The Flying Brownie: 100 Terrific Homemade Food Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones Far Away

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If you are keeping your hard work at home to enjoy--perfectly understandable! As always, affiliate links were used in this post, but only to link to items I would have linked to and discussed anyway. I did receive a copy of The Flying Brownie for free, but all opinions about the book are my own.

Ooo that does sound like a great cookbook for all of us Leftovers Club-ers! I am definitely into booze in my baked goods. Love the sound of these quickbreads! What a great idea for a cookbook, and perfect for the Leftovers Club! I am going to have to check it out for next month.

Awww you are so sweet! Thanks so much for writing such nice things! Now the pressure is on — I sure do hope you like your blondies! As for these cakes: They were freaking amazing. I loved them! Not too much bourbon at all! Thanks a million Laura! And lucky Heather with this boozy, yum-looking bread!! I really do enjoy boozy cakes during the holiday season. I usually do rum however I can see using bourbon now.

These little cakes would make great homemade gifts. Happy Retirement! It turned out great, but my glaze was not pourable…did I do something wrong? I added a little milk to it to thin it out, but I was wondering if I missed something. That could easily be affected by humidity—it is always acceptable to adjust by adding more liquid. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post came at the perfect time!

I was literally just talking to my roommate about what I should give my professors this year for Christmas! I love to give something that is either heartfelt or is quirky yet personal, like a cookie-monster mug and homemade cookies for my cookie-loving brother-in law. I love to receive gifts that are heartfelt-no matter what the gift is, the fact that they thought of me is what truly makes it a great gift.

Loved the recipes! I know they will appreciate my edible Christmas gifts in jars this year…thank you so much for the awesome ideas and the recipes! Thanks again! I love to give something that I think the person will enjoy but would never buy or do for themselves. And I love receiving anything with thought put into it. This could be a visit from an out-of-town relative, a hard-to-find edition of a book, or the toy of the year that disappears frim shelves early on.

I love to receive anything that I can wear or that smells delicious! No matter what kind of gift we give, if I make it in the kitchen, in the craft room or something bought at a store I want each gift to have a personal touch. I want it to be something I know the recipient likes either by their favorite color scarf or their preference to white chocolate vs milk chocolate. A gift make in a kitchen feels like it comes more from the heart, the scarf comes more from the wallet.

And to change it up from year to year I pick a different recipe, there has to be hundreds if not thousands of different chocolate chip cookie recipe to choose form…now go get your bake on ;. I LOVE giving hostess gifts… no matter what it is- special soap, flowers, food with a cute dish…anything. I loved the concept since I first learned about it. Thinking your granola looks like a perfect choice in a cute mason jar! The thermals, the ski socks, wool socks, cute socks, fluffy socks! Yes yes yes to the salted nutella. My favorite holiday gift to give are my homemade candied orange peels.

People are always initially apprehensive, but one they try it and I see the delight on their faces…. These look amazing! My favorite gifts to give are tickets to an event I know the person will enjoy sporting event, play, etc. My favorite kind of gift to receive is a membership to something I like to do around town botanical gardens, aquarium.

Thanks again for all the great recipes! I absolutely love buying gifts for everyone in the holiday season! As for my favorite gifts to receive, I always appreciate homemade gifts that people put effort and time into- it always speaks the most to me! Much love to all this holiday season! I love giving gifts that are really personal and sentimental to the person and I love receiving gifts with the same qualities!

I love giving things that the giftee and I can enjoy together — games, movies, toys, etc. I love receiving LEGOs!!! And new cookbooks. For my neighbors, I bake bread, cakes or cookies. I love your jar ideas and may try some of them this year. Thank you for the opportunity to enter for a free gift. I absolutely love giving the gift of an amazing meal ending with an awesome dessert. I feel like a full belly is the best feeling ever!

I love receiving anything that is bread related… If someone gives me carbs it can turn any bad day around for me. I think those simple gifts are really special…and remembered. My favorite gift to give is a decorated tin of homemade decorated sugar cookies! My fav type of gift to give is something decadent or splurge-y that a practical friend or family member would never buy for themselves like a fancy lipstick. One year I got an awesome pair of moccasins made by an Etsy seller that I still love 4 years on!

My husband is an avid hunter. I have many favorite gifts to give.. Mini bread loaves are the best, especially wrapped in an adorable bow with a cute note attached. I also love giving my mom the assorted bag of Lindt truffles every year. My favorite gift to receive? I get most excited to open my stocking because I know dark chocolate is somewhere in there. Though I love my entire family and appreciate absolutely every gift, I have to say Christmas is the only time where me and my little sister actually go out of our way to do something nice for each other. So my favourite Christmas gift to both give AND receive is the ones we do for each other.

I love knitting things are people around Christmas and they always love getting hand-knit items. I love receiving gift baskets filled with goodies to make and eat. I enjoy receiving anything, but food or kitchen related items are my favorite! Hi Tieghan! My favorite gift by far to give is baked goods!

Happy holiday season, keep up the good work girl! I love gifting Ribbon gift cards! Clothing is my favorite gift! I love giving tins of homemade chocolate covered pretzels to friends and family. On the receiving end, I love new kitchen gadgets and cookbooks! These look beautiful! I love to give cookies! I think my favorite presents are warm and cozy, like PJs or socks.. Thanks for the wonderful recipes! Homemade lemon cello and cordials at Christmas and bath oils and salts at Valentines. I like giving handmade or homemade gifts, something that can be personalized to a specific person.

I feel that they mean so much more and I would have to say that I like receiving that same type of gift as well. I love your blog, you are so talented and inspiring! For the holidays, I love to give gifts that are homemade and heartfelt. A few years back I gave my husband then boyfriend a scrapbook of our adventures over the previous year and it was by far his favorite gift. I like receiving gifts of the same nature, heart felt and hand made always feel more personal. They definitley make the holidays feel more special. My favorite gift to receive is anything from the store, Anthropologie.

My favorite gifts to give are candles and my baked goods. They each wrote something, and then they compiled it into a post and published it to the private blog I have for keeping in touch with my extended family. I always write a special post for my family members on their birthdays, so this meant a lot to me, hence why it sticks out in my memory. They are so sweet, and I think I cried while I read all their kind words! I love the nativity season. I usually bake and freeze the kolache early in the season, and then take the pairing to the homes of friends and relatives whom we visit during the holidays.

I am very practical, so when it comes to receiving gifts, I love to receive something I will press into service immediately-a specialty food item, new leggings, or thank you cards. My favorite gift to make and give is a goodie basket filled with homemade vanilla, limoncello, kahlua, candied nuts and other confections. I love to give homemade English Butter Toffee. For me, I like to receive cookbooks. I usually give my husband a photo of all the to cookbooks so he can just go to the bookstore and pick one from the photo.

I like giving something locally made and I like to receive something unique and handmade. Fantastic gift ideas Tieghan! Such great ideas!! Thank you! These recipes look divine! I will definitely be giving some of these as gifts this Christmas! Especially since…. I love giving food! I love to receive… also food. Though I think my actual favorite thing to receive is experiences. My mom took us on a trip to Hawaii one year. It was amazing and I have so many wonderful memories.

My fave gift to give is either my mint brownies, fudge, or peppermint bark. I love receiving toffee! I truly LOVE giving any gift, my favorite. I especially love putting together baskets with a theme for people to enjoy lots of different treats. My favorite gifts to give are homemade goodies, and my favorite to receive is gift cards for dinner. I love to give gifts from the kitchen…. I am going to love giving these jars away…..

I like to get gifts from the heart. My favorite gift to give is pecans, from a place I like to order from. My favorite gift to receive is chocolate! My favorite gifts to give are anything thoughtful, from a framed picture to a homemade piece of art. I love receiving gifts from local businesses because I truly value giving back to my community, and I love the small shops around my downtown area! In terms of what I love to give, I love giving chocolate. I enjoy giving handmade gifts… the gifts are not always made by my hands. This time of the year, I live on Etsy! I enjoy giving handmade gifts.

Unless the gifts are food, the gifts are not made by my hands! The jars are so pretty and festive!! My favorite gifts to give are really anything that can make a family member or friend smile — something homemade, or special food! And my favorite gifts to receive… are just spending time with my family and relatives.

Thanks for having this giveaway! Or just a giant bag full of candy and other fun stuff that can make me less stressed as a college student. I LOVE making gifts for people, especially scrapbooks or other keepsakes. Cheesy, I know. My favorite gifts to give are stocking stuffers like fun kitchen utensils and yummy chocolates. My favorite gifts to receive are holiday PJs or anything warm like soft sweaters or blankets!

These all look delicious! I love giving and receiving handmade gifts- my sister is super creative and I always look forward to her gifts! I love cooking and you are an inspiration to me as a home-cook. Christmas is all about giving to one another. I love giving homemade gifts. As for receiving, anything is welcome.

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My Favorite gifts to give are fabulous cookbooks, or beautiful table linens and tea towels. Sometimes I create a fun food themed gift basket, like an italian dinner complete with a red checkered tablecloth or a mexican fiesta in a stone mortar or molcajete. Give me anything gourmet food stuffs i.

While I am not crafty, I do love to bake bread and give bread as gifts! As for what I like in return, pretty much anything:. My favorite gift to give is something that I know someone really wanted. I love receiving giftcards! I love to give and receive anything homemade. It means so much more coming from the heart and the person put special thought into creating something just for you. I love giving or receiving gifts from Etsy! However, this year I think I am going to be making these jars!

What a great and beautiful idea. I love to make your recipes. I made the Brie Spirals for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit. One of my favorite things to receive is a loaf of homemade bread. My neighbor makes one for every holiday and brings one over and they are always so delicious. My favorite gift to receive is a gift certificate to a local restaurant. I love going out to eat and there are so many great little places around town. Not only is the food great but I love supporting local businesses.

My favorite gift to give is a homemade edible gift. This year I am making flavored salts and butters and giving them to friends and family with a basket of homemade biscuits. I think maybe the espresso spiced nuts and the pomegranate sugar. I love your unique ideas and twists and wish you a special and happy season. These are all great ideas. I love giving very thoughtful gifts to people I love. I love to get kitchen stuff, especially new spices or spice blends that I can concoct interesting meals with! Happy Holidays!

Such cute jars! My favourite gift to give is my home made garlic dill pickles, my favourite gift to receive is Christmas cake. I love giving savoury gifts as I find chocolate and sweets are overly abundant during the holidays. My favourite is the life changing cracker recipe from Sprouted Kitchen which I package up in little bags to give out — a big hit and has now become a staple gift given the requests. I love receiving homemade bread non sweet trend here! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes and inspiration! My favorite gifts to give? Something I know the recipient will love — so it depends — my favorites this year thus far are a fabulous unicorn ceramic cereal bowl for a young lady i know, and a beautiful necklace with a shakespeare quote for a young actress.

My favorite Christmas gift to give is gift card. My favorite Christmas gift to receive is gift card as well. I love to give homemade cinnamon rolls or homemade bacon jam and homemade sourdough bread. As far as receiving, anything homemade or vintage is the best! Thanks for the great recipes! I also had a question about the chocolate chips in the granola recipe as I did not see it listed.

I love giving pottery. I igfe away homemade Baileys every year! Last year I did spiced Bourbon for my vegan friends as well. I love to get Buckeyes from my BFF every year no matter how far apart we live getting my care package always feels like she is right here with me! The Nutella for sure is happening. My favorite gift to receive is anything I can listen to or bake with and my favorite gift to give is something that shows the receiver that I really listen to what they say and the sorts of things that they like and care about.

I like to give homemade baked goods or something thoughtful that the person will enjoy. I really like to received practical, useful gifts. I love to give any kind of homemade treats…it really is the best gift. And I love to receive cookbooks…I have hundreds of them! Like a lot of people, I like to give homemade gifts. This year, I made a dozen bottles of vanilla extract. I love to receive anything edible, as I live for food. I love to give handmade items that are unique to the recipient, whether I have knitted, sewn, drawn, or baked them.

I love to receive gifts that show the special bond the giver and I have, which my closest friends and family are so good at picking!! My favorite gift to give is a hand written card with a deep and heart felt message paired with fresh baked cookies or a hand painted image. I know each family member or friend well enough to choose the perfect gift. I myself really like to receive gifts that are well thought out. Usually my family does not exchange gifts for the winter holidays. Both of my siblings and I are away for school and so the holidays are the one of the few times we actually all get to be together, that is as great a gift as any.

I honestly could ask for more. Usually before I leave college, I like to buy an edible arrangements bouquet or make some desserts for the staff at dining halls in my school. There are too many people in this world who work so hard and are not recognized for their contributions. I love giving and receiving homemade gifts best! I love baking cookie gift boxes for all the households on my list! Anything edible is always good!!

My favorite gift to give is a tall mason jar of chocolate covered pretzels with a custom note! My favorite to receive is anything hand made! To give? Delicious, festive. I love their products even if I have to drive 2 hours to get them! I will definitely be making several of these gift recipes. My favorite gift to give is something that I have made along with a purchased item, like a homemade recipe with a carefully chosen festive dish towel or wooden spoon.

A favorite gift that I like to receive is a vintage cookbook or canning jar. I love to make caramels and chocolates for the stockings. I love to give gifts that require a search!

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Christmas shopping is all part of the fun. Okay, so these gifts are ridiculously pretty and awesome. Oh and umm.. My favourite gift to give is probably a prank gift hehehe. Of course the real gift follows afterwards, but I mean.. You should see their faces.. A butt plug for my dad? My all-time favourite gift to get … is probably … a ring!! I love giving out things that are fun and functional, haha. My favorite gifts to get are kitchen gadgets. Oh, my, a giveaway right before Christmas, this is so perfect!!

I love to give things that I make to people I love. I sew, knit and crochet but I also love to give things like these jars to people. I can food too and I give that away too. Really anything from the heart is a good gift no matter if it is bought from a store or homemade. I love to give Christmas cookies in cutely decorated boxes if I can manage to get my act together! And while I love receiving pretty much anything? I always give a decorative wrapped tray of cookies. If I do not, they always say they were hoping for cookies.

So the tradition continues and I know they will enjoy the cookies. I always add a small homemade ornament as well. As far as for me getting something, I would much rather have people make a donation to charity from me. There are so many needy people that I would prefer helping them. I get great pleasure out of helping people I need. I love giving and receiving edible gifts! This year, I plan on making gingerbread spiced peanut butter in small mason jars for coworkers and neighbors.

I guess I better get on that. Since I basically turn into an elf around the holidays, I love to spread the cheer to anyone who comes into my apartment. That being said, I love to give gifts that make people happy, whatever that may be. I also enjoy baking endless amounts of christmas sweets and bread for my friends.

The first thing that came to mind was candles… I love to give them every year just as much as I like receiving them! I love to give hand made gifts for the holidays — the time you take and love that you put into the gift creates a special connection. To receive…I feel incredibly blessed to have what I have and realize that personal belongings is not what makes life full of joy.

For this reason I am requesting for all of my family to donate to The Farm Sanctuary where that money can go to help rescue other animals and provide food and shelter to the voiceless. I like to give themed gifts spa day supplies, ice cream sundae kit, bbq, etc , and I like to receive anything that the giver put some time thinking about personal, not generic.

Thanks for the giveaway! These are so so cute and such a good idea for my office presents! Might have to do a different one for each friend — perfect! My favorite things to give and receive are usually experiences — trips or something travel related. My family loves to travel!

These are all so cute and creative! I especially love the pomegranate sugar. My favorite gift to give during the holidays is something that the person receiving it will really love AND will be able to use all year long. My favorite gift to receive is any type of kitchen gadget. My favorite Christmas gift to give is always food related.

Hopefully they turn out! My favorite gift to give is definitely edible goods like cookies and other sweet treats; not surprisingly, these are also my favorite things to get! Throughout the year, I keep a notebook in my purse and each time I notice something that a family or friend needs or wants, I write the item down. Then, when it comes time to get gifts for Christmas, it is so easy and fun to get everyone gifts they love and needed all along!

For example, last year I got my mom kitchen supplies for her new home, some of her favorite art books that she wanted when we were at museums, and chocolate. I try to give in little ways everyday as I see it. Someone in above comment mentioned it seems those that have the least give the most, I find that to be true. I love to give something nostalgic, like a favorite childhood book. I like to receive fun kitchen gadgets. Awesome recipes as always. Last year I was in the hospital over Christmas, so the biggest gift for me this year is that I will be home and with my whole family.

Although your blog updates certainly helped cheer me up in the hospital! My favorite gifts to give are handmade cards with long, personal messages. I find that no matter what I make or buy, everyone especially loves the handwritten cards with inside jokes and lists of all the reasons why I appreciate them. These are really cute jars! I love giving and receiving gifts that have been thought out. Something that I really know means something to someone or even receiving a family treasure. I also love Christmas cards, knowing someone took the time to write in it and send it.

I really enjoy your recipes! Because of their busy lifestyles I find that the most practical and appreciated gift is something that helps my siblings come together with their families to enjoy time with one another. I simply give them a homemade gift certificate and a card with a little menu in it. It is so much fun to do this because i can be creative with the meals and my siblings really love having a nice meal with their family.

My favorite gift to receive is probably socks. I seem to constantly be loosing mine and i love having crazy cozy socks! My favorite gift to give is homemade and decorated cookies, fudge, peanut butter balls, and so forth. I think it is so fun to give something that I have put a lot of effort into. My favorite thing to get is probably clothes or hair tools. I am greatful to receive any gift of any kind and I love giving gifts that I know the person has really wanted, but would not buy for themselves.

I like to receive cooking presents. I love giving really personalized and unexpected things, or when inspiration is lacking, homemade treats are always fun. I love receiving experiences cooking classes, food tours, ect , or edible things. She absolutely loved it and used it constantly!

The Flying Brownie: 100 Terrific Homemade Food Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones Far Away Free

Unfortunately we lost her this year to a sudden aggressive cancer, but I am happy that the last thing she got as a gift from me was so used and wanted. Now it has a special spot in my kitchen. The gift I love to receive — cookbooks. I am not ashamed to say I have quite an extensive collection.

I love them though because I can use them throughout the year, and I can always hunt through them to trigger new recipe ideas in my brain. This year, we did gifts a bit early in my family, and I bought my mother an antique, stained-glass lamp to replace one I broke years ago. She cried. We hugged. It was wonderful. I love receiving gifts that are meaningful from the person. My favorite gift is to give — Something made from the heart. It helps to have two sous chefs lending hand to help in the kitchen. To minimize the fighting, each of them takes a turn to help with the ingredients. At times cooking has been a lot of trial and error since my son has a dairy allergy to find recipes that he loves and can enjoy.

Keep connecting…we love your recipes. But a simple thank you does go along way for all my hard work. I also like receiving surprises. I love every minute I spend with my grandchildren — they are good, and kind, and wise and really fun — time well spent. Family is at the age where they need more important tools and we try to find the right thing that will not only help them in their lives, but that will delight them by its unexpectedness. Mele Kalikimaka!!!! By far! And I present it in a neat tin to add to the pleasure….. My favorite gift to receive is music!

Some of my favorite Gifts to give at Christmas are usually homemade goodies. I use Christmas Cookie Cutters! I also love to bake Banana Walnut Bread. My favorite gifts to give are homemade lotions and potions. My favorite to get are experiences-such as a trip to the glass museum with my aunt, or the spa with my sister. I love giving food…. Best gifts I receive are any notes my kids give me — I love the sentiments and the effort. I like receiving the same. Nothing generic, but full of thought and care towards who I am and what I enjoy. One year, after graduation, it was a Europe trip with my best friend.

I love to give gifts made with my hands whether it be food baskets or jars, a quilt, or a painting. The best thing I could receive is when family gathers together for the holidays. I love receiving homemade gifts as well! I also like to receive homemade gifts as they can help inspire me and see what other people have thought of the past year! I also love gifting homemade cookies or granola.

As for gifts I like to receive? Shoes, makeup, or quality work out gear. I love giving edible gifts, usually cookies although last year I made vanilla sugar for everyone because I ran out of time to bake. To receive, I love anything kitchen related or clothes. My mother in law has the best taste. My family always makes a variety of Christmas cookies every year and we pass them out to family and friends. I love getting homemade gifts from my kids. I love giving home-baked goods for Christmas gifts! I like to give my homemade limoncello and cookies……. My favorite gift to give are the handknitted accessories I have made—shawls or scarves or hats.

My favorite things to give are the gifts that are truly personal to the individual. I love books and scarves, but I am truly happy with something as simple as a hug. Mom went back to work that summer and I was in charge of babysitting. Her payment to me was a new little cookbook nearly weekly! I made up those names, but you get the point. I still have some of them and treasure them. First off, I swear I was trying to picture a particular type of bat marsupial that thrived in zucchini patches until about halfway through your post.

Second random thought in a jumbled beaded thread. My mom just rescued it from their attic so that I can pass it on to my daughter. You make shallow slices on one side of a hot dog and wind it around a dollop of pickle relish on a hamburger bun ; Sloppy Joe self evident ; Bunny Salad canned pear halves with cottage cheese tails, almond ears, cinnamon candy noses and raisin eyes ; Polka Dotted Macaroni and Cheese a mac and cheese casserole with sliced hot dogs ; Chocolate Chip Cookies; and, sadly, the Tuna and Chips Casserole.

I still love those recipes to this day. I still fondly remember my favorite chocolate frosting Brown Beauty , among other gems. My mom was a straight up housewife raised in the midwest by depression era parents, and she always had a huge garden with tons of zucchini. Great memories Ok, 1. Step-by-Step Cookbook which is British so I never managed to get the measurements right , but has everything shown by color photo step-by-step. It has a killer recipe for beef stew that my mother still makes the key is a bit of orange peel.

Strange to me that only one other person so far has mentioned the Joy of Cooking. The first things I made from it all on my own were peanut butter cookies and raspberry jam. My mom would make her crust for pies, and then give me the leftovers. I would use small cookie cutters to make shapes out of the dough, and them bake them with sugar and cinnamon. When I was a little older, I would roll them out, add butter, cinnamon and sugar, roll them up and slice like cinnamon buns. They came out crispy and good!

My favorite item with zucchini is chocolate zucchini cake. So moist. We puree the zucchini first. The original,non-updated, loaded with dairy fat Moosewood Cookbook. I do remember that at 16 my specialty was curried rice made with plain old white rice, raisins, almonds, peas, and tons of Sun Brand Madras curry powder. And now I find myself with a bit of a craving for that gummy and very yellow dish……. This looks so good, and the zucchini adds moisture and nutrition-somehing to do with all that garde-grown zucchini! You can still find used copies at ABE. My Mum was such a fabulous cook that there was simply no need… and no room for an inquisitive kid in the kitchen with eight of us to feed three times a day.

Great question! I love this blog, I grew up with my mom and grandma in firm charge of the kitchen. They rarely used a coockbook but owned every one that was ever printed ,lol. Oh the memories, me standing on a chair , apron on…I just knew I was a the best cook on earth. Thanks to my mom and Grandma, I am a good cook, never afraid to wing it and yes, I go home and read my moms cookbooks still…My specaility is homemade spaghetti, strangely taught to me by an aunt , to this day Im still asked to make it for all our family functions.

The book fell apart over the years and then disappeared. I was sooo happy :- And it brought back lots of lovely warm memories. In college, when I went to Budapest for a semester, my mom gave me the paperback Joy of Cooking volume 1 …so virtually everything I made for 6 months came from there. Particular favorite was chicken and dumplings — Thank goodness for that book or we would never have eaten chicken! I had no idea how to cut up a whole chicken and that was the only way you could buy it in Hungary at the time. But Joy of Cooking had explicit directions, of course! I miss it when you take a break.

My daughter now has my copy and faithfully uses it for her family cooking. Love you pictures, the comments and all. My first cookbook was a kids science cookbook. It had nifty pictures and I loved cooking out of it. I believe my first thing to bake though was chocolate chip cookies or pretzels. Maybe my parents know. Instant gratification: The Only Way! Anyway, where was I? I remember loving the Caesar salad, but not being able to get down more than a spoonful of the soup.

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Luckily, my dad loved it or did he? Thanks, dad! It had this bright yellow cover, with the black spiral bound sides. Inside it had little traffic lights, little red, yellow and green lights indicating the hardness of the recipie and if parents should be keeping a close eye! I was so proud to get that book! I read smitten kitchen every day and I too am sad when there are no new posts. My first cookbook was a Gold Medal Flour cookbook for kids. It was just a little pamphlet type deal and I am certain the first thing I made from it was pancakes. Just time spent in the kitchen perched on the stepstool with dishtowel for an apron and tutoring by my Grandma, aunts, uncles and mom.

The farmers market by me sells those insanely large zucchini that grow unchecked for the same price as the teeny ones, but I usually get small ones anyways. My first cookbook was a hand-me down from my mom that sounds much like the one you described. I love zucchini bread, but only my step grandmothers. However I am no longer in touch with my step family and cannot get the recipe. Looks like this one is next on my list. I may just have to try it both ways. I was cooking out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 8th grade. We fessed up recently. My first recipe was a cake made in the shape of an igloo that I made for my 11th or 12th birthday in January.

I remember being extremely proud of it. I also remember baking breakfast muffins from the book along with a candle salad made with a banana and a cherry flame! Damn, how cute is Gladys up there? What does it mean that I think old people are cuter than babies these days? No bats yet cucumbers are a different story. I think I made popovers first—my brother and I were briefly obsessed with them. Dad has to make chocolate chip cookies himself if he wants them. First cookbook was a Sunset Magazine basic cookbook Sunset is a west coast thing.

I think my grandma found it at a library book sale or something. It came in handy the first time I made a baked potato on my own. The Settlement Cookbook! A present from my American grandmother to my Roman mother, who promptly shut it into her kitchen cupboards until I discovered it as a pre-teen. I loved helping her peel all those apples, anticipating how great it was going to taste after it was all done.

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  7. BTW, I made your chili recipe last night for my husband and I, and it was just perfect! Thank you. I remember making some sort of candy that ended up tasting like burnt sugar — yuck! Melted chocolate added to the batter however, is wonderous! The Snuffyloaf was just meatloaf shaped like Snuffaluphagus sitting on a tangle of buttered egg noodles. Wow — The memories that cookbok brings back are just so intense. I can practically smell the beef, onions and buttered noodles. Good times. The Mennonite Community Cookbook… I grew up using that cookbook and had to have my own copy when I left home.

    I Eat! My mom gave it to me, and I loved it. I EAT! Still make it, but from memory now and with a few small changes. GREAT question! My husband mentioned the addition of chocolate chips, but instead I used mini cinnnamon chips in the batter. My original recipe is very similar to yours, but the cinnamon chips melt into little pockets of extra cinnamon flavor. But, the recipe I remember was for Christmas candy cane cookies.

    One batch of sugar cookie dough flavored with peppermint extract. Half of the dough was flavored with red food coloring lots, so the dough was red, not pink. Grab a piece of white dough and roll it into a snake, same with the red, then twist together and shape into a candy cane. I still have it today, well worn and it has the best brownie recipe ever.

    I did that last year and they were really good. My favorite cookbook as a kid was based on the Charlie Brown characters. I loved making Lucy Lemon Squares. Love your blog! My zucchini bread though I prefer them in mini muffin form recipes is virtually the same. I always swap out half the oil for applesauce, and half the flour for whole wheat as you mentioned.

    Then I feel all virtuous eating them, as they are moist and delicious. They freeze beautifully, too. I am not kidding. My first cookbook was the little black binder that my mother has had forever, and which holds all of our family favorites, including ones from my great and regular grandmother.

    My brothers three and I never fight, but there just might be a turf battle over who gets that binder when Mom is no longer with us. My mom had a whole set of Ladies Home Journal cook books, slim, alphabetized like encyclopedias, hardbound, with he most gorgeous color illustrations. I cannot for the life of me imagine where she got them,or, if she bought them, how she afforded them, but we cooked out of them since I can remember.

    She passed when I was 16, but I kept them until they molded and roaches got to them I live in Florida before I finally gave them up. They were the only really personal items she left me when she died, and I owe my love of cooking to her and those books. Thanks for that memory Deb, I had forgotten. It was almost three inches thick, and my parents cooked it from cover to cover on a fairly frequent basis.

    My dad would make Saturday breakfast for us out of it, and my earliest memories of cooking were helping him make thick velvety Russian pancakes out of it. My very. Published the year I was born, it contains charming vignettes of the Blonde enjoying home, school, and holidays in the kitchen. Curse you, Diet for a Small Planet! Betty Crocker? Junior League? Who are you people? Obviously, I grew up in a far different… remote location that the rest of the world. Really, a collection of recipes handed down to the younger members of the church for important occasions like… dating …or the ice going out on the lake.

    Bars come in a large variety, but chocolate and lemon are the best. Hotdish in MN is anything that is held together with cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup. Hotdish is usually topped with tater tots or a can of crispy, fried onions. Does anyone else notice that the vegetable category is missing? My husband attributes my avoidance of all things green to this fact. To this day, a hotdish is my go-to comfort food. Now I have to go dig that out for Izzy. Reading these comments has been quite fascinating.. Love these comments! Ahna, great post! Glad you asked the question!

    Growing up my mom had a Fanny Farmer cookbook. Dozens, and dozens… but do I use them? I keep printing out recipes fromthe Food Network, and yours… My first own cookbook was the Joy of Cooking, and one put together by a social group. All high fat and yummy. The Peanuts Cook Book! I remember that! I think that was my first cookbook as well — I can remember making Security Cinnamon Toast as a wee kidlet.

    Fond memories. My first real cookbook was the edition of Joy of Cooking; first I learned how to bake cookies, then cakes, then bread. I went right out, bought her books, read them from cover to cove, and that was it for me. I was hooked. What a gal. I have a similar feeling about you. This blog this is a blog,right? You are very funny, down to earth, an incredible photographer, and I know you would be a hoot to bake cookies or break bread with. We made sandwiches shaped like cat faces cheese triangle ears, celery whiskers.

    What a fun thread to read, and see where we all started from! I love a walk down memory lane! One of my favorite cooking rituals was making shirred eggs with my father—lots of pomp and circumstance and so good. On the chocolate chip front—I ran a very basic cooking really baking class for little kids at my temple for a few years and the 2 rules were everything was made from scratch and everything had chocoloate chips.

    Really messy but a lot of fun! Thanks for asking and I love the site. I still make the Green Curry with Zucchini and Bamboo shoots on a frequent basis. That first purchase made a monster out of me and now I have 42 cookbooks on my bookcase along with a box of antique cookbooks stored away somewhere. I DO remember my first cookbook — Joy of Cooking. I was a new bride, at that moment living in some pretty ugly temporary digs in Pensacola, FL with a kitchen that hardly qualified as one. I made cherry pie. Made crust. And filling. And a lattice top that I hitched to the edges.

    Baked it. It oozed all over the sides of the pan and the bottom of the oven. Pie was wonderful, but it stuck to the pan, so it came out in spoonfuls. Looked dreadful, but tasted just fine. My first cookbook was also the Fannie Farmer cookbook. My brother and I used to make sugar cookies all the time. He would mix the wet ingredients, I would sift in the dry, and then we would race to see who could fill up a baking sheet first.

    After gorging ourselves on cookies, he would wash the dishes and I would dry. Good times sniff, sniff. Believe it or not, my first cookbook was the Nancy Drew Cookbook. In retrospect, I can see that my mother was very patient! I will also third the recommendation for the Fannie Farmer cookbook — the best all-around resource I know. I often give it as a graduation present. I too first thought this post was about dodging flying bats in the garden!!

    Some of my first cooking came out of the Campbell Soup Cookbook and the Joys of Jello cookbook is making Jello considered cooking? My first cookbook was the Mandie cookbook. It took years and years, but I made the bread pudding recipe in it a few years ago. I made cheese sauce with it. I remember us making many of the international recipes in this book — probably why both my sister and I have wonderfully broad palates today!

    The first thing I made was english muffin pizzas. Nasty sounding, eh? Since my mom was a great cook with no sweettooth, I was all over cookies frequently sugar and brownies…. What did I make first? My first cookbook was one my grandmother owned, but I baked from it. It was published in I baked my first pie apple with it when I was 10, by this time the book was well over 20 years old.

    But, from this little book, came the best pies with the flakiest, lightest piecrusts that just melted in my mouth. A few years ago, in a fit of nostalgia, I went to eBay looking for this heavenly cookbook. I found it immediately, bid on it and won it. When the cookbook came in the mail, the pages were dark from age and had some stains from baking. That was fine, as it evoked strong memories of my grandma and her cookbook.

    I again made a apple pie from this book from scratch and it was just as good as the first one I made at age I was given the cookbook for a wedding present, and it was one thing I used a lot since it had step-by-step instructions. The page to biscuit recipes is still turned down at the corner. I just wanted to say that I tried out this Zucchini Bread recipe and it was simply amazing! I am a frequent visitor to your site, and had been wanting to try out a one of your recipes. So when I purchased an abundance of zucchini at the farmstand down the street the other day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

    I substituted applesauce for the 1 c. Some I made plain, others I added raisins, and others still chocolate chips. My favorite by far were the chocolate chips ones — especially dunked in milk the next day! The only problem I encountered was that the muffins stuck to the cupcakers liners quite a bit. I found that the spraying the tin with the Pam spray with flour worked better. Finally a collection of recipes that makes sense and are simplified! Kindercrunchies from Discovery Toys. I made the big, soft pretzels like times LOL! My mom held on to the book and after my daughter was born she passed it along.

    Now we both enjoy it together :. My apartment smells incredible! I tried the recipe with 2 cups of white flour and 1 cup of whole wheat. My Mom was a wonderful cook still is! Love to bake and cook, now I do it for others as my 4 kids are grown and gone.

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    My first book with a recipe was a hardbacked Sesame Street book that had a recipe for banana bread. It was a one page comic strip where Grover marched through every frame, from measuring the ingredients to mashing the brown bananas. It was a great way to get rid of old bananas, I am sure. I can remember sitting in front of the oven window, willing the banana to rise to perfection. I was just doing a little surfing while waiting for my lunch to show up at the office, and I followed your new link back to this post.

    Since I was young, Zucchini Bread has been one of my most favorite foods. But other than that, even the proportions are the same. My mom had this beautiful I thought international cookbook with full-color photographs of each of the dishes. I was 9 when I decided I wanted to cook something and the oyster soup sounded delicious. This turned out to be a hugely labor-intensive project for a young girl but I had committed and was going to see this thing through. We served it up to my family and I anticipated heaping helpings of praise from each of them.

    We tucked in and it was terrible. It had this sickly sweet flavor and was not at all what I had imagined. Suddenly my lets out this little gasp. I started thumbing through the weird hued pages — they all had that strange prisma color look that the first colored movies had.. Those were my first books.

    My first recipe out of them was some casserole that basically demolished any structural integrity of a squash and topped it with delicious ritz crackers.. And lots of butter. I remember, even at seven years old, feeling as if the butter measurements had to be completely wrong..

    Could you please tell me if I can use frozen zucchini in this recipe without destroying it? Thanks KP. Karen — It would probably depend on when you froze the zucchini. Already shredded? I remember the illustrations so clearly! One of my favorite pages showed the Seven Dwarves decorating enormous cupcakes…I think it might be time to give Moosewood a rest, and break out Disney for a little fun in the kitchen! Thanks for sending me on a trip down memory lane with this post. I brought it in to my office and already some has asked me if they can take home any leftovers if there are any. Two things I tried that are delicious additions are some shredded carrots with the nuts, raisins and spice it is almost like a carrot cake variation and some ground ginger for zing.

    As for the frozen zucchini, I have made this before using some shredded frozen I did a bunch in the food processor and put a batch in the freezer to test it. It was OK, but I prefer fresh, obviously. I guess so many of us had such fond memories that the powers that be decided to re-issue it for another generation to discover!

    Did I tell her this when I met her at a signing a few years ago? I drooled and slobbered all over her and made a total fool of myself. The book now opens to the roast chicken page. Be still my heart. Getting to this a little late, but I will answer none-the-less! I still have it right above my fridge and use it to this day! This question brought a flood of memories, and a few tears. It was one her church ladies group published, so it had recipies from her and his mother and their friends. I ordered it at school from Scholastic.

    Does anyone else remember those monthly newsprint book orders? I used to practically drool over the pages, circling every book I dreamed of owning! Then, my mom would take a look and narrow my choices to one! I still have it. Best thing about it? My cookbook is paperback, with tan and orange line drawings and well placed staples rather than a plastic comb to bind the spine.

    Good luck tracking down your cookbook from your childhood. The cookbook I remember using most is a Betty Crocker book my aunt gave my mom as a gift when my parents married. I have greatly enjoyed cooking from it for years. My aunt actually my second momma passed away 15 years ago and I miss her a lot. My mom gave me her cookbook last year.

    Me… there are to many to list. Booty Food was my first cookbook that I myself purchased. Note: Your zucchini bread recipe is in my oven now x2! I now write down all of my and other peoples recipes that I really enjoy on index cards and keep them in a box. My first cookbook was a Sesame Street cookbook. I know we did it more than once, because we had so much fun molding the groundbeef.

    Wish I knew where that book went :. Thanx so much. Hi Deb, My fiance and I have been reading your blog for a few months now and finally tried one of your recipes — zucchini bread. It turned out great, I really like the addition of vanilla. I think it really made the flavor richer. Does it make you happy, Deb, that people are still commenting on this post almost 3 years later?

    Margarine, sugar, and some cocoa are boiled for just one minute, then quickly mix in peanutbutter and 3 C of oats, scoop onto wax paper and TADA! Heaven in your mouth. My first cookbook was some sort of European kids cookbook. Impossible for a 9yr old to figure out how to convert the measurements to cups and tablespoons from grams and ounces.

    Equal amounts of chocolate powder, powdered sugar, and butter. They never make it past the mixing stage cause we eat it on everything. Dried apricots? Graham crackers? Oh yes. My mom also has the Whole foods for the whole family cookbook. We make cheese leather and b-b-q chicken from it. My first cookbook was called Clueless in the Kitchen which I promptly took offense to since I decided at a very young age I was going to be a Chef.

    Despite my resentment I actually WAS clueless at the time and made a good portion of the recipes in the book. I love the layout of your website. First cookbook, from my dear mamma, Moosewood. First recipe I made was the tomato soup, which I still make to this day. The recipes are simple and delicious and created from foods served during parties and picnics in the book. The first thing I made from it was egg salad; the second, pound cake. Twenty-some-odd years later, my family still begs me to make the pound cake.

    Wow — I am so glad I came across this site. Believe it or not, Zucchini bread works really well with fresh blueberries. We have only used blueberries since. Our recipe is very similar to this one. My first cookbook was the Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook. My mom gave me a box of stuff she saved for me in case I had a little girl.

    Well, when I had my daughter a year and a half ago and there it was in the box! I using the recipe to make different types of berry floats and berry roll up sandwiches. I plan to recreate these with my little girl! My first cookbook that I actually used was the Betty Crocker Cookbook. I used it for recipes like stuffed peppers heavenly , oven-fried chicken awesome , and just for hints like cooking temperature for meatloaf or cornbread.

    I have used this paperback one so much in the last 15 years that the pages are all falling out, but among all of the 20 or so cookbooks under my cabinet, it is the only one that was worth the money. I got obsessed with the idea of baking the teddy bear bread bread shaped like a bear—you make various sizes of dough ball and put them together and talked my dad into helping me; I was probably about eight. It came out pretty well, if I recall correctly. My first cookbook, was my grandma. It was all in her head. I remember she had a big huge drawer she had filled with flour and the other one with sugar.

    A dash of this and that, and voila…sugar cookies! Like grandma magic! She would have special sunday dinners and I could always count on fresh iced tea in the summer. I really miss her. The very first thing I ever made were bread loaves shaped like teddy bears for her birthday. I was only 10 or She made the biggest deal of that, to this day that memory makes me smile. The best zuchinni bread I have ever made and I am a professional baker. There was nothing I would do differently or change. Keep this in your books! About the same time, I got my mid-sixties edition of Joy of Cooking, which is still a useful reference too.

    Off to make zucchini bread, thanks for the ideas. My brother also has a garden that produces giant zucchini and being the loving brother that he is, he gave me one.