Tripping the Ballerina

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Slang a. A hallucinatory experience induced by a psychedelic drug: an acid trip.

Girls Trip (2017) - Dance Battle to Bar Fight Scene (9/10) - Movieclips

An intense, stimulating, or exciting experience: a power trip. A usually temporary but absorbing interest or preoccupation: He's on another health food trip.

Day Tripping | Front & Center at Rockefeller Center

A certain way of life or situation: "deny that his reclusiveness is some sort of deliberate star trip" Patricia Bosworth. A device, such as a pawl, for triggering a mechanism.

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To make a mistake: tripped up on the last question. To release a catch, trigger, or switch , thereby setting something in operation. Nautical a.

1. You're Born With It, Or Not

On my big first trip, 25 years ago in Europe, regular readers will remember that I kept a diary of some of the highlights, or at least what seemed like highlights to the mind of a nine-year-old. Apparently, in Frankfurt, Germany, a city which I have to admit I'm still not thrilled with despite … [Read more I had another look through my old travel diaries from 25 years ago in Europe the other night and found what is probably the reason why my nine-year-old self was not impressed by Spain:See the fine print?


Under this attractive-looking well, for the 80s swimming pool at Mas Nou Caravan Park on the … [Read more If I could go back posts, I might change the whole ballerina theme to this blog, but I'm too sentimental to do it now. Yes - posts ago, I wrote for Not A Ballerina for the very first time. Of course, it has taken me over six years to reach this milestone so I am not exactly a prolific … [Read more It all started with that drawing of Hong Kong, and now I'm mildly obsessed with my shelf full of old travel diaries. This won't be the last post you'll see about some of the treasures and diary entries I made during my campervan trip around Europe as a nine-year-old, I promise you.

Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way to a Leaner, Stronger, and More Graceful You

Today, it's … [Read more But wait, as they say, there's more. I recently came across the diaries I kept during those trips and … [Read more And so our six months of campervanning around Europe sadly came to an end. But I do firmly believe that dance is a great teacher of inner grace - of teaching respect, gratitude, and kindness, and I'd take that shade of grace over looking poised on the outside any day.

Different Drummer Dance.

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Back Body Positivity Coaching. You're Born With It, Or Not Yes, some of us are gifted with wonderful turnout, natural flexibility, and the high arches that make dance a wee less challenging than for your average Joe, but average Joe has just as much of a right to boogie as anyone else. You Have To Have 'The Body' Fabulously talented dancers like Lizzy Howell and Erik Cavanaugh are helping to bust this myth, and I'm doing my part with my class about incorporating body positivity in to dance classrooms , and this is a tough one to break since there's such a strong stereotype associated with ballerinas and being thin, but my philosophy is more 'come as you are' as opposed to 'come only if you're a size 2'.

No Pain, No Gain Every once in awhile a picture will surface on the internet with some severe, cane toting ballet mistress holding a young dancer down in the splits while her face contorts with pain.