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Our guest in this ep is Dr. By using the analogy of fireman versus carpenters and looking at the body as your house where gut health is the very foundation , Dr. Gray offers insight on how testing can increase your longevity and help you gain more agency over your health.


She also discusses the importance of testing for food sensitivities, how changing your diet can affect your risk for certain diseases, and how reducing stress will help you live longer. Have you ever consulted with a functional medicine doctor? Want to sponsor the show?

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Plus, we talk about how we each feel about visiting the doctor and then give a shout out to our brand new stickers! Shoot us an email at podcast fitbottomedgirls. Get the episode with the Dr. Stephanie Gray here or below!

Blueprint by Robert Plomin review – how DNA dictates who we are

New Fitness. She wrote that her husband concurred.

And all hell broke loose. Hundreds of students signed an open letter denouncing her and hundreds demanded that the couple be punished.

Rebuttal to Penelope Trunk: Redefining Life’s Blueprint

There were protests. And when, in that courtyard, Christakis apologized for any pain that the memo had caused but refused to disavow its content, he was pilloried. So imagine my surprise when an advance copy of his new book, to be published next week, arrived. Sign up for his newsletter.

The bright side has been denied the attention it deserves.

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The bright side? I had to hear more from him. And I did, in emails, on the phone and over lunch on Monday. Although he stayed calm — which he attributes to years of training in karate and its premium on self-control — he was rattled, deeply, by the encounter. He soon took his first sabbatical ever.

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He read books about equanimity in the face of injustice. The book is a hefty, dazzlingly erudite synthesis of history, philosophy, anthropology, genetics, sociology, economics, epidemiology, statistics and more. It uses everything from shipwrecks to the primatologist Jane Goodall to make its pro-kindness case, and it inadvertently shames you into realizing that while most of us, standing at the buffet of knowledge, content ourselves with a pork chop and rice pudding, Christakis pillages the carving station and the omelet station and the soup array and the make-your-own-sundae bar.

Yes, there are hideous wars and horrid leaders.

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