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Range Rover's New Evoque Is Made to Conquer the Parking Lot

Caravan and Outdoor Life 8 min read. I feel that if I have certain knowledge and tips that I should share it with my fellow campers. A simple patent that I have been using for more than 15 years always draws attention from other campers: It is a peg for the base of your tent poles that.

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Caravan and Outdoor Life 2 min read. Private Time In The Bush. Sunset Mountain Caravan Park can be termed an exclusive boutique resort. It is small, discreet and beautifully set against the mountainside, with great care being taken to integrate the campsite flawlessly into its natural surroundings.

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The caravan p. Close Dialog Are you sure? However, the company, which built over products for various companies, including the likes of Flipkart , Quikr , and Urban Ladder to name a few, always felt the need to evolve to the next level.

After 10 years of its existence as a technology company, Kuliza decided to foray into the financial services industry with a specific focus on the lending segment. Now, we have taken this offering to larger enterprises. The company started marketing the product in September , and bagged its first client in April Before foraying into the financial services industry, Kuliza got an insight into the technology requirements of various companies, and how it could build its solutions around it.

This was a decade-long experience where early in the days, it was building very generic software products and later moved into the digital domain.

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In , Kuliza came out with an IP-led software platform focused on the financial services industry. The team, while scanning the marketplace, spotted a few trends which gave it the confidence to bet on the lending segment of the financial services industry. The company realised that a lot of people do not have access to credit products, which is relevant for them, and financial services institutions want to cater to this segment.

CLIMB Conquer Hills Get Lean and Elevate Every Ride Fitness

This essentially means the loan book size is only going to expand, and the only answer to meet this challenge is through digital technologies. The Romans could also get rich by charging the people they conquered taxes and forcing them to become slaves. But the tribes weren't about to give up their lands without a fight. They wanted to conquer new lands and make their empire even bigger and better.

Some of the earliest evidence for the Romans in Scotland comes from the Gask Ridge. This earth-bank defence in Perthshire dates from around AD The Gask Ridge is about 20 miles 32 km long.

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The Romans set up forts and watch towers along it. In Roman times, there was no such country as Scotland. Back then, Caledonia was made up of groups of people or tribes. Some tribes were happy to get on peacefully with the Romans, but others fought back. In the summer of AD84 some Caledonian tribes joined forces and made a stand against the invading Roman army. The two sides fought at a place called Mons Graupius the Grampian Mountains.

The Romans were led by the Roman general Julius Agricola and the Caledonians were led by a fierce chief named Calgacus. The Caledonians had 30, warriors, about twice as many as the Romans. But the Romans were better organised and defeated the Caledonians. Even though Calgacus and his army had fled, the Caledonians returned many times to raid the Roman frontier.

After the battle of Mons Graupius, most Caledonian tribes accepted the Roman occupation.

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