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Sign out Disconnect Sign out Completely. Food was still rationed in what was already being called "the Age of Austerity" and the nation still ached dully with the too-intimate recollection of their thousands of dead and missing countrymen. Despondency and poverty stamped their feet and milled about, trying to keep warm. And yet Britons seemed to aspire toward something more hopeful, something unseen, a way of making higher meaning of what was already seeming less like history and more like a nightmare no one could really believe.

There is "Lukey," the frenetic, jittery artist Robert Newton , a man who sees faces in the fire, a man whose weird ecstasy seems to drain Johnny's slim reserves of strength.

His "studio" looks like nothing so much as the inside of his head. Then there is Johnny's dipsomaniacal underworld guide, the little birdman "Shell" F.

odd man out

McCormick , and the wary publican, "Fencie" William Hartnell. Fay who offers Kathleen and Johnny the scant comfort of the Church, while outside, the noose tightens.

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Kathleen, beautiful and sturdy, presents a resolute face to the dark destiny that threatens at every moment to sweep over the couple. As she tries to deny the doom that comes padding after them, Kathleen and Johnny's courses fuse inextricably. An IRA gunman, badly wounded during a robbery, is hindered and helped in his attempts to escape from the authorities in Belfast. Carol Reed chose to adapt F.

Green 's novel Odd Man Out for its quasi-religious undertones, the opportunity it provided for a number of strong character scenes and for the seriousness with which it dealt with its tragic story of the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland, although in the film Belfast is not mentioned by name and the IRA referred to only as 'The Organisation'. James Mason is brilliantly cast as the almost mythic anti-hero Johnny McQueen, dominating every scene that he is in.

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Mason is introduced in clever fashion by having us first hear his velvety voice, still distinctive with a mild Irish lilt, before we actually see his face. A star of Mason 's stature was required because although his is the central role, Johnny is on-screen for a comparatively small proportion of the film. The narrative consists of a series of practically self-contained scenes, such as the darkly comic sequences when Dennis Robert Beatty is besieged by young kids or when he tries to escape the police by boarding an over-crowded tram. Others are almost Hitchcockian in their suspense, from the naturalistic, almost matter-of-fact robbery at the beginning, to the later scene in which Granny Kitty Kirwan and Kathleen Kathleen Ryan try to hide a gun and bandages while the police search their home.

Odd Man Out is shaped like a Greek tragedy, with events developing from a single early mistake. This fatalism finds symbolic echoes throughout, with Johnny breaking his shoelace at the opening and Shell breaking his at the end; the recurring references to time and the Albert clock; the steps where Johnny was shot and where he killed a man; the shots of the Harland and Wolff shipyards which open and close the film.