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The same drills every game, including line rushes, half-moon shooting players gather near the blue line in a semicircle and deliver one-timers , three-on-twos and two-on-ones, power plays or passing, ones that may vary slightly from team to team but generally include the same core objectives of feeling the puck, letting the goaltender see the puck, and getting the blood flowing. A common drill includes all five players of one unit and begins with a puck dumped in from the neutral zone.

The two defensemen go back, make one pass between them, then pass it up to a forward, who initiates a passing sequence in which each player touches the puck, after which they all go toward the goal and someone shoots.

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Among the rules here: No high shots, no fancy dekes or penalty-shot moves; the emphasis is on feeling the puck and letting the goalie get his pads on it. They must happen simultaneously for the home and visiting teams, who split the ice straight down the middle. Rask leads Bruins out for warmups. The schedule allows for Zamboni cleanup as well as the national anthem, and can differ slightly based on game-night circumstances the need for two anthems, perhaps a ceremony for a jersey retirement, and of course, special events such as the Stanley Cup.

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Logistics have changed little over the years, but old-timers will tell you the tenor of the warmup most certainly is different. They were the enemy. Paying attention starts before you take the ice, which for the Bruins means you have to be ready for Jake DeBrusk, who makes his way down the line with a special handshake for each teammate. Me and Sean [Kuraly] have the same agent, so we incorporate something with that.

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Once on the ice, the heads-up attention continues, even as muscle memory takes over. There are other under-the-surface currents.

Legendary NHLer Jaromir Jagr was famous for skipping warmups altogether, lest he show anything to an opponent. There also are important insights to be gleaned from the warmup, from the line leader telling you who will be starting in goal to the ensuing on-ice groupings informing you which players will play on which lines together. And when you look, what you see is unique among all sports.

They just know what to do. Drinking before one officially goes out to to either a club or other social gathering.

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Pre-Game unknown. Usually to drink before going out to a club or party. Sometimes the reason for pre-gaming is to get a buzz started before arriving at the destination, and sometimes to spend less money trying to obtain a drunken state at the bar or club. You don't even have to change locations to consider it a pre-game.

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It could be getting a couple drinks in before your friends arrive at your house to drink. But it always is drinking before an event that includes drinking. You can pre-game by yourself or gathering with friends. But the gathering must change in order to count the initial gathering as a pre-game.

Such as the group of you going out after the pre-game.

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It is not pre-gaming if you get together to drink and do not change something such as A location or B several members of the group. That is just extra drinking time.

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See you there afterwards, have a shot waiting for me! Have a drink, try to catch up.

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Pre Game drugs. When you get drunk or buzzed before a party, so that your already having fun before you arrive. Getting pissed at someone's crib and then going to a club or bar late in the night. EA Titty-Streamer Mentionitis