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Shark doesn't want to eat the baby seal; he just wants to help her find her family! Kids will also collect a variety of brain-tickling shark facts in this sweet, hilarious book.

National Geographic Kids Mission: Shark Rescue by Ruth Musgrave | Books

Who Would Win? Hammerhead vs. How often does your child come across vocabulary like "dorsal fin" or learn about the feeding habits of the ocean's biggest fish?

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This action- and fact-packed book introduces kids to an entirely new world of sharks, comparing and contrasting two ferocious species. In it, they'll learn about sharks' anatomies and behaviors with fun illustrations, photos, and charts. Combine the humorous asides from Fly Guy with the fascinating topic of sharks, and you have the perfect recipe for an engaging book — even the most reluctant readers will be hooked!

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It's never been easier to combine two of your child's seemingly unrelated things! The Lego minifigures take kids on a deep dive to learn all about sharks in this early reader, which comes with a sheet of cool stickers. An old mermaid swallows a shark and much more, which will make your little ones laugh wildly — all while they learn several fascinating bits of information about sea life!

It's an easy introduction to nonfiction elements, perfect for early readers. We also try to come up with intriguing new ways to categorize and highlight animals. For our youngest readers, we have a wild array of both rain forest animals and ocean animals in Bumba Books, our PreK-1 brand.

Gorgeous photos show color-changing chameleons, creepy vampire bats, leaping dolphins, stinging jellyfish, and more. These books are almost as great as taking readers on a field trip to the rain forest or the ocean. Animals often play a starring role in our beloved Lightning Bolt Books brand, written to a 2nd-grade reading level. First up, who can resist Hero Dogs? Have you ever seen a dog at an airport or a hospital? What was it doing there? Learn all about dogs and their jobs in this high-interest nonfiction series.

Next up, adorable baby animal books for kids! Farm animals , African animals , and Australian animals provide heaps of cuteness, along with facts on life cycles, family life, and more. Proceeds from the additional books will go back into producing more books in the series, even a book featuring a shark character you can select and name! You support will help us take our shark education goals to the next level and inspire another generation of ocean and shark advocates.

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Sharks are not monsters, but are majestic, charismatic and fascinating animals. Help us tell their story and help us save sharks. We are all very passionate about bringing this book to life and will make it a reality. We believe it is an important story to tell and believe our backers will feel the same.

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The challenges we face are getting the layout exact without all of us being in the same location. We are confident we can get this accomplished and launch a wonderful series of fun and educational books to inspire kids to make a difference and do their part to protect and conserve these amazing creatures. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Derek travel not included -Signed Copy of Book Thank you in the book -Digital Thank you card and listed on supporters page.

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In this book kids learn about sharks and the oceans as they travel with Norman on his adventure through the Bahamas. Share this project. Classroom Visit. Baby Norman the Nurse Shark.