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But only for the modern games of such a system, you can immediately forget because the apps either will not start or will be terribly slow. However, the ability to purchase components without a valid warranty remains — more information about this option can be found in this article. Once again, I remind you that "The Computer of the Month" offers only assemblies based on modern platforms and only new components. Go back to the Core i processor. In March there was news that Intel would suffer a second wave of processors shortage.

We see that the market has not moved away from the first wave, but so far — in April — thanks to the strengthening of the national currency, Intel's chips even fell slightly in price. I decided to bring this 4-core, even at a price of 9, rubles, given the rounding.

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The cartoon version of the Pentium Gold G at the time of writing cost exactly 5, rubles — the processor fell by 1, rubles per month. However, lower prices for the other components allowed us to continue using Core i3 — as a result, Intel's launch was more expensive than the ruble AMD system. As a result, both systems are now comparable in performance.

I remind you that Ryzen 3 X is designed for OEM computer installers, but in Russia it can be purchased separately, including Regard. The key to success lies in the use of just one CXX module and this is a huge advantage of the new products over the quadrilite predecessors with the Summit Ridge design. I note that many motherboard manufacturers did not include Ryzen 3 X and Ryzen 5 X on the maintenance list. Just in case, I advise you to contact the store warranty department to update the BIOS on the motherboard to the latest version. Yet, cheap Ryzen chips come with good coolers.

In our case you will have to spend extra. For a long time I chose a model of no more than rubles, but all the cooling systems in this price category have many disadvantages. This set of logics allows not only to overclock RAM but also to increase the processor multiplier. All Ryzen models, as you know, are unlocked. It is not necessary to increase CPU voltage. Of course, it would be possible to save on this component of the system and take something based on the A chipset instead of the B board.

Only those savings, given the rounding, will be only rubles — and at the same time they will greatly reduce the capabilities of the system. For a few months in a row, the 8-gigabyte version of the Radeon RX was used at launch and no changes are expected in April. In the budget configuration itself, there is no point in pursuing fantastic versions of 3D accelerators. When using medium and high-quality settings, you will not feel the difference in performance in most cases.

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However, when higher settings are used — close to the maximum — problems will begin despite the fact that GPU on the video card is generally able to provide convenient FPS with such parameters. So I suggest that I vote for a version of the ruble with 8 GB of video memory. Naturally, such devices in are best avoided. In conclusion, as always, I advise you not to postpone the upgrading of RAM, or even better, immediately take a 16GB set.

With this computer, you can safely play the next few years in all modern Full HD games with high and maximum graphics quality settings. In the comments for the previous version, we suggested using the Core i in the base structure. Indeed, at the price together with the cooler of 10, rubles, the 4-core coffee lake is suitable here.

For only 12, rubles along with the cooler we can take line Ryzen 5 X, and for 13, rubles — Core i or Ryzen 5 X. Better take advantage of these offers. Recently, Core i demanded 20, rubles.

#2: Install Python dependencies & GPT-2 code

I believe that for 13, rubles, this chip with a stretch can be used in the main assembly. By the way, in the last 30 days Core iF fell in price — it costs … 20 rubles less than Core i Perhaps it is the emergence of this new product that touched the younger Intel 6-core, so amortized. In any case, with such a price difference, it makes no sense to take a chip with a locked graphics core — it is better to take a good model. I used the cheapest H Express based motherboards with Intel 6-core chips.

So I suggest that we be sure to take a slightly more representative motherboard. In AMD's base installation, of course, a Bbased chipset is already in use.

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But do not "pick up" a very high CPU voltage — the energy subsystems on the designated motherboards are not designed for too heavy loads. Generally, you can immediately place the Ryzen 5 X in the base and do not worry about overclocking. Such a move will increase the price of the system by rubles. Over the past few months, I have not released Radeon RX and Radeon RX in the system as they cost far more than the Radeon RX , but at the same time I did not offer significantly higher performance in the games. Testing has shown that even unpretentious coolers quite effectively cool such a chip as well as the entire outer band.

Unfortunately, at the moment of this writing, there are versions of the GeForce GTX not available on the market.

The officially recommended price of the next Turing adapter, which does not support hardware tracking, is 18, rubles, so maybe this card will appear in the base module. I remind you that in the computations of "Computer of the Month" I no longer recommend a hard disk of a certain size. Only in the comments to each question are constantly held discussions on this issue. Some believe that the HDD on the computer is no longer needed. So you can't directly download the image by pointing wget to the page. You have to execute the js code from dezoomify locally. For that, you can use dezoomify node application.

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If the URL pattern of the tiles of your image is simple enough, you can also use dezoom. Thank you very much for your reply. I was able to get it to work. Next you have to install node-canvas, but you can only do this if you have Cairo and Pango installed. You can read about that here here if you want, or just follow the instructions below.

To install Cairo and Pango: brew install pkg-config cairo pango libpng jpeg giflib. Test to see if it worked by using the following in terminal: node dezoomify-node. Locate node-app folder to find the. I've got another question though if that's okay. I don't know much about JavaScript, but when I was using wget I was able to have it access images that had similar names by using curly braces in the URL, e.

Is there a way to do this within the node-app?

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I've already tried the curly braces syntax, but to no avail. Nice detailed instructions! Would you mind pasting them to our wiki, in order to help other potential mac users? The bracket syntax comes from your shell, not curl itself.

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Wow, that's awesome. Thank you! For me the syntax was only slightly different. I had to use the following:.

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