Mastering the Forehand

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Before you start working on these, it is helpful to have good equipment.

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Think of these three things as the foundation of your game. Your game can only be as strong as its foundation.

7 step plan to improve your forehand topspin

The forehand drive counter is the basic stroke that most people learn first. A forehand drive is the perfect way to stop your opponent from making an aggressive, attacking stroke. Before getting into the execution of the stroke, we should focus on the stance. Most of your body weight should be put on the balls of your feet and your knees should be slightly bent. This will allow you to move quickly. Rotate your body to the right and transfer the body weight onto your back foot.

10 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Forehand

This is not full-scale tennis, so don't take a large, looping backswing. It should be short and straight back. Rotate your body in the opposite direction left , and transfer the weight of your body to your front foot. Try accelerating the speed of the stroke once you hit the ball. That will help you gain some topspin. This stroke should be played in the same situation as the forehand drive but when the ball is hit to your backhand side.

The backhand drive is the perfect way to stop your opponent from making an attacking stroke. Your racket should move forward and slightly upwards, although slightly closed. Keep your wrist loose, it will help you impart spin onto the ball. The ball should be hit at the peak of its bounce, and the stroke is finished with your arm pointing in the direction of the ball elbow still bent.

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The body position is similar. Your right foot should be further back, and your feet should be shoulder length apart.

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Start by doing a backswing, and once the ball hits the surface, move the body backwards. Your elbow should remain open as you continue with the stroke, and you should finish with your paddle in front of your body. The stroke is normally used for short balls, and its purpose is to stop your opponent from making an attacking shot. Use a short stroke, and move your arm forward and down from the elbow.

The four basic table tennis shots:

Do you have a flatter forehand and are struggling to hit heavy topspin? The Brain Based Forehand course is based upon scientific learning and optimal biomechanical principles that makes learning topspin a very simple straight forward process. You will learn how to easily hit topspin in a very progressive step by step format as you experience the course alongside a beginner also learning topspin for the very first time successfully of course. Do you ever slow down your racquet swing speed when hitting your forehand?

Here are some common reasons: 1. You get nervous so you slow down your swing to get the ball in 2. You are afraid you are going to miss 3. You are NOT confident in your forehand technique. Your forehand is flat and has no margin on it so when the match is close you feel the need to slow down your racquet speed. We teach you a technique to solve all the above. You will actually discover that swinging faster with this newly learned technique increases margin, spin and consistency all at the same time.

Often we feel like we are doing things correctly but the darn forehand still misses the mark. What the heck? The way our course is set up we will be using self based video analysis all along the way. You will learn how to correct your mistakes in real time through our course training. After taking this course you will see technique and learning from an entirely new and unique lens. In the end you will know exactly how and what to correct without needing a coach beside you any more.

Wouldn't that be something If you are missing forehands and you feel your forehand technique has too much wrist in it and it's messing up your timing or stroke We give you exact training to lay the correct swing foundation and to get rid of the WRONG type of wrist movements! Heath is one of only a handful of coaches in the world to consistently develop players from the beginner level to the pro level time and time again Now it's your turn to feel the ACE Technical System for yourself and experience how it challenges the way you look at learning tennis technique forever!

Why you should take a course from Heath. Heath's students have won over 90 professional titles and his junior players over 30 international and national titles the past 15 years. I am passionate about empowering others and want to increase your joy for tennis by making what seems sometimes difficult much easier.

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  5. My fire is lit by seeing your game transform and improve each and every day. That's what does it for me! I would be honored to help you reach your tennis game goals. At least I have not.

    Forehand Tennis Lesson: Find Your Ultimate Power Level

    Heath knows tennis technique as well as anyone that I have ever spoken to or read about. I quickly moved from 3. I am still 4. I am so confident you will learn and master The Modern Forehand Technique because I have constantly refined and developed my teaching system for over 30 years now and never had any one to fail yet. It's that EASY! For a very limited time I am going to give you the following bonus. My time is limited How will you know if you are on track?

    Turn on the Forehand

    Video does not lie. At the end of the course Heath will personally put your forehand beside a tour player and provide you two personal video analyses. This will allow you to know exactly what areas you need to work on after you take the course Access to a tour coach's eye is Gold I tell you After accepting the terms and conditions you will then be able to view all videos in the course instantly for life.