Early Anti Mormon Literature, Volume I (Fully Illustrated)

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Still, this book collects primary documents, interviews, and depositions about early Mormonism that we don't have anywhere else. As such, "Mormonism Unveiled" is an important scholarly tool, but it's no classic, because it's enormously intolerant, and so many of its interviews have such a hostile tone that we cannot trust their information for certain.

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Indeed, quite a few details While I'm not a Mormon, I find the anti-Mormon prejudice shown in this 19th-century book to be enormously offensive. Indeed, quite a few details in here were obviously invented or misinterpreted.

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This book is useful for its insight into the culture wars of almost years ago, and for getting a sense of why Mormonism frightened so many mainline Protestants. Manix75 rated it really liked it Feb 19, Tom Jenson rated it liked it Feb 06, Rob rated it really liked it May 08, Robert Boylan rated it it was ok Nov 20, Robert rated it liked it Dec 11, Jonathan Malan rated it liked it Oct 18, Jim Whitefield rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Brad rated it did not like it Jun 06, Cindy rated it really liked it May 02, Jon rated it liked it Jul 12, John Hatch rated it it was amazing Apr 08, Randy rated it really liked it May 18, Daniel Marriott rated it liked it May 08, Natan Ezequiel Sanchez rated it did not like it Dec 26, Fred rated it liked it Sep 20, Jeff Roush rated it really liked it Apr 16, Don Garrett rated it really liked it Jan 20, Carrie rated it liked it Feb 04, Paula A.

Guth rated it did not like it Jul 27, Closetrocker rated it really liked it Nov 24, Michael DiBaggio rated it really liked it Apr 01, Tom Jenson rated it really liked it Feb 13, Tom Jenson rated it liked it Feb 09, Beckwith and Stephen E. They play fast and loose with biblical views. Indeed, their myopic scriptural fundamentalism leads them to serious errors in scriptural exegesis Beckwith and Parish's book will merely further confuse the issues Peterson, William J.

Hamblin and George L. Mitton have the following to say about John L. If their review is accurate, matters have deteriorated precipitously at Cambridge University Press for publishing such a trashy book: "Professor Brooke's command of the data on Mormonism But it hardly matters, because it receives the same negative conclusion of virtually all critical Mormon works.

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According to William Hamblin, "because of numerous problems with evidence and analysis, none of Owens's major propositions have been substantiated" and, "In summary, Owens's thesis cannot bear the weight of critical scrutiny My friend Matt Moore aptly described Owens's theory as another attempt in the grand tradition of Quinn and Brooke at historia ex nihilo--the creation of history out of nothing.

His efforts to pull a magic rabbit out of his hat to bolster environmental explanations of Joseph Smith's revelations are simply smoke and mirrors. This prevents honest inquiry, but it also causes carelessness and sloppy, slipshod analysis. Michael Quinn is one of Mormonism's leading scholars. He was excommunicated from the church because his research into Mormonism led him to discover and write on many things LDS leadership did not like. He is a former professor of history at BrighamYoung University. His accolades include the Samuel F. Bemis, the George W. Egleston, and the Frederick W.

He is the author of J. Giles Whiting Foundation, Yale University, and others. Quinn's book on Mormon origins, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, as the publisher says, "examines the contradictions and confusion of the first two tumultuous decades of Latter-day Saint history. He demonstrates how events and doctrines were silently, retroactively inserted into the published form of scriptures and official records to smooth out an often stormy and haphazard development.

It has received rave reviews as a landmark work. As one Internet reviewer noted at the Honest Intellectual Inquiry website:.

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Farkas and David A. Reed's Mormonism: Changes, Contradictions and Errors is "unapologetically biased, simplistic and unprofessional Indeed they have even failed to produce an interesting anti-Mormon work.

In Peterson's review of Rudger Hauth's Die Mormonen, he completely misrepresents Sandra Tanners position, then calls it "loony" and asks "Is a person who can utter such nonsense Her footnotes are described by John A. Tvedtnes as "impressive," and are truly that.

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The problem is that many are inaccurate Charles has shown a propensity to look the other way when scriptures, scholars, history, and official pronouncements of the Church disagree with her notions about the Book of Mormon and the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But like an oasis in a desert, there was one positive review somewhat , of H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. The reviewer noted this was "a most convincing case" and that "exacting care [was] taken to establish even minuscule points. As we said, only FARMS ever wins--the rest of the world--no matter how qualified academically, no matter how cogent their argumentation, no matter how solid their historical or other evidence--never gains ground because FARMS operates under the assumption that Mormonism alone is true worse, their interpretation of Mormonism.

Codell Carter and Christopher B. Isaac in the Vol. Counter Point.

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Here we would also like to add some comments that illustrate our concerns over the current attempts at Mormon-Christian dialogue and the methods used. This is an excellent book showing how JS made up the Book of Abraham. The "Finger" book shows how absurd the LDS position is. This has about 10 excellent essays on various studies of Book of Mormon subjects.

The overwhelming consensus of the authors is the Book of Mormon is still true, but must be regarded as a fictional story as it does not in anyway fit archeologically, culturally or in any other way with what life was like in central or south America. I liked the material on metallurgy as I have a couple degrees in metallurgical engineering.

That alone was enough to show the BofM is fictional. It also raises many questions about the ridiculous stories Joseph Smith put into the BofM. I never thought about how crazy many of the stories actually are until reading this. BH Roberts was a general authority and these writings were not published until more than 50 years after his death. They were donated to the UofU. Utah Lighthouse has the widest variety of materials available on Mormonism. The classic is the "Shadow or Reality", which covers almost everything in one massive book. It is WELL worth getting.

If you are only going to get one book - this is it! Fawn M. One of the best books about Joseph Smith and the origins of Mormonism. This book was written in by Mrs. This book is an biography of the life of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith. To my knowledge it is also the first book of this type. This book dealt with all aspects of Joseph's life, starting with his ancestry and background.

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Brodie did extensive research into Joseph's life before forming his religion, and also suggested some of the reasoning behind why he acted as he did. Along the way you'll also learn the basic beliefs and foundation of Mormonism and how it progressed throughout Joseph's life. Brodie supplied footnotes and references for all of her work.

It is written in an easy style that assumes the reader knows little about Mormonism but doesn't make the reader feel stupid because of it. Reaction to her book among Mormons was as expected, they vilified her.