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The few farms he passed were small and neat, and most were set off the road far enough to make his passing an unobtrusive event. Cows and a few horses grazed in the scattered fields, and more often than not a tractor rumbled through a plot of the green expanse, turning over rich black dirt in preparation for the summer's crops. He'd decided to turn back when he spotted a farm unlike the rest: although the house was a typical faded and peeling white, the yard was cluttered with old rusting equipment, tools and furniture, as if someone from inside had flung open a door and it's contents had spilled out where they lay now.

There was some fanatical order about the clutter that he couldn't comprehend, until he noticed a sign leaning against the sagging porch. He chuckled and pulled the car up the gravel drive. Perhaps the owner would give him a little insight on the area, although he doubted it. He'd heard stories of native Vermonters and their dislike for out-of-staters; they were generally monosyllabic people who stayed distantly pleasant, never really accepting anyone that wasn't truly born there. Friends of his parents had lived here for ten years, and he could remember them complaining about how they were still referred to as 'those Connecticut people' even after all that time.

As uncomfortable as that could be, it was perfect for him - he wanted to find a place where he could blend into the countryside. He parked and wound his way through the clutter, finally arriving on a porch that showed years of decay and neglect. The wood was dark gray and rotting in places, and he walked gingerly, smiling wryly.

If this had been home, state safety officials would've already slapped a condemned sign on it and closed the place down. He waited, and then peered into the gloom. It appeared to be a large country livingroom, dimly lit, with a charred wood or coal stove sitting crookedly against the far wall. There were a number of rectangular shapes, old rusty metal tables he guessed, and on them an assortment of knickknacks, piles of junk, and furniture filling the resulting aisles.

A faintly familiar odor caught his attention, one that caught in his throat - it assaulted his senses and crinkled his nose in unconscious reflex - the tight, thick smell of the past, of heirlooms and mothballs, and an impending last breath lurking in the shadows. He concentrated on forcing deep breaths of air. No one moved in the shadows that he could see. He called once more, then shrugged and slipped inside. The old man cast one hand in the air, signaling disinterested consent. He was wearing an old man's uniform; baggy gray pants hitched up and buckled almost at chest level, and a red plaid shirt as ancient as the dusty antiques that filled this room.

What hair he retained was disheveled and perched atop his head, and white as a painter's canvas. His face showed deep lines and pockets, obviously from years of working the fields; his skin permanently stained a deep brown by the ultraviolet rays. Only his eyes showed any signs of life, but they were cloudy cataract blue and had seen far too many winters. Brian nodded pleasantly and began to wander slowly through the maze.

He stopped and examined an old chest that might actually have some value, a rickety old rocking chair, and finally a table that was cluttered with war memorabilia. Some of them's from the Big One, the old man said proudly, suddenly close behind him. Brian could hear the capital letters in the man's voice. Mmmm, he replied, sorting through the piles of junk. Beautiful countryside up here, isn't it?

His gaze rested on a table filled with an assortment of knicknacks, and in the middle of that junk a silver goblet that caught his eye. He picked it up and examined it. It was stainless steel or something like it, and deeply tarnished; but underneath the stains there was an ornate landscape engraved on it, a myriad of mountains rising against a clear sky, and highlights of glitter he thought might be gold.

On the other side there was a phrase; writing of some kind he didn't recognize. He had a pretty good background in foreign languages, but this was like no language he'd ever seen. Where's this from? Don' know, came the reply. Pretty though, ain't it? He spat in the direction of an ancient, crusty spittoon. Kids found it on an abandoned farm near here, the old man said. I liked it, so I bought it. Sell it to ya at a good price. Nodding again, he set it back down on the table and moved off, picking up an old brass skeleton key.

The goblet probably wasn't worth much; he suspected that nothing in this room was valuable. But it was different, and unique; and anything one of a kind interested him. The old man grinned for the first time, showing stained, ancient teeth. Seen your car, he said shrewdly. The old man chuckled, the sound of it rolling out in guttural heaves as he hobbled over to a counter to make out a receipt. Brian opened his wallet and pulled out three tens, knowing he was paying too much for this one-of-a-kind piece of junk. But he appreciated a good sales process, and he was quite sure the old man needed the money way more than he did.

Down the road a piece, the old man answered. Old Ketterly place, I think. Been abandoned for years, because it's a worthless piece o' property. Too many cliffs. Take a left out of the driveway. Turn right at the first dirt road. Property starts about two miles down. The old man paused, rubbing his gnarled chin. Close to three hundred, I think. But most of it's on top the cliffs. Can't get trucks or tractors up there, so no one wants it.

Sounds interesting. Brian picked up the goblet and studied it while the old man finished writing the receipt in a shaking hand. I'm satisfied, he said. I have a unique piece and some information, and you got a good price, old man. The elder man chuckled. It's Walter. Walter Skingan. Let me know if you buy that land, and we'll have coffee. The old man chuckled again. You make it easy, with that limousine o' yours.

Hardly need the skill! He leaned forward confidentially, and pointed a gnarled finger. Walter chuckled. Been abandoned a long time. Don't you go payin' the first price you hear, or even the second. I know Ketterly's grandson. He'll take whatever he can get. Butch Ketterly outlived both his boys, so it went to one of his grandsons after he passed. Kevin, I think. Lives in Florida. Old, Walter chuckled. He followed Skingan's directions, the goblet on the seat beside him.

It might look good in the den, he thought. The other rooms were too sterile for it; most of the house was too sterile for him, and too silent. But he wasn't there much anyway, always flying off to some battle zone someone called a business and trying to make some sense out of it. It wasn't that he didn't like his job; it had been fun for the first six years, and he was good at it. He was better than good - he had a real talent for it, a fact that was helped by his boyish good looks and soft features. His dark hair was always a bit unkempt, as if he'd just walked a windy street; his gray eyes spoke of kindness and a bit of naivety.

Anyone that looked at him always saw the thin, quiet boy next door who always found himself the subject of bullies. No one ever thought of Brian as tough, and that was what gave him his advantage. He could walk into tense, potentially explosive situations and diffuse them with relative ease. He'd laid off or fired hundreds of people, and every one of them had walked away without blaming him for what had happened.

As good as he was, the last four years had become progressively more difficult. No matter how it looked, shutting down companies and firing all those people was stressful, and that stress had manifested itself into insomnia, and bad dreams. Herford Tesh was one of the smaller management companies in Hartford, but they treated him well and paid him handsomely for the aggravation.

But he couldn't sleep, and lately he was beginning to develop dark circles under his eyes. He suspected that there was more to life; somewhere there had to be a place he could just be himself. And if he couldn't quit, at least he could build a retreat; someplace remote and uncivilized, and that might be enough to rejuvenate his soul.

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He looked forward to the physical labor of cutting down trees or building a cabin. He'd always been active, but at thirty-two he was beginning to get soft, and he hated himself for it. He'd clawed his way through high school, and then through college, sometimes working two jobs to generate extra money. Then he'd joined Herford Tesh right after graduating, and spent the last ten years clawing his way up through the ranks there.

But now most of his time was spent eating airline food and pouring over numbers behind a desk. He needed a physical challenge and he needed to do it soon or he'd be spending money on a shrink, and the fear of it coming to that had driven him here, to these mountains, every weekend for the last month.

He reset the trip odometer when he turned onto the dirt road Walter had described. Tall pines huddled close together on both sides of the road, their branches linked impossibly together in a mixture of grays and greens. Tangles of bushes and saplings littered the ground beneath, blocking out much of the light and making it difficult to see more than a few feet in. At just under two miles he found what he thought might've once been a driveway. It was a thin flat strip diving under the trees, and appeared slightly more symmetrical than the surrounding land.

He pulled the car over and climbed out, then angled across the road. It did seem to have been a drive once, but was now filled with briars and brush. Following it, he struggled through the dense undergrowth, over the slowly rising terrain. About a quarter mile in he discovered the old Ketterly homestead.

It consisted of a huge farmhouse complete with a wooden porch and wooden pillars that spanned the front, a barn for horses and livestock and hay, and a smaller building that may have been a bunkhouse at one time. The buildings were falling apart, just like Skingan had said. There were holes in the roofs and floors, all the windows and frames missing or splintered, the wood gray and soft; the result of too many seasons. He tiptoed gingerly around the structures for a half hour, prying into every room and hole.

Finally tiring of the house, he struggled through the brush toward the back of the property. Sure enough, about two hundred yards behind the structures he came to the base of a cliff. He paused, and looked up the twenty or so feet. It wasn't quite vertical; there were outcroppings and bushes growing out of the various crags and crevices, and it was climbable, but Skingan had been right about one thing; no one would ever get a piece of machinery up to the top of it.

He walked along it a few hundred feet before returning to the clearing. After rummaging through the smaller building he returned outside and paused in what would've been the front yard. There were scattered hardwoods here, so tall they formed a canopy over the entire clearing.

And although he knew the sun shone overhead, the entire area, perhaps a hundred yards long and wide, was dimmed in a half-light because of it. He nodded silently. This was it, the place he was looking for. Anyone else would've laughed at him for thinking that, but he did. It felt right, here. It needed an incredible amount of work, and he'd be better off starting from scratch, but he knew he wouldn't.

The old Ketterly place was going to be his, and he'd fix it up like it had been before, only better. Besides, what else did he have to do with his spare time except shut down another company? He turned on his heel and strode from the forest, late for his meeting with Kelly but confident he'd found his getaway. It took almost two months to close the deal. But he wanted to get as much as he could, and the negotiating process took almost four weeks to complete. And after that was the endless trail of papers overnighted from his attorney to Ketterly three states away.

But when it was all done, Brian walked away from the deal owning three hundred and forty six prime Vermont acres for what he considered pennies on the dollar. He left work early the first Friday after the deal closed, and hurried home through the early afternoon scream of traffic tie-ups and car horns. He'd been busy the past few weeks with the closing but he'd also had plenty of time to shop, and he'd done that with vigor.

He looked at the pile in his living room, and took a last inventory. Pots, pans, food, and more important items like bug spray were here, along with a brand new chain saw, lanterns, a sleeping bag, a kerosene space heater, axes and rakes, and three bags of necessities like shaving cream and toilet paper and a five gallon jug of water. He packed the Blazer with the supplies, and by five o'clock when others were struggling toward home through the rush hour traffic, he was speeding north toward his new estate in the mountains.

Exactly three hours later he pulled to a stop and surveyed the driveway on his new property. The first order of business tomorrow would be to clear it so he could get the Blazer near the house, but for now it meant parking by the road and taking lots of trips back and forth the quarter mile to the house. He sighed, retrieved a set of tree clippers from the car and set to work on the brush. Slowly, using the Blazer's headlights, he cleared a small space so he could get the majority of the car off the road. At midnight, exhausted but satisfied, he spread out his sleeping bag in the front foyer, ate a cold meal retrieved from the cooler, then fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next day he was up early. After a cold breakfast and his first constitutional around the estate, he set to work clearing the narrow path that would become his driveway. He concentrated on the larger brush, knowing that the Blazer, being four-wheel drive, would make its own road to some extent.

He enjoyed the work; this June day was warm and quiet, and he stopped more often than he should, listening to the peaceful silence around him. By afternoon he had a rough, winding path cleared, and drove the Blazer through it, yelling wildly as it careened through the undergrowth. Once at the building he spun around and drove just as wildly back, seeming like a man out of control, but forming two distinct ruts through the forest at the same time. He finally pulled to a halt in front of the house and shut the motor off, laughing. Country living was in his blood, he could feel it.

He just hoped that no one had been watching him. If they had, they'd have questioned his sanity, no doubt about it. He laughed again, and headed for the house. The next weekend was much the same, as were the ones following it. He spent the better part of the summer weekends working on the place and living in a sleeping bag in the front hall. The basic structure was the first order of business, followed by the roof and the first story windows. The local hardware owner, Frank Billings, knew him by sight now and always had lots of friendly advice whenever he stopped in to buy materials.

It seemed that he'd become sort of a celebrity in town, being the only one brave enough to risk a go at the Ketterly place. He suspected that they considered him foolish for taking this kind of project on, but that knowledge didn't bother him in the least. He'd invite them all when it was a showplace again, and then they'd be able to see what he'd done. Results were always more impressive, he knew, the less you had to start with.

The summer passed by quickly, and turned to hints of autumn. It was late August, and here in the Green Mountains the cool nights were already warning of the coming snows. Brian had made definite progress on the dilapidated estate; now there was a clear stone and dirt driveway winding through the woods, the yard had been cleared, and the roof of the main house repaired.

Windows on the first floor had been replaced, but he knew that winter would be upon him before he could make enough repairs to make the place habitable. Finally, just before Labor Day he made a few calls; one to his attorney and the other to an old friend of his, Alan Whitacre, setting a meeting with the latter for the following evening at a small bar in West Hartford.

Unlike the sellouts we have today. I wish we would try and snap out of the mindset that there is going to be any saviours. We are going to have to be the saviours in this spiritual battle. These people are the worst. Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich is the most lied about historical phenomena in history. Germany through him,liberated his nation from them. People were at last free to flourish,and be themselves. The Reich was funded by a government owned system,with bonds sold to the public. I do know Makow is a fraud,but not sure of Brother Kaptnor..

He never does the Hitler was Jew bunk,and lauds him,and endorses Germany as a victim nation against them. He debunk the Holocaust and tells of the Jews behind the Communists,and the Neoconservatives,and he takes on te vile Alex Jones. But his words If its good for the Jews is very real. Another bad one is Jim The Hat Marrs. He is total lies. He says that there is a secret 4th Reich operating!! Where is it? My friends and I will move there!

NOT to be trusted. If anything the Muslims are being set up to be the New Germans! Keep up the good work! Apologies for belated response, have had some time out. Thanks for those two names for the list. Thanx for sharing. I am orthodox christian — priests are not involved in such matters let alone would they waste time and energy talking about. Defeats the purpose. What has been will be.. Circles again and again while we allow them to be. I like his site — and generally agree with most of it — his focus is on the Jews-full stop.

But maybe you could be a bit more specific on what you mean…. Please could send me a link on his DBS thoughts. I am so bias with Daryl, I really do think he is one of the good guys. Thank you for this report. Corbett spew in his uber-smug, jewified way yet another huge lie-wad re the Holohoax. Glad it was of some use.

Yes the ol nasty Nazi card is a dead give away. This was what first started ringing alarm bells with me with Brian Gerrish. You also have to look who these people asscoiate with on a regular basis. I do not mean on one-off occassions. But when they are regularlly patting each other on the back. Icke on the Jones show. From the Zionist perspective, George Galloway is like manna from heaven. It is the Holocaust myth which holds European Ashkenazi Israel together. George Galloway is an ardent supporter of mysteryman Julian Assange, another pro Zionist viper in the grass, who like Galloway believes unequivocally, in jewish historical propaganda.

Just whose side are they really on? I quickly scanned it, it looks good. I will need to look at it in more detail when I get a chance. I say add Sharon to the list of shills. She at never once mentions the jews or zionism, only disinformation relating to masonary, the elite or nwo. Not one mention or breath, yet she swears to have been researching and going through hell since ….

More than likely a covert Thelemist, Templarist, Mason or Illuminant agent of some kind.. Food for thought right??? Even then I followed his trail of BS.. That is, until I stated a particular comment on his Youtube that he deleted and blocked.. Because if you hear about it long enough, you become numb to it.. Thanx Balls! I accept this may not be pleasing or acceptable for you, but this is all I can offer.

I never claim to be an expert on this subject. Even if this means hinting, suggesting and throwing out carrots for others who are better at researching than I am. I hope you can appreciate this position. You gave same good examples there. All CO in my view. I promise you, if you are honest with yourself Truthful and have a bit of detached courage, it will soon become so obvious. You seem as if you are pretty much there already. A crackin question. I hope this makes sense. Some people may go through stages, depending on their honesty and conscience.

I have researched it for years, and there are way more out there than even I can imagine, in every walk of life. Once one becomes familiar with the symptoms, one can recognize them more easily. MPD is the main symptom, multiple personalities. They are usually high IQ, but they really have no control over anything they think, let alone anything they do. Both victims were really messed up, but the female MK victim was still being used, as the male friend who was abused by high up polyTICians in Canada was getting therapy from his new wife.

The satanic goatee to start with. His eyes look unkind also. Hi there Digger, Your list of shills and agents is very inclusive and I agree on all of them as far as my inquiries into the subject have revealed except one which is William Cooper. As far as I know he was manipulated into believing the alien agenda then discovered he was wrong and corrected it. Could you please explain in more detail as to why you think he was possibly a shill?

Probably why he was killed. Great blog Digger!!! I wanted to get your thoughts on some people not included in your list and air a few of my own opinions. Also, of course Ron Paul is a shill. Again, enough said. Charles has over podcasts and all he does is research stuff. Started out wanting to be a Catholic priest, got kicked out of priesthood school and is vehemently anti Abrahamic religions.

He believes in a god but knows the Bible, Torah or Koran have nothing to do with any real god that may exist. Reconstructions Live Deconstructions Live and others. Some of their topics include Jewish crimes, analyzing symbols and numbers and uncovering shills in the alternative media. They Know Abrahamic religions are a fraud.

He is ethnically European and had a catholic upbringing. He comes out with both guns blazing regarding our hoofed friends. He Knows Abrahamic religions are a fraud. Islam was also a jew creation. Charles Giuliani goes into this and the Assins sp.? William Pierce. They talk about Jewish criminality mostly and discuss the Holowhoax and politics. Excellent way to wake up old people since these guys are very gentlemanly and not the bombastic type like Charles Giuliani. Pastor Marrs uncovers Jewish crimes but he sounds like a preacher in church with his delivery.

Texe did do an entire show on how Jason Bermas during his pathetic show told a caller who questioned Jewish power to kill himself. This is great weaponry to use against those who say Judaism is a noble religion. He is a consummate gentleman and has great info and guests. They believe that the Kazar, Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahim jews are the serpent seed and totally demonic.

He also has a podcast. He flirts with C. He affiliates a lot with Mike Delaney. He does a podcast on The Ugly Truth Network. He uncovers the gay agenda or more precisely anal sex and he covers it to death. This punk also says people are bitches for complaining about the Jews. The guys at Knights at the Roundtable recently had a falling away from him and now think he is a gay shill egotist liar who is stuck in a perpetual adolescence going to bars and looking for action. Sorry this post is so long Digger. If you have the time to comment about the people I covered that would be great.

Speed adjustable in. Neutron player can play some soft music in the background while you listen to podcasts with both apps going at the same time! Very enjoyable that way with a little jazz or something in the background with the treble and midrange attenuated and bass boosted so you can hear the voice of the podcast clearly. The numbered ones are mainly people I have a s links, so anyone I have as a link are people I respect. A general rule, if they are pro-Jewish they are either newcomers to this, idiots, or shills. You seem to have it sussed.

Well I disagree with you on the reptiles and they arent jews they are khazars with rh-negative blood. I hear what you say about not Jews, but khazars. I use the term Jew, because that is their common term and what everyone knows them as and what they themselves call themselves. Even specific blood group. As for Ahmadinejad being a Jew or of Jewish stock is totally in line with Iranian demographics.

Though there is still a size able minority of Jews in Iran. Shia Islam is in many ways similar to Catholicism in Christianity in terms of hierarchical organization. The same is true for the infiltration of Jews into the Shia structure determining the policies of the group and commanding a formidable following of believers. On the other hand the Sunni have no central leadership and therefore harder for them to unite and even harder to control them as a block. Thank you for this information. I could well be wrong. So you have no bias then COWAN, no partiality, no cognitive dissonance going at all being a tribe member??

Ohh no. Of course not! We are about unadulterated Truth — nothing more. Pure factual substantiated evidence, backed up again and again with hard Truth, built up from eminent scholars over centuries. Not kosher mind games, duplicity, deception through perception, sub-defusion, disinformation.

Proof that Syrian Girl is legit | Exposing Faux Capitalism

The world is waking up to this Jewish trickery. Party time for us. So run along with your last minute desperate attempts. Pretending that one believes something different than the other to separate the people that they rule over in to smaller more controllable groups.

The Conspiracy Theorist Top 40

I think that is the big story here. All religions are fake. The leaders pretend to fight so they can kill population, as well as control advancements in tech to keep us on a level far below what they have kept in tact for thousands of years. I know it sounds crazy, but I also Do the research that many can not. Controlled opposition techniques go WAY back. Thanks for the list. Years and hours of research has shown me this. The pope, Queen, Rothschild, putin, Obama, bushes, Clintons, rockefellers, jp morgan, etc etc all rub shoulders amongst each other but then go back to their nations they have been chosen to control, they go on tv and tell the nation lies.

Grand master plan to faze out the dollar and introduce a master ID credit plastic electronic monetary system with control over all. If you are a leader who defies the religious and monetary masters by asking for your payment in any tangible form such as gold or silver you are eliminated from the game, and the masters take over your nation and install the same system.

The top bloodlines in all the secret clubs work together. The illuminati are real. Look at US fiat currency for the clues, they mess with the ignorant in the most arrogant ways, right under the noses of those whom they rule. Well yes and no Mike. I agree all these areas are involved. But you are like too many people in the TM that get it all confused and and make it seem far more complex than it needs to be, by being too comprehensive [ all inclusive — everything goes].

It seems you may have been reading too many David Icke books. This is utter crap. Anyone who has done a shred of research will know that it is International Jewry judaism behind it all. And I would now suggest all stems from the Archon involvement. I and many others had no idea it was private.

She had no idea the FED was created in and caused the great depression. So what he has done is to tell the whole country that the FED is causing all the problems. Therefore I say no shill. No, no, no Ron Paul is a shill! There is no debate. His role is to give false hope and talk half-Truth.

He is zero threat to International Jewry. They play the red team, they play the blue team. As for Jones — no, no, no. Jones does more damage to the Truth than the main stream media. To keep distracting people. He is a distraction agent. The man is dangerous. Pure evil. He has Jewish connections, his family are Jewish, he has vested interests.

Strange things are happening behind the scenes, even behind the Alternative Media. These involve bribing those who are behind the alternative sources of information and bloggers. I trust the sincerity of zander fuerza, deanna spingola, darryl bradford smith, texe marrs, charles giuliani and yes, the much criticized here Brother Nathanael.

Anyone who has been to Greece or Cyprus knows that the priests there look like Brother Nathanael with funny hats and fuzzier beards. His only flaw may be that he trusts Putin excessively, perhaps taken in by the fact that Putin wears a cross around his neck; but. The video clip shown above in which Putin alleges that those who want Russia to be for Russians are dimwits or trouble-makers is a devastating criticism of Putin.

Giuliani pulls not punches. He was a Seventh Day Adventist minister who saw hypocrisy in that church; this led him to re-examine the Old and New Testaments. Although I already knew aangirfan also did a little thing on this and then took it down. Both Bashar and Asma studied in England. So what country or group is really in charge of Syria? As always, the rabbit hole runs deep. He shows everyone there are problems he is dealing with and slowly gains peoples trust over time People power Alinsky.

He now has peoples trust, so he will feed them disinformation and correct information to discredit factual information. Hegelian Dialectics. Berkinhead when they so called arrested a Judge,it was done to cause disorder in a public court so that the Government can make the courts secure from the public scrutiny; hence building secret courts. He promotes fracking protests etc and as people now trust him and believe it is the right thing to do and as a result it gets violent on mass; hence, the Government has the reason to stop our rights of assembly. I know this to be absolute fact and can provide you hundreds of documents to prove the likes of George Soros is actually also supplying bus loads of people to cause disorder.

Gerrish also watches the people who are a threat to the new system of Governance and dumbs down the information they are finding by diluting material through his talks, such as the suicide material I tried to expose etc!! Normally people would be happy with his so called exposure, but it is put out in a way to confuse, to dumb down and to pacify the person who brings the information to him. This also acts as a tool to stop people going to the European court of human rights etc.

He also has massive influence over small upcoming political parties and other movements by changing peoples views on matters that are then relayed throughout new movements. He will fill them with garbage so everyone thinks we are nut cases such as Chem trails, we are being poisoned from the skys by the Government so when we speak to the average man on the street we look like fringe lunatics.

He will promote news papers controlled by Zionists and use NLP techniques to keep the enforcement that the News papers are in someway reporting the facts and we keep quoting the shit the papers say. He runs a full on subversive outfit, everything is subversion, even his UK Column paper that demoralizes and confuses the few who read it. The paper is only sent out to the few to make it look big and there is hope that we are exposing whats going on, but all his tactics are based on buying the Zionists time to consolidate their power over us.

Thank you Tim for this detail review. I would agree on all of it. However, I have to express his main duty, like all these shills to to throw us all off the Jew scent. And it works. People flock to these shills. I know people who worship Gerrish and Icke and get nasty if you doubt their credibility.

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Its an absolute pleasure Digger. Another tip for you for you, they go to Catholic churches, not Synagogues and they are all Ashkenazi…. He rants and rages on about the homosexual agenda in our schools, but for some strange reason thinks that poofters can police themselves to leave little boys alone i. Delusional or what??? This is either the mindset of a man with a satanic Jew agenda or that of a useful idiot or worse, a liberal hand wringing simpleton — perhaps all three.

Yes Charles, more and more now Gerrish and the motley team are being outed for who they really are. I am going over your list of people here, and I have some very serious concerns about the way you have gone about putting some of the names not all but a few on here. I am anti semitic I have no problem with people knowing that I know the threat jews are to this world. I usually keep my views to my self because a good majority of the general public are still living within the matrix so to speak, and I have ended up into many a scraps and fights over the years over jews.

I used to be the same way, before I woke up and realized what the jews were and what they are doing. A few of the names on this list are people who if they were to speak out about even a tenth of the stuff you and your site are talking about on here in your forums without any proof they would be sued for libel or at worst charged under the hate crimes act all of which you will find in most commonwealth countries now a days that the jews have taken over. You have laid this out very well and I will reconsider my views. You may well be right. Half truth is toxic to Truth. Digger what do you think of WellAware1 website.

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If it is true its unbelievable deception on humanity. Please tell me what you think. Hello again Digger. How about Nigel Cooper? Keep up the good work. Wish there were more like you. I am one of those people who cannot remember names, but am very good with faces.

Someone I meet can tell me their name and I can forget as soon as they tell me, but will never forget their face. I find it hard following detective dramas because I forget who the characters are they mention in the plot. Now the person is either not good with faces or is a disinfo agent. Even though I could entertain that SOME crisis actors may be part of these staged events, when researchers just focus on that I suspect they are disinfo whose intention it is to ridicule any real investigation into the real clues.

I agree, the WellAware1 bloke is a either a disso, a clown or an idiot — perhaps all three. I really enjoy the list and the info, so many shilling heads. In one of his questions for Corbett videos, he disclosed that his whole website s , which is quite extensive, is furnished by himself alone… Yet, I was watching Corbett Report Ep. Also, his videos are very well produced almost too well produced. Makow is clever damage-control. Instead, Makow blames the goyim vassals and sellouts for the Jewish crimes.

The way it works is that the Jews have used their unlimited access to printing US dollars since to buy up all major businesses and all media outlets. The Jews put their minions at the head of ALL spectra of political opinion. They either initiate the political movement or use their unlimited funds to send in their goons soon after. The judeomasons are superstitious and follow the necromancy of the Kabbalah, whose magic is rooted in the filthy customs of Babylonians who believed in sacrificing the innocence of children and dirtying the bond of male-female to Moloch.

The Hollywood Branch of the Conspiracy MUST tell us ahead of time through their movies, comic books, etc, what they are going to do to us. They also repeat the story of their criminal triumphs over and over again, as in Apollo 13 and the Sinking of the Titanic which was instrumental in founding the Federal Reserve Bank in by eliminating two Jewish kingpins who had scruples and were on the boat. If the private ownership of the central banks were abolished and the direct access to ripping off the sheeple by robbing them through direct centralized taxation were removed, most of the blood would be drained from the fangs of these evil bloodsuckers.

Listen to Brother Nathanael about the Jewish conspiracy except for his mistaken endorsement of Putin as free of JewBankster control. Listen to Darryl Brandford Smith on iamthewitnessdotcom where. Kind of funny, actually, to see everybody pointing fingers at everybody else. So older Makow articles may not be up to his more current way of thinking. His three books are made up of progressing articles from his website. Totally sucks! As for the Makow vs. I never was a Rense fan. So no big loss to me. Why do people fall for that Jewish Pharisaical set-up?

Describing his own ire at the God of the Bible who says homosexuality is an abnormal abomination? I was curious about Michael Savage because I have a friend who listens to him regularly who is confused and very angry. So I put two and two together and figured out that Michael Savage may be speaking from the demonic realm. There are a few others of that genre in my opinion at least who are not included in your list, who are Ryan Dawson, Mark Dice, Karen Hudes, plus I wonder about the newscasters on RT who uphold the Holohoax charade.

It makes me wonder what it will take for some people to be snapped out of their brainwash. It seems evident that some people are never going to get there. Hi Jim, Thanks for your sane comments. Apologies for belated reply, have been away from the internet. Pure up, clean up. It all starts with us. Yes, definitely — RT. A controlled opposition channel, along with Press TV and Algezera. They have to have these outlets, because so many people are waking up. These outlets and the hundreds of shills are just containment nets for the mass awakening. Works every time.

And we keep falling for it. Aangirfan just did a long pro homosexual piece titled Gods Gay World…. It also says homosexuality can be seen as natures way of curbing population growth. Of course the myth of overpopulation and scarcity naturally leads to the promotion of eugenics one way or another. Agenda 21? This is another in your face take down of the natural, healthy family unit and the normalising of pedophilia.

Thanks for the great resource. About Aangirfan, her stock in trade used to be outing all the homosexuals elite, celebrities, authors, etc. There were some accusations about her being disinfo but most of her fellow bloggers and regular readers rallied around her. Then, he experienced some sort of personal tragedy lost a young person with whom he was close , and was never the same again. Changed his message completely. WellAware1, on his shows, and he is a complete shill.

He sucked a lot of people in talking about actors being employed to portray victims in false flag events, but then he starts making ridiculous claims, like Jackie Kennedy is Rose Carter and JFK is Jimmy Carter. I would add Mike Adams of Natural News to this list as well. What is your take on Ed Chiarini and WellAware1.

I do believe that Henry Makov is somewhat genuine. I think from where he is Jewish, he is afraid to attack this issue. I highly respect David Duke, which I think his constant attacks on the Talmud is terrific because it truly villifies Judaism and exposes the truth about how the Jews feel about Gentiles.

Another site that I have found is Jew Watch, which has not been mentioned on here before. I find that as a good thing because I do not believe it is disinformation at all. It strikes communism directly at its core. They do have a place where all of the people that could possibly be Jews are listed, which does include Franklin D. I am not going to glorify Hitler because I do believe that Third Reich Germany was a little bit too aggressive.

I believe that the movement was entirely to counter communism. I say that they were and let me explain. There actually is an explanation. America was never anti-communist and the 3 President leading up to Roosevelt all condemned communism. Roosevelt was the first that did not and he practically glorified Stalin, which does show a true reflection on his policies. So when Germany rose in a fight against Communism, it is obvious who the anti-communists will side with. There were extremely large pro-Germany gatherings in the United States in the s where Germany had at least 1, American followers.

These were genuine followers. So the supporters of communism in America would have to figure out a way to stop this very rapid movement. What better way to throw people off course but to make the Nazis look like the villains. This was an extreme and at times violent show that ended up giving it a bad name. I am fearful of anyone that overly glorifies Hitler, just as I am fearful of anyone that instantly wants to attack the Nazis when they were not even there.

We are seeing a Fascist movement today and especially in Europe. I think this is a positive movement in Europe. Europe has been suffocated and drowned in misery. This is our motherland, even though we are Americans. I think that Putin is either a crypto-Jew or he is so far involved with Zionists that no one knows where to start. Why is that? I believe Brother Nathanael is a Jew that is presenting something similar to the way that Rockwell was during the s.

I think his intentions are to make the Russian Orthodox Church look like a nut job when he is the nut job. I do believe that he is a little bit too hard on Obama, even though I am not a fan of Obama at all. But there is even a way to check if they simply did not know an extra piece or if they really are sent to send you disinformation. If I meant to say that, I would have written that. I never criticized him. I simply was saying that I disagreed that Putin was so great and I was upset about the entire Holocaust Denial prison sentencing for people.

My comment was always: if someone is telling the truth, there is no reason to throw people in prison for speech and there is nothing to hide, so what are they hiding? Morgan before she met Assad. These are all people very closely tied with Putin of Russia right now. I believe that we are heavily infiltrated of course. But the United States under the 1st Amendment allows freedom of speech.

Even if what we say is wrong or incorrect, it is still okay. The Jews have clearly been attacking our freedom of speech. It appears that it is when America began to have problems emotionally, financially, and everything in between. These are hardly a persecuted group of people, but they claim that they have been persecuted. I believe the politicians put Israel and the Jews first, but I think the majority of it is because they are financially beholden by these people.

It would be interested to see what would happen if finances were removed and these people would be able to act in the best interests of what they feel is best for America, not the Jews. Well this is not Truth then. He is just presenting bias Truth. Some would argue Mary, they were not aggressive enough. Were they really that aggressive, keeping internment camps and not killing Jews.

I think they were very restrained. Anyway, we need to act almost aggressively against this aggressive force attacking humanity. I just feel the relentless demonisation needs addressing. Once this tumbles, much more of their duplicity will follow suit. That is why it is necessary to expose the real Truth. I am diametrically opposing their whole agenda and ideology as many of us are and we aim to be with truth, the Light. This is utter nonsense that Hitler was funded by the ADL. This and other rumours have been quashed as disinfo without dispute.

Roosevolt was a jew and playing his perfect jewish role. Wholeheartedly agree Mary with Nathanel. He looks a clown. I am loaded with trolls and people just creating havoc. I will not allow this. It does not surprise me. Money is the grease that lubricates this mess. I meant to imply that the small group of 6 American Nazis under Rockwell were funded by the ADL to intentionally scare Americans in the s and s where people were becoming more and more pro-Germany.

I should have clarified that better. I read through Hitler Table Talk: This is probably why so many think the Catholic Church was involved when they were not. There is much discussion where the Catholic Church was being nice and trying to help Germany as well to continue to allow Christianity to exist in Germany. Final verdict, Jesus was not a Jew. Due to almost 2, years of them indemnifying Jesus and trying to invalidate all of this convinces me further that Jesus was the son of God, not to mention that he attacked the Jewish money lenders and he obviously won worldwide movement that would not allow Jews to be in control of money at all until the reign of Napoleon releasing them.

I am very anti-Napoleon. At the same time, I respect the non-religious as long as they understand who is behind all of this. They found a list of many organizations that the ADL had information on. More than likely, the ADL has been spying on all sorts of people all over the United States and our government.

Newsweek finally is Gentile-owned for the time being. They posted a wonderful article about how the Jews are continuing to spy on the US; which it is coincidentally written by a Jewish man. That is why I feel it is more of an infiltration and only because our Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, the freedom of speech, etc.

Yashua Messiah spent His youth after his step-father Joseph died in Britain, with His people, and did not return to Galilee and Judea until he was 29 for His final mission. However, would you mind supplying some more information please. I keep hearing there is not evidence that Jesus or as you say Yashua existed outside the bible.

I am not ben antagonistic and have no intent to offend you, just very curious. Yes, this stuff is crucial to dispel all the lies and disinformation along with ignorant misinformation of the so called Christian churches fake Christians usually pro Zionist about The Jews and The Israelites and the Edomites The Turks who also get labelled as Jews when they are not — hence all the Khazar Crypto-Jew nonsense. Genesis All this occurred circa 1, BC. Rome knows all this but keeps it hidden. This pre-dates the Antioch and Damascus Assemblies.

This, too, is why The Romans re-invaded Britain in 43 AD, Julius Caesar having invaded in 56 BC but withdrew, there being nothing here for them in the way of mineral wealth that was not already available via the sea trading merchants — tin and gold. The Romans came back for the sole purpose of stamping out the early Assemblies of God culminating in the butchering of the Druids on Anglesey. As you know they left circa AD and were replaced years later by unholy Rome with the two criminals Augustine and Patrick who was a slave trader.

The King of Kent being a useful idiot invited these bastards to stay and the rest is history. The Glastonbury connection to Christ and Joseph of Aremathea is strong but other places let us know, too, like Godstone and Godalming in Surrey which literally means God-with-us. There are even more English place names beginning with El God e. The Druids were the descendants of the fallen and rebellious Levitical Priesthood.

Liverpool was originally Levitepool the real capital of Wales — the Valis. The Welsh name Lewis is really Levis. Jones is from the Israelite Levite name Jannes who rebelled against Moses in the wilderness. Christ came to Britain because His people were here and He instructed His disciples to do the same:. Matthew KJV These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of The House of Israel.

I half-hertedly looked into this years ago, but this was the same time as I was discovering so many other issues about this agenda and it got lost in the info overload. Please feel free to keep feeding me info on this fascinating area. Ok, good. So everyone is a shill.

Or do you have a list of truthers who are not shills and have good and interesting stuff. And how come some shills have really awesome stuff? So even if they are shills you can get valueable informations out of it. Who said everyone is a shill? Yes I do have a list of truthers who I believe are not shills — my blog lists on the side bar. Did you not take the time 2 seconds to see that? Because ……that is their trick. They give a lot of good stuff, but always side track you by keeping you off the jew scent.

That is their job. You end up waking straight past the target and then get lost. I read some stuff because I find it interesting. I also know that half of the information will be correct, but half of it will be lies. Most of it is based on personal perspective. In addition to that, Jeremiah was an Irish Celt. The Irish were always the biblical Jews in my opinion.

That was so detailed that I am impressed. Rome has been lying about this ever since the time of Caesar. Many people are told the mythology about how the Protestant Movement broke about. Martin Luther, who was a Saxon, was actually teamed up with Britain. But regardless, it was a term supposed to mean the English and Celts, not the Samartians. So then all of these fake Jews go after Luther and towards the end of his life, one can say that it got pretty ugly. Then it becomes even more interesting. If the Jews really are the real Jews, then why are they not in Israel sitting there waiting for their Messiah right now?

But here is some food for thought. The mythology concerning St. Patrick is that he drove out the snakes. There are people still today that have a tattoo on their arm with the snake to show that paganism is still very much alive. Since you can give very valuable information, I figured I would bring that up. That did happen when Rome was collapsing at the end.

I generally ask more questions than I have answers for. I was not aware of the other stuff on Britain. I do find it ironic that England is the only island that the Romans went after and they had no interest in this land before all of that. Thanks Mary. A fascinating subject. And I could kick myself for having ignored this when first hearing this years ago. I am not letting this interesting subject side track this important theme of this post.

As other subjects such as the moon landing, etc have come up. Any half-truther is Mike King from Tomato Bubble. I still read his stuff to get the other half-truth. Benjamin Fulford is definitely a shill. And I wanted to keep that post on topic. I was quite tired after work when I made that suggestion.

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Thanks for your contribution on some other characters too. I wholeheartedly agree about Benjamin Fulford. Thanks for that Mary. Fulford is an English aristocratic name so no wonder the Jew Fulflord chose it. I hope this discussion continues because the more people contribute truth in the comments they make the more the truth can be gotten at. And conversely, the more likely that the flaws in our knowledge will be exposed and corrected. These are a few reasons why I think this site is so valuable. Please keep it going. Dear Brother, 1.

Thank you for all your very hard Work. I seen the greatest Story never told and a few other Documentaries and i am amazed and also angry for being lied to all my Life. If you stand on Side of Palastine how come Hitlers big Mistake is not being seen for what it is? How can you take away Land of Palastinians and give it to the very People you do not want in your own Country.

Much Love 2u. They are mainly jew run outlets. I believe Hitler had a second plan to assist the Palestinians. I think this was his biggest regret. I understand that he wanted to heal Germany first, then by being a strong nation, then help other nations. But International Jewry broke his plans. Google John Kaminski on this topic, he has a youtube video on it. Thank you for your reply, i wonder what you think of this one here?

Also, anything by Eustace Mullins and Texe Marrs. This guy is a 95 percenter shill. There is One Superpower — the Global Tribe. And its prophet is Rothschild. Mike Rivero is a typical Jew. The guy is a moron who knows nothing about Europe or the real world. I have emailed him solutions that he can fix it for FREE but ignores advice from real educated people. The guy is a scam artist no different than Alex Jones. The moment it appears it is the enemy.

Back on June 7 thetruthnotdoctrine made the statement that the Scots are descended from the ancient Scythians. They were actually the tribe of Ashkenaz who were the predecessors of the Khazars. At some point in time they referred to themselves as Scoloti. The ancient Greeks, Babylonians, and Hebrews referred to them as barbarians because they practiced human sacrifice.

The Scots are descended from the Celts who were in turn descended from the tribes of Ephriam and Manasseh either or. Yep, we are the bad guys — racist, anti-semite, bigots. As well as being tin-foil-hat wearing lunatic conspiracy theorists. Answer: nothing. He was one of the biggest liars in ancient history along with that other blaspheming liar Jerome circa AD. In Northern Italy they were called La Tene. The term Barbarian means Bearded Ones and does not mean backward brutish savages.

These negative connotations have been concocted by pro-Roman disso historians through the centuries. Japheth was the forefather of all yellow skinned and mongol peoples. The Ashkenaz were descendants of Japheth so were oriental people, not Middle Eastern people. Most of he few actual descendants of the tribe of Judah wound up in small groups in the countries in the near vicinity of Palestine. Many of their modern descendants are the Iraqis. The British, Irish, Welsh, and Scots are descended from the Celts, hence their fair skin and hair, and blue or green eyes.

Most of the remainder of the twelve tribes migrated to NW Europe whose descendants are the Danes, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Netherlanders, and the Germanic and Nordic peoples. Their moving to Palestine is an example of their obsession. One of a nomad race, or collection of races, dwelling mostly on the N of the Black Sea and the Caspian, stretching indefinitely into inner Asia. They called themselves Scoloti, and the native traditions traced their origin to Targetaus, son of Zeus, or perhaps son of their corresponding god Papaeus Hd. In the name Targetaus some have seen the origin of the name Turk.

In only place where Scythians are mentioned Col. LXX SeptuagintIt has been inferred, however, and is by no means impossible, that there were Scythians in the early church. In the time of Psammetichus, king of Egypt, the contemporary of Josiah, the Scythians invaded Palestine and plundered the temple of Venus Urania in Ashkelon; and they were only prevented from entering Egypt by prayers and presents Hd.

Judith ; 2 Macc. They took Sardis, B. Most moderns, following Josephus Ant. The Scythians of the time of Herodotus and Ezekiel are believed to have been a Japhetic race. Rice, The Scythians ; R. Vaggione, Journal of Biblical Literature 92 : — Merrel F. Unger was one of the premier Bible scholars of all time, and his research sources were as good as could be found anywhere.

It looks like Jim is slow to learn. Ephraim England was prophesied to become a great nation and a company of nations i. The British Empire so called is a misnomer because it was always the English Empire. London was always the capital city of the Empire, not Edinburgh, Cardiff or Dublin. The Pharisees were Canaanite Jews as are modern day Rabbis.

Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And if I say The Truth, why do ye not believe me? Then he says the Scots are Celts, whereas in one of his earlier posts he says the Scots are the descendants of the Scythians.