Not All Water Is Equal

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Storm Series: Not All Water Damage Is Created Equal

To have the optimal experience while using this site, you will need to update your browser. You may want to try one of the following alternatives:. Water is the life source of all living things. Luckily, depending on the type of home insurance coverage, we have protections against this unwanted enemy.

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Damage from water can be unexpected , very destructive and expensive to both your health and pocket book. That's because, of the million trillion gallons of water on Earth, only one billionth of one percent is filtered naturally beneath the earth.

All Water is Not Created Equal - Try Kangen Water

Deer Park claims only water with a crisp, refreshing taste and the perfect balance of minerals, gets its Natural Spring Water label. Sorry, we only accept work mail accounts. Submit Already unlocked? Please check your email and click on the verify link — it will return you right back to this page with the data unlocked.

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They were based on U. Public Health Service standards for drinking water set in The Safe Drinking Water Act gave regulatory oversight of public drinking water tap water to the U. In some cases, standards for bottled water and tap water differ.

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For example, because lead can leach from pipes as water travels from water utilities to home faucets, EPA has set its limit for lead in tap water at 15 parts per billion ppb. Water must be sampled, analyzed, and found to be safe and sanitary.