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The Picklepuss Man is a tasty version of the Gingerbread Man with a twist and a delicious ending. A lesson or two could also be learned along the way. Catch him if you can and taste for yourself Why I started writing Children's books-After my first marriage ended. I became the sole custodial parent of my son when he was just two years old. We did a lot of reading together, well I read and he followed along.

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If he liked the book he always wanted me to read the same book over and over again. I must have read all the children's books I could find in the library, most of which were long and droll. After a time Kyle became bored with the same books, so one day I made up a story.

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Kyle laughed very much and wanted to here it again and again. Well I had a hard time remembering exactly what I said, so I started writing down the stories I told him. After I perfected my stories, I thought I was done. However, I was just beginning. Kyle loved my stories very much, but one day he asked me to make pictures so he can see what the characters look like.

I told him I haven't drawn anything for a long time and wasn't sure if I could. He asked me to please just try.

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  5. So I did. Before I knew it I had completed many different children's picture books. Kyle loved my books so much he wanted them in the library so other kids can laugh too. So time went on and Kyle wanted to share my books with his friends and classmates. I lent my books to his elementary school and all the kids loved them and wanted more. They too wanted my book's available. I was asked to read my books for Kyle's class, which I did. All the kids wanted my autograph, which I gave them. It was pretty fun so I decided that, that many children couldn't be wrong.

    Now here I am with the first of my books published The Picklepuss Man. This book was chosen first by all the children that I shared my books with. Many more are to follow. All my books I have created were with the eyes of a child and the mind of a parent. As parents know, when you read to kids, you usually have to read the same book over and over again. I kept that in my mind. I tried to keep my books short, entertaining, funny, easy to read and with some kind.


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    Brand new Book. And that is when the fun began The Picklepuss Man is a tasty version of the Gingerbread Man with a twist and a delicious ending. Catch him if you can and taste for yourself. Seller Inventory AAV More information about this seller Contact this seller. The Scorpion dropped Jonah to the ground and glared at Spider-man.

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    When he thought that the Scorpion had had enough he stepped back and looked around. JJ had mysteriously disappeared no surprise there, but Spider-man knew where he was hiding. JJ was crawling out from under his desk and heading for the exit. Don't you want a front page story for your paper tomorrow? JJ got up from the ground and dusted himself off, trying to regain his dignity. Peter couldn't help but chuckle at JJ's outburst.

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