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If they do not, the general will thrust them through with his beak, and kill them. Therefore you must take pains and learn, so as to be ready when the drilling begins. To Egypt, where we shall see three-cornered houses built of stone, with pointed tops that reach nearly to the clouds.

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They are called Pyramids, and are older than a stork could imagine; and in that country, there is a river that overflows its banks, and then goes back, leaving nothing but mire; there we can walk about, and eat frogs in abundance. Time passed on, and the young storks grew so large that they could stand upright in the nest and look about them.

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The father brought them, every day, beautiful frogs, little snakes, and all kinds of stork-dainties that he could find. And then, how funny it was to see the tricks he would perform to amuse them. He would lay his head quite round over his tail, and clatter with his beak, as if it had been a rattle; and then he would tell them stories all about the marshes and fens.

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Oh, how they tottered at first, and were obliged to balance themselves with their wings, or they would have fallen to the ground below. Once, twice, once, twice—that is it. Now you will be able to take care of yourselves in the world. Then she flew a little distance from them, and the young ones made a spring to follow her; but down they fell plump, for their bodies were still too heavy.

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Then they began to fancy they could soar, so they tried to do so, resting on their wings, but they soon found themselves falling, and had to flap their wings as quickly as possible. The boys came again in the street singing their song:—. Now then. Now to the right.