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Excellent book which is based on Scientific data instead of theory.

Jump-Starting His Brain, Now His Life

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If you feel groggy in the morning, maybe you need to change up your schedule. Go to bed earlier at night, or shift your morning activities for after work. If you aren't feeling it figure out how you can make your mornings work for you and your brain. Starting your day off healthy and happy will set the tone for the rest of the day! M-F: am, pm,.

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Sat: am. Jump-Start Your Brain. Healthy Options. Healthy Life. Brain Food.

Why Stress Kills Your Productivity

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Kwik Brain My Morning Routine (How to Jumpstart Your Brain & Day) – Jim Kwik

April 29, Recent Posts. Grill Master Steak Marinade. June 20, Step into the shoes of your main character and write a journal entry, a complaint letter or a love note. Switch your point of view. Write a few paragraphs in first or third person. Think of how you would respond if you were in the story. Walk through the action, stand on your desk, crawl on the floor. And keep your eyes open for the doors no one else has noticed.

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The longer you stare, the more imposing they appear. So work smarter, not harder. Break your routine. Go to a movie.

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Have a cup of coffee. Abstain from octopus. Try writing in a different place or at a different time. Lift weights.

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Get up in the middle of the night. Photographers focus on a single event and snap the picture, freezing that moment forever. Each photo reveals only a sliver of reality, yet that carefully framed sliver contains a world of meaning. A great photographer knows just what to leave out. The lens we look through is as large as our imagination. Skilled photographers carefully frame their shots just right.

Jump Start Your Brain!

Skilled writers carefully fence in their ideas. Nothing stalls writing more effectively than lack of focus. Freedom to write anything usually ends up as an excuse for not writing anything. The deadline? The word count? Creativity occurs at the intersection of ideas, when two thoughts that seem to have nothing in common collide and form something new. Instead, look for ways of combining two or more familiar things into something novel and unique.

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