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While there Chin worked on national advertisements, short films as well as feature films including "Rushlights", starring Aiden Quinn and Beau Bridges. Upon returning home he's directed "Kingston House"- the Jamaican produced television programme and worked on several commercials and music video projects.

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It was not until he joined forces with New Caribbean Cinema however that he directed his very own short film, "Sunday". Sunday is one of seven films that will be featured in the Ring Di Alarm series. Chin sums up his film saying, "It's a story of redemption and forgiveness. The final product tells the tale of a troubled man who seeks refuge in a church and even though he had stolen from the church in the past, the reverend still takes him in and forgives him for what he has done.

Directing a film in one day may seem like quite the task for one director but as a member of New Caribbean Cinema, Chin had a support unit. New Caribbean Cinema is a group of young minds who are very interested in narrative structure of story telling, and showing stories and making it happen- and that's very important, that type of enthusiasm and that kind of drive that's there right now is exactly what anyone would need to be on their side and I absolutely feel that when your in a group of like minds you can achieve great things," he expressed.

He further added that the dynamics of the group makes each person's work much easier since everyone's strong points are used collectively to improve the quality of work. He describes Sunday as a Jamaican story and added, "I will always tell Jamaican stories. I am very into the culture and how we relate to each other and I think that it's something different from anywhere else in the world and we can always find ways to show that in our film making.

Having gained some of his experience in a developed filmed industry like Hollywood however, Jamaicansmusic. Chin responded stating, "Jamaica right now needs to have at least one top international film festival, that is like a bench mark…. This will create an audience who can now invest because we need outside people to see our stuff.

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Back Next. You need to activate javascript or download a modern browser to have the best experience with jamaicansmusic. Who's that GiRL? Garfinkel, H. Gilroy, P. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, , Hughes, N.


Oswell, D. Globality and the Sound of an Infant Politics. Radical Politics Today 1 1 pp. Sennett, R. London: Yale University Press. Schafer, R. Vermont: Destiny Books. His doctoral thesis concentrates on discussions of public sociology, the role of the University and intellectuals, while other research interests include black music, urban culture and the history and sociology of the Jamaican soundsystem.

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Categories: Sociologists of Crisis. What happens when an object's lender can't be found? Read the bittersweet story about how a registrar tracked down the doll's rightful owner 30 years later.


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