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Irish: Forest; Originally a Scottish place name, Keith was also the surname of a long line of Scottish earls. Read more about Keith.

Traditional Scottish Gaelic Baby Girl Names Generator | Scotland

Read more about Fiona. Read more about Casey. Read more about Caitlin. Irish: Pure or innocent; variant of Catherine. Read more about Kathleen. Read more about Aidan. Read more about Brielle. Read more about Kennedy. Read more about Reagan. Irish: Descendant of the challenger; Delaney could also be derived from the Norman surname De l''aunaie meaning "from the alder Read more about Delaney.

Read more about Corey. Filter Names. Gender Any Boy Girl Unisex. Irish Names Irish baby names tend to be magical, timeless, and musical in nature. Ryan If you think your little boy is going to rule the stuffed animal kingdom hand over fist, then Ryan may be an appropriate Kevin Kevin is a modern-day classic. Sean Sean is the Irish version of the traditional John meaning "God is gracious. Connor Irish names are hot hot hot right now and Connor is riding the wave.

Eden Delight; Paradise. Edna Renewer; Rejuvenation. Eesold Ruler of the Ice. Eileen Light of sun.

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Eilis Consecrated to God. Eilleen Light of Sun. Eimear Swift. Eimile Rival. Eithne Fiery.

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Elaine Torch; Bright Light. Elatha Art; Craft. Eleanor Sunray; Shining Light. Elisha My God of Salvation.

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Ellen Torch; Bright. Emer Ardent. Emily Rival. Enda Bird-like. Enya Kernel; Nut. Erin From Ireland. Erinach Of the Irish. Esther Star.

100 Celtic Baby Names: Meanings & Origins

Etaaoin Jealousy. Etain Shinning. Eva Life; Living One. Eve Living; Life. Fae Belief, Loyalty. Faife Daughter of Ailill.

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Failend Dove of the Church. Fainche Free, Goddess. Faith Faith, Confidence, Belief. Fallon Leader. Fanchea Free. Faoileann A Charming Woman. Faoiltiama Wolf Lady. Farrah Good Looking. Farran Adventurous. Faye Raven. Faynit The Wild Place. Fedelim Ever Good. Fedelm Mytical Wife of Leogaire. Fedelma Ever Good. Feena Small Fawn. Fenella White shouldered one. Fey Wild or Crazy. Fiannait Ruddy, Red Headed. Fidelima St. Fidelma Faithful, Beauty, and Constant. Fineena Beautiful Child. Finnabair White Phantom. Finnchaem Irish Heroine or Goddess.

Finola Fair Shouldered. Fiona Fair one. Fionnabhair Fair Hair. Fionnbhair White Ghost. Fionnuala Fair Shoulders. Fionula White Shoulder. Forbflaith Sovereignty. Forlaith Golden Queen.

Frances From France. Freda Peaceful Ruler. Gael Celtic. Gale Foreigner. Galil Cheerful, Happy. Gallia Where with all. Garnet Dark Red Gemstone. Gearoidin Spear, Ruler. Geileis Shining, Bright. Gelace Bright Swan. Gelgeis From Gel, Shining. Gemma Gem, Jewel. Genvieve White Wave. Geraldine Ruler with a Spear. Gerroc Short. Gertrude Spear and Strength. Gilian Servant of Saint John. Gillian Youthful, Young at Heart. Giollabhrighde Servant of Saint Brigid. Gitta Strength and Power. Glass Green. Glenda Holy and Good. Gleneen A Narrow Valley between Hills. Glennene A Narrow Valley between Hills.

Goibne Smith. Gormfhlaith Blue-sovereignty. Gormghlaith Sad. Gormlaith Blue or Illustrious Princess. Grace Love. Cailin is a less common spelling for names like Kaylin and Kaylen. It isn't incredibly popular, but the name very simply translates from Gaelic to mean "lass" or "girl. A throwback to the famous Goldie Hawn, Goldie is a sweet but relatively unpopular name that fell out of favor in the late s. This name is perfect for anyone looking for something that feels both fun and timeless.

Pronounced EE-fa, Aiofe is an incredibly popular name in Ireland. Believed to be derived from a Gaelic word that means "beauty" or "radiance," the names Ava and Eva are thought to be the modern versions of the name.

Popular Gaelic Baby Girl Names

Aiofe in its traditional form has never been super popular in the US, but it did reach number 10 on the most popular girl names in the Republic of Ireland in While Americans might recognize it from the popular The Handmaid's Tale television show and book, it has never been super popular in the US. Fortunately, that just makes the name even more unique when used here. Sweet, simple, and easy to pronounce, Orla is an Irish name that was popular in the Middle Ages and is making a resurgence now.

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  8. It isn't incredibly popular in the US, but it has been in the top girls names in Ireland since It's both a Latin and an Irish name, and the Gaelic version of Cara means "friend. The Gaelic meaning for Aine is "joy" and "praise," and it's the name of an ancient fairy queen in Irish legend.

    In recent years, the name has been modernized as Anna and Hannah but the traditional version remains one of the most popular baby girls' names in Ireland. Derived from the Gaelic word for dream or vision, the name is often credited with being the origin of the name Ashley. The name has never been incredibly common in America, but it is among the most popular girls' names in the Republic of Ireland. While the name has been listed among some of the most popular in Ireland, historically, it is rarely used these days. Annabella is perfect for those who want a name that is popular but not too common.

    The name has been one of the top baby names in the United States since and is a combination of the names Anna -- meaning gracious -- and Belle -- meaning beautiful. With nicknames like Madi, Maddy, and Mads, Madigan is a great option for those looking for a more unique version of the name Madison. Turning boy names into girl names -- and vice versa -- is nothing new. Alannah is known as the feminine version of the name Alan, and while its meaning is a little uncertain, many believe that it means "handsome" or translates to the Celtic word for "rock.

    Both are translated to mean "pointed," and Carrigan is incredibly unique. Carrie is a popular nickname option for Carrigan that manages to be both sweet and familiar. Simple, short, and surprisingly classic, Tara is a girls' name that means "rocky hill" in Gaelic. While the name used to be common in the '70s and '80s, today it's a unique title with a classic sound. Very little is known about the name Bevin , except for the fact that it is rarely used outside of Ireland and is commonly thought of as being drawn from the name Beverly.

    Common nicknames for Bevin are Bev and Bevvie. It's also never been in any popular baby name ranking on the US or in Ireland, making it extra unique. Breena is a sweet, simplistic name that translates from Gaelic to mean "of the fairy place. Carys may be a name that is Welsh in origin, but its beautiful translation meaning "to love" has made it popular among the Irish.