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We also supply high-quality sound equipment, accessories, cable and wiring sourced at competitive trade prices from our distributors, ensuring your installation is cost-effective and delivers superior sound. At Bluestar Communications, we specialise in designing, installing and synchronising a home theatre system to connect with your surround sound installation.

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Our technicians will select all of your home theatre components and put them in place, before calibrating and testing each component to provide an unmatched large screen surround sound experience. We can also install a home automation system that allows you to access music or video from any room of your home by a simple touch of a button. Our technicians have detailed knowledge of and experience with all the leading brands of sound equipment, enabling them to recommend the option which best suits your residential or commercial space. Call now on 02 Call us today for further information on our surround sound installation services.

All Rights Reserved. Now I'm into Hirez Stereo. Gary Freed , Apr 28, Location: NYC. I'm all for it, but please keep the dedicated stereo tracks coming along with the surround mixes. I like both! GabeG , Apr 28, I will always include 2. Too many audiophiles have invested heavily in great stereo systems and they deserve to have the content available in a format the works for them I'm trying to get these done in time for summer The music is pretty easy Thanks for the quick responses I love the concept of Ballsy and hi-res surround mixes.

I currently do not have a surround setup in part because of money concerns and because most titles are rather not differentiated from their stereo brethren. Stereo is another story- I cannot get enough of hi-res stereo mixes.

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I would love as many hi-res stereo mixes as possible, and in the event that a particular album could be neat in surround then make it well different from the stereo version and spectacular enough to warrant a surround mix additional purchase. An excellent example would be Dark Side of the Moon Thanks for asking us, its cool to be able to provide some input.

I Am The Lolrus , Apr 28, Location: Under the Inverted Bowl of Darkness. From the Luddite corner, I don't have a surround system or any plans to buy one in the forseeable future. Totale , Apr 28, Location: San Jose, CA. Metralla , Apr 28, Location: Portland, Oregon. Welcome to the forum from a surround fan.

Lord Hawthorne , Apr 28, Thanks for the feedback. Having engineered over 50 surround sound recordings in HD Surround, I'm convinced that this is the future. Recently, I had Raul Pineda [Grammy Winning Cuban Drummer] in the studio to hear the first mixes of a project that we're doing together.

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  • They're almost finished with a studio rendition intended for CD Our session in December lasted 4 hours No PA system After hearing the aggressive 5. For those who haven't yet experienced a really great 5. There's never been a person that came to my studio and walked out unconvinced. AIX , Apr 29, Location: New Joisey Now. Great to have you here Dr. I've got 10 of your recordings.

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    I prefer ambient rears and centers on great classical and jazz recordings - like your Beethoven Symphony 6 - which really captures the fine acoustics at NJPAC or the "Latin Jazz Trio" which also feels like you are in a small auditorium or jazz club. I prefer aggressive 5. Is there any way to marry the video with the hi-rez sound - even if it's only 2 channel?? Kayaker , Apr 29, Location: Baystate. Can you reveal any details about the Wallace Roney session? No Room for Argument and Prototype are two of the best albums I've heard in years.

    I saw the band at Ryles in Cambridge, MA. Onaje was playing keyboards and Beyonce's drummer was sitting in. It wasn't as good as I would have hoped Sheila E. I'm a fan of surround mixes, but the music comes first. Good luck with your projects and keep us informed. ATR , Apr 29, Location: Knoxville, capitol of Polezannia. I've taken the rear towers and Denon out of my theatre, proably for good.

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    I'm only gonna buy new discs for stereo though. Rachael Bee , Apr 29, A couple of answers The problem is that the audio bandwidth is so high that the bandwidth left for the video is marginal and usually looks bad.

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    • The new disc formats handle this better but I cannot afford to enter that fray As for the Wallace Roney title He actually approached me after hearing and viewing some of the recent work that we've been doing. We recorded last December and I hope to have the piece out but the fall.

      Interior Design for sound spaces, without the heavy tech | Orbitsound

      I'm focusing on the John Gorka and Albert Lee from those sessions. Wallace played into a beautiful ribbon mic from AEA accompanied by his band. He shared the spotlight with his brother. There was also a turntablist Rachael, before you give up for good I would encourage you to explore our sampler Sit in the best seat in the house, on stage or listen in HD AUdio stereo.

      Location: Spain EU.