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Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor

To the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, which spearheaded the development of the app with Yap Studios and Diane von Furstenburg, it was crucially important to make this iconic piece of history more accessible to the masses. Until now, that is.

The Statue of Liberty is alive! After Effects Test

Once installed, you can essentially plop a high-resolution Statue of Liberty on your coffee table, and once you move in close enough, your view pierces that tarnished copper shell to reveal the inner tower and the iron skeleton keeping it upright. Tilt your screen upward, and your view inside the shell fades away, leaving you looking face-to-face with Lady Liberty herself while the sound of squawking seabirds fill the air around you. For someone who has never actually seen the statue in person -- let alone from such a close vantage point -- the effect is both striking and serene.

Statue of Liberty

And to get a sense of just how big the statue is, you can also plant a life-sized replica of its foot onto the ground in front of you. Spoiler alert: It's, uh, pretty big. Looking down on Liberty Island from the statue's torch. Other AR experiences baked into the app include a time-lapse mode that shows how the statue's copper patina developed over time, and a view of the statue and the surrounding skyline from its torch.

The torch was designed as a symbol of progress.

That last view is a particularly valuable one -- the original, publicly accessible torch was damaged by debris after German saboteurs blew up a munitions depot in Jersey City, NJ to hinder US support for its allies during World War I. As a result, the last time that a visitor actually saw the statue, New York and New Jersey from all the way up there was in For now, the augmented reality fun ends there -- you can't go to Liberty Island and point your phone at the statue to gain any new insights.

That's not to say you'll never be able to, though: the app's developer, Yap Studios, hasn't ruled out adding new, on-island AR experiences down the road. Regardless, there are a few extra flourishes to take advantage of If you make the trek to Liberty Island with the app in tow.

A Shift to an Emblem of Immigration

Once you arrive, the app will recognize that you've come to meet the statue in person and offer a map and a guided audio tour. And for the seriously curious, the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation has also commissioned a podcast series you can dig into inside the app that delves into the monument's history, symbolism and lasting impact.

You will need to climb steps to see the 25 windows in her crown — its seven spikes represent the seven oceans and continents. He modeled the face after his mother, Charlotte, and basically won all the Son of the Year awards ever. The statue was completed and presented to the US ambassador in France on July 4, It stayed there until it was disassembled into pieces , packed up into crates, and shipped to the US in , where it was reassembled.

The journey across the Atlantic Ocean took a week longer than planned and the vessel carrying the one-ton statue almost sank in a storm. Between and , The Statue of Liberty functioned as a lighthouse. The power was not strong enough to sufficiently guide the ships after sunset, so the Liberty Lighthouse closed after 16 years. It is believed that the statue gets hit by up to bolts of lightning every year.

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The Statue of Liberty Has Long Been a Magnet for Protest - HISTORY

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Back Topics. Her real name is… The actual name of the statue is Liberty Enlightening the World; Statue of Liberty is only a nickname. From red to green The statue is made of copper and used to be a shiny reddish-brown color like an American one penny coin. Lady Liberty by the numbers From the foundation of the pedestal all the way to the torch, the statue is 93 m high and weighs tons.