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Show remote opportunities from across the UK. Ongoing role. Short term project. Architecture and property. Creative Services. Music production. Digital strategy. Social media marketing. Website creation. Website design. Accountancy part qualified. Financial management. Income generation. Business development. Fundraising events. Fundraising strategy. Computer support. IT project management. IT strategy. Software development. Marketing and communications. Event management. Graphic design. Market research. Marketing strategy. Public relations.

Organisation Management. General management. Health and safety. Project management. Volunteer management. Organisational Development and Strategy. Change management. Rapid response to sexual and gender based violence in emergency and humanitarian settings in West and Central Africa. A "farmer-field-school" approach to ensure adaptation to climate change in Senegal. In Malawi, drones are proving useful to emergency disaster response.

Making a difference while learning. Green light from volunteer, we are ready for take-off. UN Volunteers help secure peaceful elections in Kenya. Giving hope to vulnerable groups affected by armed conflict in South Sudan. Beyond the call of duty, turning inmates into tailors sowing clothes for local market in Liberia. Restoring hope in Mauritania amidst a cross-border humanitarian crisis.

Bringing communities together to rebuild the Central African Republic. One year on, volunteers are still essential in fight against Ebola. Working with communities to reduce the impact of environmental crises in Nigeria. Volunteering to prevent famine in Somalia. We have a relevant mandate.

Helping preserve and expand protected areas in Angola. World Day for Cultural Diversity: Heritage safeguarding is at the heart of peacebuilding. In Malawi, empowering women in every aspect. Protecting Internally Displaced Persons, including women and girls. Strengthening women's leadership for greater security in the Sahel region. The fight is not over in the struggle for gender equality.

Emphasizing the role of women and their participation. Enhancing capacity to resolve conflicts and build peace. Making a difference through communication. Protecting human rights in Senegal. Peace is about education first! Understanding the full spectrum of human resilience. When girls progress, the goals progress. Building a society that respects human rights. Hanan, UN Volunteer at the control.

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Ensuring appropriate information technology for the mission. The meaning of empathy and resilience. Ensuring safety of air operations in South Sudan. Volunteerism as a mode of enhancing youth engagement in environmental governance. Ebola prevention on the ground. Assessing threats armed conflicts pose to civilians in DRC. How to remain human in the face of extreme suffering. I volunteer to restore dignity to vulnerable women. Advancing Human Rights in South Sudan. Strengthening devolution in Kenya.

Ensuring reintegration of female combatants. Monitoring places of detention and deprivation of liberty in Upper Guinea. Volunteering against HIV, a service to humanity. Little drops of action make a mighty difference. Giving and receiving: UN Volunteers talk about their work in Zimbabwe. Being even more determined as UN Volunteer. Giving Chadian youth the opportunity to volunteer. When moving from one village to another one, we realized how our presence was crucial. Coordinating Blue Helmet rotations on the ground. Volunteering for disarmement process in Africa.

Rescuing populations from the threat of statelessness in northern Benin. Reflecting on UN Volunteers helping peaceful development in Liberia. Emergency obstetric care during height of South Sudan crisis. Enhancing women's participation in community decisions. Encouraging communities to think globally and act locally.

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Involving youth in the post conversation in Rwanda. Providing food assistance to refugees in Chad. Nele Bostoen and Eleonora Mansi: Their story. Harriet Christine Elasu's story. Mission closure a unique, poignant experience for UN Volunteer. Volunteering for children's basic right to communicate.

Environmental volunteering for sustainable food and agriculture and resilience of rural livelihoods. Volunteer women who harvest peace in Colombia. Volunteerism to empower women and prevent gender-based violence in Guatemala.

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Strengthening the role of youth in peacebuilding in Guatemala. Responding to displacement in Venezuela through integration in Trinidad and Tobago. Contributing to the achievement of peace, justice and strong institutions in Colombia. Joining forces for youth, peace, disarmament in Latin America and the Caribbean. Promoting a just, peaceful and inclusive society in Bolivia. Building spirals of peace in Haiti. Placing gender equality as one of the top priorities of Agenda Empowering women after the earthquake in Ecuador.

The hours spent in cyberspace can make a difference to our future. Perseverance as the virtue of sustainability. How to change the world in one word: Volunteer! Experiences that create impact. Helping improve the rule of law. Empowering women in humanitarian crisis. Bringing new perspectives and fresh ideas.

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Organizations and volunteers working together for peace and development

Improving living conditions in Haiti. Acting for the respect of human rights. Volunteering to eradicate violence against women and girls. Women's rights are human rights. Finding solutions to environmental challenges. Taking action any way you can. Compassion incarnate! A broad experience goes a long way. Strengthening primary health care. Young Ecuadorians define the new Post development agenda.

Why become a United Nations Volunteer? Fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples. Recognizing and advancing local sustainable development. Mutual learning, action and enthusiasm. Contributing to a more inclusive and happy world. Promoting gender equality through intercultural communication.

An opportunity to improve human rights. No one wants to be a refugee. Telling the stories of teenage mothers. Creative volunteering for human rights. Capacity development and partnership building. Impacting the lives of others.

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Working for Peace and Security within Haitian communities. Sharing knowledge of coffee production in a remote village of Guatemala. Helping local communities to develop using their natural resources. Annalisa Staffa's story. Contributing to small-scale rural water and sanitation projects. Julia Noethiger's story. IT essentials for development. Promoting indigenous rights and fighting against racial discrimination in Bolivia. Sensitizing about nutrition. Serving with UN Women to promote the safe use and enjoyment of public spaces by vulnerable women.

The sky is the limit: UN Volunteers with disabilities create more inclusive workplaces. Sharing skills to build healthier communities in Tuvalu. She who has health has hope; and she who has hope has everything. Preventing violence against women and girls in Indonesia and Cambodia. Little bird, conveying big messages.

Play ball against gender-based violence. Volunteering to grow coffee instead of poppies in Lao PDR. Using standardized data to promote peace and tolerance in Bangladesh. UN Volunteers can be role models of social change and reconciliation. Breaking gender stereotypes in Nepal.

Local youth help vulnerable tribal groups in Maharashtra, India. Volunteering to foster sustainable livelihoods for women and youth in Sikkim, India. Promoting global citizenship through learning and dialogue. Protecting India's children. Changing laws to safeguard women's rights in Viet Nam.

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Educate a woman and you educate a community. No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Working with refugees, a life-changing experience. Despite the hardships, this is a very enriching experience.