Run Like an Antelope: On the Road with Phish

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Some nights everything just comes together for Phish. Seriously, what more can you ask for? The Glens Falls Civic Center. Just typing those words conjures up idiosyncratic images of Phish lore. Worn-down AHL Arenas.

Running Like an Antelope

A cross-dressing Mike Gordon. Minkin sheets. A fully-nude, unremarkably-hung Jon Fishman. Wildly absurdist jams. A moment when Phish captured everything intangibly special about themselves in one unending performance. A moment when Phish pointed the way towards an even bigger and brighter future. Much of it felt as though it could have been plucked out of The set felt retro and relevant at the same time: emotively constructed, yet fluid and modern.

Thirty minutes into the set and it was clear that regardless the fact the band had yet to play anything too transgressive, there was pure joy emanating from the stage. This was the essence of 3. A symbolic bridge from to A sentiment that would be verbalized by Trey prior to the encore, this was a place of great meaning for everyone involved.

This was the homecoming show of the tour. This show meant something more. Wanna know how Fall became Fall ? Just throw this show on and revel in it. Two nights after the homecoming show in Glens Falls, Phish returned to yet another venue steeped in immense historical importance, and threw down an equally-nostalgic and celebratory performance. The Centrum in Worcester, MA. Each are complete performances displaying the musical reach, unyielding energy, exploratory drive, infectious humor, and well-earned confidence that defines Phish 30 years in.

In the same respects as Merriweather Post, if you only have time for four shows in , these four will give you as clear an understanding as you need of just who Phish was in Simply put, the first night in Worcester is an unyielding and relentless assault of pure Phish energy. This show is an unending party. Each song in Set I pops with a freshness, fitting its slot perfectly, and providing a contextual lineage to its proceeding element. Hooking up around a thick funk strut led by Mr. But not here. Whatever they play, they just crush. Adding to the relentless approach that had defined the entire show, the band threw-down a four-song encore chock-full of classics.

On the final night of their peak weekend of Fall , Phish crafted yet another indelible performance for what has to be regarded as their most impressive tour to this point in 3. A one-off Sunday show in Hartford, CT, it was clear throughout the first set that the nostalgic-vibe that had permeated throughout since Glens Falls was still ever-present here in Hartford. The morning prior to the show, the rock world lost one of its beacons of exploration, one of the greatest artistic minds of the past forty years: Lou Reed.

A song that feels like one of their own at this point, the jam that built out of it — and the thoughts shared by Trey following it — were a fitting tribute to a man whose work helped pave the way for exploratory artists like Phish, and whose album Loaded instituted a great shift for the band in Perhaps on paper it may appear unremarkable, the musicianship and flow that enlivens it comes through with ease and purpose via re-listening. A signal that a corner has finally been turned for the bemusing cover, one can only hope the band will continue to expand on it with such determination in The night before the night.

Throughout their history the band has built a reputation on playing some of their most memorable shows just prior to a heavily-hyped event. On a Tuesday night in Reading, PA, the band played one such show, crafting a second set that will long be remembered as one of the peak moments of What results is, hands-down, the best solo Trey has played in all of 3. While the gag was ultimately all-for-naught, the music that was crafted is some of the most memorable and emotive of the entire year, and of 3. Focusing on the rhythmic undercurrents of the song, Trey used his Wha with precision here, building a wall-of-sound that expanded the jam upwards and outwards.

It was Page, however, who once again shifted the murky minimalism of this jam into openly blissful terrain. If the night before the night provides the proper amount of amassed tension and hype to coax a defining show out of the band, then the effects of a heavy weight being lifted often cater to similar results for the night after the night. This show sounds like the way you feel following a huge exam, or the morning after your wedding, or after taking an enormous shit. It sounds like all the pressure that had been building internally towards Wingsuit is just gone, and the band can go back to just being a band again.

For as much as the band clearly wanted to debut their new record in this setting — and for as brilliant a delivery as it was — one has to imagine that there were internal doubts over whether or not this was the right decision in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween.

Rumors have circulated since that the band was practicing a fall-back album, just in case. To trust that an entire set of new material is going to be both nailed and aptly received has to have created an insane amount of artistic stress. Dave Grippo and Russ Remington o Theme from Bonanza tease.

Withey Hall Dining Room, Gre The Man I Love tease. Ukrainian National Home. World Trade Center. Webster Hall, Dartmouth College. Dining Center, Haverford Col The Fishin' Hole tease. Dave Grippo on alto saxophone. Theme from The Odd Couple tease. Fly Me to the Moon Saloon. Canyon West Room. How High the Moon and Entrance of the Gladiators teases. Dionysus Club, The 'Sco, Obe The Strand Theater. The Colonial Theatre. Take the 'A' Train tease. The Pterodactyl Club. Wesleyan University.

Run Like An Antelope

Three Charlie Chan signals, How Somerville Theatre. Three Charlie Chan signals and H Charlie Chan and Tritone Down si Hold Your Head Up tease. Skidmore Gymnasium, Skidmore The Jade Elephant. Armstrong Hall.


Jean Pierre tease. Alumni Gymnasium. Fixin' to Die quote. Let's Go tease. Vocal jam in intro. International Beer Garden. Campus Rec Center.

Dave Grippo on saxophone. Giant Country Horns. Simpsons signal without the "D' EMU Ballroom, University of Take Me Out to the Ballgame tease. Great American Music Hall. Lory Student Center Theatre, The Georgia Theatre. A foul-up near the end when Fish Sullivan Gymnasium, Universi The Capitol Theatre. Charlie Chan and Simpsons signals. Worcester Memorial Auditorium. Earache My Eye and Nellie Kane teases. Two Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Simpsons signal in intro; Up Up Simpsons signal at the end. Lisner Auditorium, George Wa Random Note and Will the Circle Broome County Forum.

Fish on trombone and Simpsons si We're Off to See the Wizard tease. Balch Fieldhouse. Paul Wright Gym, Western Sta Arizona Ballroom. Smells Like Teen Spirit tease. Wilbur Field, Stanford Unive Stash tease. Three Aw Fuck!

Tweezer Reprise tease. Barrymore Theatre. The Syracuse Armory. All Fall Down, Simpsons, and Ran Theme from Spider-Man tease. Aw Fuck! The Flynn Theatre.

Simpsons, Aw Fuck! Simpsons signal.

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The Lizards tease. The Mann. Cal Expo Amphitheater. Simpsons and All Fall Down signals. Ross Arena, St. All Fall Down signal. Those Were the Days and The Lizards teases. Bailey Hall. Bathtub Gin tease.

Phish - 7/3/12 "The Wedge" - "Run Like An Antelope"

Simpsons and Aw Fuck! All Fall Down and Simpsons signals. Rhythm-A-Ning tease. Simpsons, Random Note, and All F All Things Reconsidered and Jean Pierre teases. Matthews Arena, Northeastern Random Note signal. Auld Lang Syne tease. Providence Performing Arts C Roseland Ballroom. Smith Opera House. Mid-Hudson Civic Center.

Memorial Hall, UNC. Yakety Sax tease. Electric Ballroom. Theme from Woody Woodpecker tease. The Edge Night Club. The Price of Love tease. Pike's Peak Center. Simpsons and All Fall Down Signals. Nellie Kane and Yakety Sax teases. The Greek Theatre. Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. East Gym, Humboldt State Uni Barracuda and I Feel the Earth Move teases. IMU Ballroom, University of Satin Doll tease. Random Note and Simpsons signals.

Newport Music Hall. Simpsons, Key Change, Tritone Do I'm a Man and Divided Sky teases. Cheel Arena, Clarkson Univer Metal Man1: Hey man, there are lots of 26 year olds in fourth grade. You got any Marlboros? A band that preaches love and happiness rather than hating your parents and fuckin' bitches. Kind of like Jesus. No Moshpit Zone. FPH Vaguebooking Kennebunkport Surprise Herby Male tears Brazil Virginity Rocks Aegosexual Toyfriend CFB