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By Loop Weekly Staff on December 19, What does he know? I always wanted the Millennium Falcon because Han Solo was driving it. Come on, girl. Billy Dee Williams had it all over him. I absolutely hate the people that applaud after movies, and I almost did that for the first time ever. Everyone agreed that the Ewoks were adorable, but were they really?

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Whether they were evil or adorable, there was no arguing they were cool. They probably started the whole debate. What about you? To me, I just liked digging through the walls. It felt like a 3-D version of Dig Dug. I rather like the idea of the field research referred to at the beginning of the article. The whole bit about Inuit having sooo many words for snow has always seemed to ignore the fact that English even as spoken by an Australian has a great number itself.

Snow, snowflakes, wet snow, graupel, hail, sleet, slush, powder, sheet-ice and mogul come to mind without too much effort. Based on personal observation, over the past few days it's been mainly frozen granular—or maybe that stuff was hardpack—with patches that were more granular and therefore more easily skiable.

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Also death cookies on some runs. March 15, pm. For some reason "his blog" for "his blog post" is an irrational peeve of mine ever since I first encountered it.



Maybe it's because there is often genuine ambiguity of such uses many people have their own blogs whereas there is only one Twitter, so in "his Twitter", "Twitter" must must mean something other than the social network in general. March 16, am.

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March 17, am. For some years, I insisted on "microwave oven ". I've given up, but I see instructions on frozen dinners still retain this usage. March 18, pm. TLC: No offense, but your post is a strange combination of prescriptively-correct English and grammar mistakes, and leaves me very confused.

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One syringe won't be noticed by anyone but you. I just didn't want to look frozen, and I don't have any discernible lines at this point.

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But when the chance came to try it, I did. I had six or so shots across my forehead to lift my brows. The procedure was painless, but I was a little swollen for a few days. I really just wanted to try it to say I've tried it, but I don't think I'll be going back until I really notice the formation of lines. It made my skin abnormally shiny, and the results weren't dramatic enough to warrant getting it done again. But that's not to say I won't be totally 'toxed up by the time I'm I fully plan on it. They claimed I was going to ruin my face. He barely even noticed when I came home from the appointment.

In fact, I had a colleague Facebook Live my most recent appointment. I tell anyone who will listen because I find it immensely empowering.

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If I'm not open and honest about it, then who will be? Someone has to be the one to peel back the curtain and make others feel like they can share their story. We all want to look fresher, younger, plumper—to be the version of ourselves we see in our head. The mirror doesn't always reflect that.

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So if you have the means to change something about yourself, do it. And I have the platform to speak about it, so I will. And I've found that dozens of women have come forward to me, both privately and publicly, to ask me about my filler experience. There's absolutely no shame in any cosmetic body modification, as long as you're getting it done for you and no one else. And injections? They're just about the safest form of body modification out there. Have you seen some tattoo parlors?

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Growing up, I never thought I would ever consider doing anything to my face—plastic surgery and even Botox were always kind of taboo in my family, as my mom was always a big advocate for aging naturally. As I transitioned into adulthood, I began to realize that I was way too judgmental of those people who did opt for injections and procedures. This shift in POV hit its mark when one of my closest friends got a nose job, something she had wanted for virtually her entire life. The result was so subtle and made her so happy that it really was a eureka moment: If something has a huge impact on your confidence and you have the self-awareness to know that changing it would genuinely make you happier, then why should you have to live with it?

And what gives anyone else the right to judge that? If you don't want to touch your own face, then don't touch your own face. And that's the beauty of injections, especially in You don't have to really search hard to find a doctor or dermatologist who can give you really subtle, natural-looking results.