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Isis [41 words].

Full Body Scanners: What's Next?

The same kind of argument could be made about fundamentalist,literalist Christians [ words]. Islam IS the problem [ words]. History Repeats Itself [ words]. ISIS is after money and power [ words].


On point and then some! Bale's analysis is correct but misses a few key points [ words].

The Feelings Hijackers "Dirty Limousine"

Plagiarism [14 words]. We emulate our Gods [55 words]. Absurdities [59 words]. Click here to see the top 25 recent comments. Name: optional.

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The people manning security checkpoints and checking baggage and so forth will defer to any prominent individual both government officials and well-to-do citizens and many of them will readily accept bribes to allow people to do things, bypass screening, get an extra bag on, you name it. To me, anyone operating out of anywhere in Egypt is totally foolhardy to rely on Egyptian security.

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In his time at the FAA, Vincent said he was involved in the design and oversight of the implementation of modernized baggage screening systems at three to four major airports. More rigorous physical inspections of bags started in the late s and early s as technology that could effectively and reliably screen luggage for explosives became more widely available.

At major international airports outside of the U. However, in the case of Sharm el-Sheikh, Vincent said they would not have had access to such a sophisticated baggage screening system.

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  • It boggles the mind at how good it is. Although there is no percent, foolproof method for being able to prevent insider threats, Vincent said he has urged airports in the past to setup a system that would enable them to screen and inspect their workforce as thoroughly as possible.

    With that being said, he said that you still cannot put airport employees through the same level of screening that passengers go through for the simple fact that many of them require tools in the performance of their duties that could be deemed as a potential threat. While some are calling for ongoing background screens of airport employees in the wake of the Metrojet crash, Vincent said that simply becomes unwieldy for airports when you consider all the other security factors that they have to take into account on a daily basis.

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    There are a number of things that have to be done. Critical Infrastructure Expert: Egyptian aviation security notoriously inadequate. Expert: Egyptian aviation security notoriously inadequate.