Organizing the Business of Direct Sales

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A key element in sales force organization is the support available to the direct sales effort. Companies can improve sales force productivity by using a telemarketing team to cover time-consuming tasks, such as setting appointments, qualifying prospects or taking routine, low-value orders. Building relationships with marketing to develop lead generation programs can improve the quality of sales force prospecting. Based in the United Kingdom, Ian Linton has been a professional writer since He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and economics from Bristol University.

The Advantages of Network-Based Organizations. Examples of Business Market Segmentation. Share on Facebook. Products or Services : Hosted Git repository and social network for programmers, allowing members to collaborate on and monitor project development. VP of Marketing : Brian Doll briandoll. It is an essential element to just about everything. Building great product is marketing. The way we talk to our customers is marketing.

With that definition, I do see everyone participating in marketing to various degrees. Related: CMO vs. CIO: Clash in the Cubicle. Products or Services : Software that helps teams track, collaborate, code, and ship products. Products or Services : Members-only shopping site featuring some of the most sought-after brands in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, and more.

I bet you could! Lisa points to 3 key strategies that help her grow her business and keep it profitable.

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Lisa's strategy for managing her time and new business ventures sounds so similar to Rachel Coley's. Sarah and I both agree that it's a great approach, and we use it for our business too! We can't do it all.. Lisa highly recommends the book, Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker. In the book, Chris tells readers to make 3 lists. Lisa is a productivity nut! She wants to squeeze an extra task out of the hour and an extra minute out of every hour! Lisa says that mompreneurs often miss important things they can outsource that would give them more time for their business.

She has a list of 10 household tasks you can outsource. You might feel guilty about this at first, but you have to think outside the box. That was totally worth it! And in 10 hours of dedicated time, Lisa was able to plow through a ton of work versus working every naptime for 1. If you don't have any funds for a sitter, consider swapping with a friend.

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You take her kids one day a week, and she takes yours on another. Then, you both get dedicated work time, and your kids have fun with their friends! Lisa recommends creating a work basket.

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As you think of tasks to do for your business, write them down and put them in your work basket. If you think of something to tell your business partner, just write it down and put it in the basket. Emails you have to respond to? Put them in the work basket! Then, when you've got your dedicated chunk of time, you know just what to tackle without getting sidetracked or distracted.

You can plow through those little to-do's much faster than you realize when they're all in one place waiting for you. Another important mental aspect of having a dedicated time to work is that it gives your job some validation.

Organizing the Business of Direct Sales

It's earned a place on your calendar. You've made room for it. It's not just a casual gig anymore. Sarah and I had our own esoteric discussion here about validation as Mamapreneurs. When Sarah filled out the paperwork for her daughter's orthodontist appointment, she put homemaker as her occupation. It often takes quite a while and maybe it will never happen! It's valid, brilliant business mom! We believe in you! Lisa says it's so important for Mamapreneurs to write down their biggest goal for the week, and then no more than 3 top goals for each day for the home and for their business.

She's created a free printable for you to try to organize those top tasks as well as get your week organized each Sunday! When you start planning your top goals, you'll realize that email and social media don't often make the list, but without a plan, those tasks easily creep into the first place spot each day. Lisa also blocks off one work day each week to spend hours on something that will grow her business to another level.

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So, for example, getting her products on Amazon, or creating new videos or a new product. It's a basket, box or bag that you keep on your kitchen counter. Every bit of paper that you receive, along with other simple to-do's goes into this basket. For example, a bill that doesn't need to be paid right that second, paperwork from the kids' school, an item to return to Walmart.

In this way, all of your paperwork and to-do's are in one, manageable place, and you only tackle the things that need to be tackled, without forgetting anything along the way. Once you start blogging regularly, you'll quickly realize that it can clarify what you're good at and what your readers respond to. Lisa quickly realized that she was constantly talking about organizing paperwork, and her audience really responded.

A bonus of this is that Lisa ranks really high in Google for terms related to organizing paper because no one talks about it!

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People discuss going paperless or they simply pretend all that paper doesn't exist. Lisa has dug deep when it comes to organizing paper. Here's what she recommends:. When Lisa started blogging in January of , all she knew was that she needed to be consistent, she needed to have a niche, and she needed to create content. She came up with the idea of a series in order to be consistent and help others get organized right along with her. The challenge is called: 40 Weeks, One Whole House. Lisa divided her house into 40 zones, and she tackled a different zone each week. The next year, Lisa did the challenge with her readers again, but this time she hired a professional photographer to take better photos of her work.

The year after that, Lisa did the week challenge again but this time she added a podcast so her readers could hear her talking as though she was right there with them helping them organize their homes. Lisa says it takes going through the challenge about 3 times to really make your home look great! Sarah and I both LOVED this genius strategy of creating awesome, helpful content but just adding a bit more each year. Lisa says there are only so many ways you can organize a laundry room.

So rather than write 16 fluffy blog posts on the topic, she writes one killer post that motivates her readers to take action. Is there an insanely helpful series you can create for your readers and then repeat on your blog, year-after-year? This year, Lisa decided to offer her week challenge as an email auto-responder series as an added help for her readers. The problem was, she was using Mailchimp, and when she received new participants, they could start at week 1, but they couldn't skip ahead and join the whole group of challengers if they wanted to.

Lisa decided to switch to InfusionSoft which offers both options for a new subscriber. Then, no matter where someone signed up, everyone will be back at week 1 together the next Fall. Because Infusionsoft is quite expensive, Lisa knew she had to justify this expense. Once you pay for the series, you'll get it forever until you unsubscribe. Lisa knew if she could sell just of these email subscriptions each month, that would pay for Infusionsoft.

She's more than met that goal! She's not getting hundreds of sales, but the people who do sign up really love it.