, he could stay silent no longer. At a tidying-up meeting, he raised his wavering hand. We have a problem, he said, a big one. The basis for our film's supposed charisma doesn't actually exist: there's no such place as the dark side of the moon.

After a moment of appalled silence, he explained. It's true that because tidal forces have slowed the moon's rotation, one of its hemispheres is permanently turned away from us. But the moon gets its light from the sun, not the earth. So the far side gets just as much light as the side we can see. The whole idea of a "dark side" of the moon is rooted in a centuries-old misconception. The room resounded with curses from all present. If they just went ahead as planned, would anyone notice their howler?

Of course they would. That Guardian column, Between the Lines , would be on to it in a jiffy.

The whole franchise would become a laughing stock. What could be done? There was no time to reshoot all the scenes in which that "dark" side got a mention. The whole thing looked hopeless. Then someone came up with a desperate ploy. Just drop the fateful word from the title: that way, sneerers might be thrown off the scent. Regrettably, the plan doesn't seem to have worked.

Instead, all that happened was that the title became a mess. Some might say this makes it well suited to the film itself. But that would be unkind. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.