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Considerable interest has been aroused in Lexington over the matter as some of the heirs live there. Virginia parties are in that city looking up the heirs, and it is said Judge Geo. Denny will take up the matter as an attorney. Among the heirs are the Munday family, of which M. Guy and Mrs. Lipscomb live in this county. Davis, at Lexington. The line of descended, is not long and is said to be easy of proof. The father of Mr. We hope that something tangible may grow out of this and that they may realize a handsome fortune. The Winchester Democrat Friday November 12, I notice in The Argonaut a piece taken from your paper in which you are in some what error as to the genealogy of the Munday family.

There was born to a Lord Walden an only child, John Walden, who came to this country about John Walden had several children, among them Rachel who married Benj. Munday, who had three sons, Charles, Abram and Edmund. The latter was the father of Capt. Jennings, an heir, has been at work on this case for more than ten years and is now in England, her daughter, Mrs. Chanslor, is here and Mrs. Taylor has gone to Virginia from whence she will soon sail to England to join Mrs.

Davis and Wood, of Lexington, have been engaged to look up the few remaining heirs and forward the papers when properly fixed up, and any parties interested will do well to write to us about this matter. The Winchester Democrat Tuesday November 16, Elvin S. WaldenWell known young man of this city dies at the home of his father in Madison county. Saturday the news was received here that Elvin S. Walden had died at the home of his father, Mr. Walden, at Doylesville, Madison county, that morning. Last year he engaged in the insurance business in Louisville, but was forced to give it up the first of the year on account of declining health.

His illness finally developed into tuberculosis which caused his death at the age of twenty-two. Besides his father, he leaves two brothers, Messrs. Walden, of this city. Talbott M. Walden, of Morristown, Tennessee, died at their home Tuesday, March 12 th. Their many friends here extend sympathy. The remains were buried at the Van Meter graveyard. The funeral services were held at the family residence Wednesday by Eld. Harding and Rev. Chandler and the remains were buried in the Winchester cemetery.

He leaves seven children: Mrs. Jennie Jones, Mr. Joseph Walden, Mrs. Mattie Moore, and Miss Josie Walden, of this city. John Will and T. Walden, of Tennessee, and Shelby Walden, of Covington. The pall bearers were: H. Fitch, F. Frazier, Sam Tapp, J. Harris, Robert Harrison and T. Walden, of Covington and T. Walden, of Tennessee, were here this week to attend the funeral of their father, John Walden. The will of John Walden was probated Monday.

He leaves all his property to his wife, Lucinda M. Walden, for life, and at her death to be equally divided among his children and his niece, Annie Moore, in equal parts with the exception that his son, Shelby I. Walden, is to receive one hundred dollars less.

Jasper Walden is appointed executor without bond and without pay for his services. Connelly who made oath thereto as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of Lewis Walden dec. Order Book 10; P. Buck The Winchester Sun Fri. Darbathia Mildren Death Of Mrs. Darbathia Walden, wife of A. Walden, died Tuesday night at her home on Winn Avenue, of consumption, aged fifty-four years. Martin and B. Bailey, and the remains were buried in the Winchester cemetery. Before her marriage she was Miss Bowman, and had lived most of her life in Madison county, coming here a few years ago.

Besides her husband she leaves three sons, John N. She was a good christian woman and highly respected. Winchester Democrat Fri. Delilah Death of Mrs. She was the widow of Harvey Walden, who was killed some years ago by falling from a loaded wagon, and leaves two sons and one daughter. The funeral was preached yesterday at the Church of Christ on Fairfax street, services by Eld. Harding and the remains were buried in the Winchester cemetery. Death is terrible in any form. Even when the subject has lived out the allotted span of life, or is suffering from an incurable malady, we shrink from contact with the grim monster, but when the victim dies by her own hand and in the full flush of young womanhood, the tragic scene is invested with new terrors.

Such a death was the one Friday night of Mrs. Etta Walden, the wife of J. The couple were married about a year ago when both were very young. Things did not work smoothly, the young people did not get along well, and a separation followed. The young wife seemed to be devoted to he husband, but his ardor had cooled and the matrimonial fetters were no longer desirable. While the parties were perfectly friendly the young husband was determined not again to live with his wife.

She brooded over these things until it is reasonable to believe that reason had become dethroned, and she believed the only solace for a broken heart was the silence of the grave. Friday night she went from the residence of her father, W. She had a talk with him in which she gave no indication of the desperate purpose in her mind. A small bottle of carbolic acid was on the shelf, which she secreted, and going into another room she swallowed its contents. At once the terrible stuff begun its deadly work, and, although the family did everything that could be done and a doctor was summoned at once she died after a short interval of terrible agony.

The funeral was preached Sunday morning at the church of Christ, on Fairfax street, by Revs. Neal and Wm. Rupard, and the remains were interred in the cemetery. The attendance was very large, showing the esteem in which she was held. The whole affair is a very sad one, and, no matter where the responsibility rests, a large number of sorrowing relatives on both sides suffer, to whom we tender our greatest sympathy. Green The Winchester Sun Fri. Lillie Death Of Mrs. Lillie Walden, wife of William Walden, died Saturday after a lingering illness, aged twenty-eight years. She leaves a husband and five little children.

She was formerly Miss Baber, a daughter of Stanley Baber, and leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her death. Walden, nee Miss Baber, died at her home on First avenue, Saturday morning, of typhoid fever. She leaves a husband and five children to mourn her.

Services were conducted by Elder Harding, of that church. The Winchester Sentinel Wed. Margaret C. Margaret S. Walden, aged 57 years. She was a native of this county, her maiden name being Mary Jane Hisle. She moved to Texas in She leaves three sons, L. Walden and Mrs. She was for a score of years a member of the Christian church and was a true, good woman. The Democrat, Wednesday, March 2, Walden, Mrs.

Maxine The Winchester Sun Fri. Mila H. Robert The Winchester News Tues. Susie Died—Sunday, of consumption, at Allansville, Mrs. Susie Walden, wife of Jasper Walden. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn her death. Woody The Winchester Sun Sat. Walden, aged 77 years. For more than half a century she had been an earnest, consistent member of the Christian Church. Her funeral was preached Monday by Eld.

She was the mother of Robert and Wm. Walden of this county. Walden, died at her home at Elkin, Ky. The funeral was preached at the residence by Eld. Burial in the John L. Lisle burying ground. She leaves one sister, Miss Amanda, and two brothers, Everett and William. Charles Fisher, a brother-in-law, of Down, Ill.

The family has the sympathy of the entire community. Tuesday, of kidney trouble, super-induced by diphtheria, William Wolcott infant son of Mr. Thomas Walden, aged about one year. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, April 18, John Waldrand, a retired jeweler, was found dead by his housekeeper Monday morning.

He evidently died Saturday night, but, being alone and his servant away on a Sunday holiday, his death was not discovered. Moodie G. Owenton, Ky. Waldrop, formerly president of the First National bank and one of the most respected citizens of Owen county passed away at his home here at the age of 69 years.

Waldrop was one of the leading business men of Owenton for 30 years. He was one of the prominent pillars of the Baptist church. He was not found until early Thursday morning, when another freight was taking the siding for a north bound freight and the train crew found him in the center of the track horribly mangled. The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, June 18, Walker, Charles J. Madison-Charles J. Walker died Tuesday. Walker, of Lancaster, a prominent employee of the L. He resides near the mouth of Paint Lick creek on the Jessamine side, and was on his way to Richmond when killed.

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The killing is said to have been unprovoked. Walker, being absent on account of the death of his father at Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Walker was summonded Tuesday to Ft. Wayne, Indiana by the sudden and serious illness of his aged father. The latter grew worse and died the night after Eld. Walker at Lexington. The remains were buried at Flemingsburg. Her father was Presiding Elder of this district for several years and has many friends here who will sympathize with him in his loss.

Louis Burton, of Louisville, Ky. Walker, probably the biggest man in the United States, died at Providence, R. He weighed five hundred pounds, was five feet, eleven inches tall, and measured seventy-two inches around the waist. Walker, a very prominent negro gambler, died this week at Dayton, Ohio. He was fined very heavily at the last term of our Circuit Court, but escaped, and the news of his death was the first information of his whereabouts. New York, Dec. He had committed suicide by shooting.

Hiram Pierce Walker, a well known Methodist minister, died at St. He was for a long time Presiding Elder of the District Conference of the Methodist Church and was well known to many of our readers. Through the efforts of Rev. Sims, Kentucky Wesleyan College has secured the valuable library of the late Rev. Walker from the heirs, for addition to the College library. It contains many valuable reference works and will prove a great acquisition.

Death Of J. WalkerHenderson, Ky. Walker, until recently local manager of the Henderson Telephone and Telegraph Co. His body was interred at Morganfield, his old home, Thursday. James Sympson. Dan Duff has been sentenced for one year for shooting with the intent to kill and Dan Bush sentenced for two years for house breaking.

John Walker, aged 27, a telephone lineman, was on top of a pole, when he touched a live wire. He fell over, his body being caught in the wires. He hung for an hour before his dead body was taken down. Madison-Died-John B. Walker, at Richmond, aged 35 years. In trying to put out the flames her mother was so badly burned that she may die. Dessie The Winchester Sun Mon. Emma The Winchester Sun Sat. Henrietta The Winchester Sun Wed. Jennie Mrs.

Jennie Walker, of Kansas City, dropped dead while testifying in a religious meeting, in which she said she was ready to go any minute if the Lord so willed. Martha M. Mary Death Of Mrs. Mary WalkerMrs. Mary Walker, wife of Dr. She was originally Miss Payne and was a native of Henry county. After her marriage to Dr. Walker they lived in Bath county at Moorfield and other places and were residents of this city for fifteen years or more.

She leaves a husband and three children, Will P. Walker, of Peoria, Illinois, Mrs. Wallace Brown, of Cincinnati, Ohio and Mrs. Edgar Runvan, of Minneapolis, Minn. The remains were buried at Cincinnati. Nancy E. Nannie The Winchester Sun Thur. Sallie The Winchester Sun Thur. Ended In MurderTaylorsville, Ky. Presley Walker, Jr. Miner The Winchester Sun Sat. Robert WalkerScottsville, Ky. Robert Walker, a widely known southern Kentucky physician and former member of the state senate, died at his home in this place.

Kentucky News — S. Walker, a Maysville florist whose hand was cut off by a circular saw, died Friday of lockjaw. The Winchester Democrat Tuesday November 9, Walker, Samuel Samuel Walker aged twelve years of Boyle county was thrown from a mule and his foot becoming entangled in a trace chain, he was killed by being dragged along the ground. Funeral services will be held Friday at 1 p. Walker, who has just been given 10 years for killing Wm. Nannie V. Walker is 23 and his wife Walker, a prominent and wealthy citizen of Lancaster, died Friday of brain trouble.

Louisville, Ky. He grew despondent because he could not get work. Wall, the jury decided it was not Mrs. The contestant was Mrs. Dimmit, of Germantown, a daughter. Judge Apperson, of Mt. Clyde The Winchester Sun Mon. Josiah A. JacksonOrder Book 9; P. John T. Wall, aged 76, the oldest practicing physician in the county, died at his home in this city.

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He was a veteran of the Mexican war and was a brother of R. Wall, a commercial traveler, of Cincinnati. Owensboro, Ky. They started across the river in a canvas canoe to the Indiana side to hunt ducks. When about two-thirds across one of them fired his gun and the canoe at once sank, probably from the recoil of the gun. Two men started to rescue them, but arrived too late. Both youths were members of prominent families. Roy The Winchester Sun Fri. Abe Wallace, 19, shot and killed his year-old wife at Wheatcroft, Webster county, and then sent a bullet through his own brain.

The double tragedy occurred late Sunday night and the news just reached here. The couple had been married six months and had separated several times. The girl was walking along the street with a young friend when her husband killed her. And Mrs. Boy shoots stepfatherLexington, Ky. Wallace was shot and fatally wounded by the boy. The shooting was caused by trouble between Wallace and his wife, Smith siding with his mother. A special from Irvine, Estill county, says that at a republican jollification last night in honor of the inauguration of Gov.

Taylor, Edgar Parks, town marshall, was killed, and Fred Ashcraft, white, and Charley Wallace, colored, were mortally wounded. Frank D. Essie Wallace, who Wednesday night sued out a writ of delivery to secure the corpse of her dead husband, Harry Wallace, relented when she saw the mother and sister of the dead man faint away. She was allowed permission to attend the funeral, and permitted the corpse to remain in the possession of the sister. The Clark County Democrat Wed. Brain fever and old age were the cause of his death.

Wallace was one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of this county, having moved here from Clark County, Kentucky, in Deceased leaves a wife and five sons and daughters, as follows: Mrs. Bledsoe, California; Mrs. Isaac Miller, Molino; W. Wallace of this city; John W. Wallace, Vernon county; Jas. Wallace, Santa Fe. Order Book 11; P. Pineville, Ky. And Harvey Topic are dead and Lew Wallace is fatally wounded as the result of a pistol duel in a room in Leslie county, near the Bell and Harlan county line, Sunday night.

The Topic boys were invited by Wallace to go to his house and engage in a game of draw poker. The game seemed to be one sided. Wallace winning all the money. Finally the Topics refused to pay some money that Wallace said they owed and a quarrel followed. Peace was finally secured and the game continued until nearly morning, when the quarrel was renewed. Pistols were drawn, the lights shot out and a desperate duel begun. When the shooting ceased the two Topics were found to be dead and Wallace fatally wounded.

The Democrat, Wednesday, January 11, Wallace, Markoleta Dies from burnsYoung artist visiting Aunt meets untimely death. McCormick, near Spencer, this county. Miss Wallace was alone in the house when she suddenly ran out into the yard, enveloped in flames, and before any one could stop her, she ran to the barn, near where her aunt was churning and fell against the building. She received burns which resulted in her death as soon as she was taken into the house. Her clothing was burned from her body. Miss Wallace was the daughter of Clem Wallace and was 22 years of age. She was an artist of note.

She had been visiting her aunt, Mrs. McCormick, for some months and was planning to return to Texas within the next few days. Her parents were notified of the accident. Miss Markoletta Wallace, of Texas, who was visiting in Montgomery county, was burned to death a few days ago. Her clothing caught fire in the house and she ran out doors and fell, being burned so badly that she died in a short time. Friday morning he fell from a haymow, striking on a pitchfork, one of the tines entering his bowels seven inches.

He was a soldier of the late war and a bachelor. The Democrat, Wednesday, February 22, Wallace, May B. Elizabeth Wallace, of internal cancer. The remains were carried to Ripley, Ohio, for interment. Ellen The Winchester Sun Tues. Fannie Mrs. Fannie Wallace, aged 60, suicided at Frankfort, by emptying both barrels of a shotgun into her side. No cause is assigned. The Democrat, Wednesday, January 20, Wallace, Mrs.

Hattie Deaths. Hattie Wallace, wife of Jas. Wallace, of Irvine, died in Lexington hospital last week. She was a daughter of Judge Hardwick, of Stanton, and was married to Mr. Wallace in this city a few months ago. Margaret Died—Friday, of consumption, Mrs. Margaret Wallace, wife of Ed Wallace, aged 29 years. She was Miss Walden, daughter of the late Harvey Walden, and leaves a husband and one child.

Neal and the remains were interred in the cemetery. Mona Rev. Gilbert was called to Grant county, the first of last week to preach the funeral of Mrs. Mona Wallace, who died Sunday, aged eighty-two years. Sarah The Winchester Sun, Sat. Springfield, O. The blood poisoning is supposed to have come from the bruising of the thumb of his right hand. Wallage was at work on the bridge when it fell and he went down with it.

He received serious injuries about the head which have at last resulted in his death. The Democrat, Wednesday, December 7, A man by the name of Wallen was found dead in a well at Cumberland City, this county. It is not known whether he was murdered and thrown into the well or not. An investigation is being made. Maggie Thursday evening while Mrs. Maggie Wallen, living near Newcastle, was standing by an open fire place, she fainted and fell into the fire. Her body was horribly burned, the flesh in many places falling from the bones. The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, Nov. Charles Waller died at Lexington Wednesday aged fifty years.

He leaves eight children. He was an only brother of Mr. John L. Waller, of this city. The latter, with his wife, went to Lexington yesterday, and will attend the funeral this morning. The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, November 1, Waller, who for the past five years has had charge of affairs at Athol, Ky. He possessed a confortable estate and the deed is supposed to be the result of enfeabled health. He was 56 years old. He formerly lived in this county. The Democrat, Wednesday, April 20, Waller, George E.

The Winchester Sun, Wed. Thursday afternoon his wife built a fire and the stove was blown to pieces. It is supposed some evil-minded person placed powder in the kindling. The Democrat, Friday, December 18, He was in town Monday and became intoxicated and froze to death while on his way home. Miss Lillie Waller, of Ford, was thrown from a horse a few days ago and seriously but not fatally injured. The Winchester Democrat, Wednesday, September 13, Our graded school is in good running order with scholars enrolled.

It is under the control of John M. Wash, Principal, with Miss Lillie M. Waller and Miss Winnie Maupin as assistants. America The Winchester Sun Tues. Elizabeth G. Fannie DeathsMrs.

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Fannie Waller died at her home in Lexington Sunday, aged sixty-nine years. She was the mother of J. Waller of this city. Sarah T. Hunt; Thos. Waller a well known newspaper man of Richmond Va. He was a brother-in-law of Jeff Davis and his wedding was the only one celebrated in the Confederate White House. Cora The Winchester Sun Wed.

Clark County Obituaries: W

They were both hardened wretches and neither had at time shown any remorse or sorrow. In fact, they have at all times denied all knowledge of it. Friday they made a joint confession, implicating Dr. Wagner who is now in the Lexington Insane Asylum. The execution was set for Saturday morning, but was postponed for several hours as Jackson that morning had confessed that Walling was innocent. Bradley was informed by telegraph and said that Jackson would have to give facts and particulars, instead of merely stating his opinion before he would interfere.

This Jackson would not do, and in a short while he said this confession was false and only made it to gain time. Before being taken to the scaffold they said the confession implicating Dr. Wagner was false and was made to influence the Governor. They both died game and both, at the last moment, said they were not guilty. A part of their last night was spent in playing cards after which they slept the remainder of the time.

Bessie The Winchester Sun Tues. Grace B. Died—Emma V. Wallingford died Sunday morning of pneumonia. The funeral took place from the family residence on Mt. Wallingford, Republican nominee for county Judge of Fleming county, died suddenly of heart disease Wednesday. The Democrat, Wednesday, October 29, She was a lady of lovely character and was beloved by all who knew her. Will Mann and sister, Mrs. DeathsThe remains of Mrs. She was a sister of Mrs. White and the late C. Stuart, of this county. She was a native of this county and a noble christian woman. Mollie Died In CynthianaMrs.

Mollie Wallingford, an estimable lady of Cynthiana, died after a lingering illness of consumption. She lived in this county at one time. He announced his intention when he left home, and when some persons tried to follow him, he drove them back with a knife. He went to the edge of the pond, tied his feet together and also his hands. He then deliberately rolled into the water and was drowned. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, March 16, Wallis, Frederick A.

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Albertine A. Ollie F. Susan DiedMrs. Susan Wallis, aged 75 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ward, in Scott county Wednesday. She was well known in this county, and formerly attended Goshen Old Baptist church frequently. The funeral was preached by Eld. Rupard and the remains were buried at Lexington. Robert Walls. Burial in the Brock graveyard. Cordie L. Walls, wife of B. Walls, died Wednesday at the residence of her son, Chas. Walls, on Cane Ridge, aged sixty-eight years.

She leaves two children—Chas. Walls, of this county, and Mrs. Clark, of Winchester. Mecy The Winchester Sun Mon. Catherine The Winchester Sun Sat. Ewart The Winchester Sun Tues. The bartender who gave him the liquor will be prosecuted. Mary E. Clark and wife, of this county, died and was buried last week in Kansas City, Mo. His death was caused by consumption, and he leaves a wife and several children. His uncle, James Douglas, attended the burial. Three Trainmen Killed. Indianola, Neb. Walters and Brakeman William McCarl. Four other trainmen were injured.

The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, October 11, Walters, Ella Important decisionIn a decision handed down Friday the Court of Appeals holds that the personal property of the wife goes to her husband, although she may have a son by another husband, living at the time of her death. Miss Nannie Sewell attended the funeral of her uncle, H.

Walters, at Waltersville, Wednesday. Walters was found lying on the turnpike a few miles from this city Wednesday morning. Investigation showed that the man had fallen from his wagon, breaking his neck. He was 62 years old and leaves a wife and several children. Doug The Winchester Sun Mon. Spout Springs NotesJas. Walters died at his home near this place Tuesday night of bowel consumption. He had been down for some time. He was buried at his old home place Wednesday. Walters, died at her home at Waltersville, Powell county, August 15 th , of consumption, aged about 30 years.

Funeral services by Eld. Marcum and burial in the family graveyard. She had been a faithful member of the Christian Church for fifteen years and had many friends in this county, where she frequently visited, sympathize with the family in their bereavement. The Winchester Democrat, Friday, Nov. Amanda The Winchester Sun Tues. Ben N. Catherine The Winchester Sun Mon. Elizabeth The Winchester Sun Mon.

Eva The Winchester Sun Fri. Hazel The Winchester Sun Mon. Joyce The Winchester Sun Wed. Letha The Winchester Sun Wed. Lonie The Winchester Sun Tues. Lora J. Alsept The Winchester Sun Fri. Lou The Winchester Sun Tues. Lula The Winchester Sun Wed. Lula B. Marjorie S. Maude B. May The Winchester Sun Thur. Stella M. Tempte W. About fifty witnesses were examined. The case was tried before Judge N. Turpin, who held Roberts over to await the action of the Grand Jury at the September Term of the court.

It seems that the trouble arose about a favorite horse belonging to Tusco which had been severely ridden by his brother James, Friday, on a fishing expedition. Both are prominent men in that section. The revolver had carelessly been left on the windowsill where the little fellow managed to reach it. The Winchester Democrat, Tuesday, March 19, Bowling Green, Ky. Walton, for six years a member of the regular army and for a period a member of company F, 23 rd United States Infantry during the Spanish American War, committed suicide here by taking 20 grains of strychnine.

He walked almost to the reservoir and took the dose out of a drachma vial in front of one of the best known residences in the city. Walton was 24 years of age and came from Allen county. He was related to a number of people here. He married the second time, he said, Miss Pernie Taylor, whom he loved better than his life.

The letter was written on the back of a letter head from Washington attorneys, who were attempting to secure a pension for him. Wednesday afternoon they agreed to have Walton presented Thursday. He must have suspected this, as he procured a bottle of strychnine and took the fatal dose. Lee Walton died at his home at Harrodsburg Thursday.

He was probably the most talented musician in the State. He leaves a wife, the sister of Rev. Chisholm, of this city. The Democrat, Wednesday, December 14, Walton, wife of the editor of the Stanford Interior-Journal died this week. Died in Bourbon countyThomas E. Bradley has pardoned Thomas Waltz of Fayette county, a convict serving a twenty-one-year sentence for manslaughter. Waltz was sent up eleven years ago. The pardon is granted because the prisoner is in a dying condition, and his relatives desired to remove him from the prison before death. Sterling, Monday evening.

Mildred The Winchester Sun Wed. Harry DeathsJudge A. Harry Ward died at his home in Cynthiana Saturday night in his 91 st year. For more than fifty years he was one of the most distinquished citizens in the State as Attorney, Jurist and Statesman. The jury gave him half the amount. She also cut a sister of the dead girl. The investigation shows a strange infatuation. The murderess and her victim were engaged to be married and upon the engagement being broken the murder was the result. Henry Cummings, notorious mountain bad met death from ambush at an early hour Sunday morning on one of the principal streets here.

James Adley Turner, who was walking with him, was shot in the arm. The assassins are unknown. Greenwood Ward, a little later, and about a year ago Branham Elam, Kentuckian, met death at his hands. The quarrel is said to have originated over the possession of ten cents. Bush says it was accidental. The Winchester Democrat Fri, Aug. Quincy Judge J. Quincy Ward DeadParis, Ky. Judge J. Quincy Ward died near Paris Tuesday morning.

He was a former judge of the superior court of Kentucky, ex-county judge of Harrison county, a prominent democrat and noted breeder of fine trotters. Haviland, of Cynthiana, in writing some reminiscences of the late Judge J. Ward for the Democrat of that city, has the following:.

Judge James Flanagan, of Winchester, Ky. I gave Mr. Ward the desired letter to Judge Flanagan. I withdraw from the race in your favor, Mr. Kane, a horse jockey, and so badly injured that he will die. His skull was terribly crushed. The Winchester Democrat Friday, December 14, Ward, John On Motion of Peter Fry who made oath thereto as the law directs certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of John Ward dec. Ordered that James B. A sequel to " The boatAdams Frederick Augustus.

Arithmetic, club. Part first, advanced lessons pp. Boston, Brown, Bazin J- co. Part second, rules [Boat-club series, v. Lowell, D. Bixby, America in Turkey andt Greece. A story Boston, Lee' 4Shep2ard, Loell, D. Key to examples for practice in writ- In doors and out: or, views froi- the ten arithmetic. For the use of-' teachers. By Oliver Optic. Loiwell, D. Bixby, Bzie b' co. See Asher John R.

Richard Grant. Twelve messages don. Boston, Lee tjfrom the spirit of J. Adams, See Shepard, Stiles Joseph D. Little Bobtail; or, the wreck of the Adams Joseph H. Catalogo ilustrado de Penobscot. Boston, Lee naria en general, instrumentos a gricolas y 4I Shepard, Xieva York, M. Zarza- -- Little by little; or, the cruise of the mendi, []. The bouquet of spi- pp. Cincinnati, Rickey, Malritual flowers, See Child A. Adams J. The lost hunter. A tale of Nowv or never; or, the adventures of early times. Yewl Bobby Bright. BosAdams Nehemniah, d. Agnes and the lon, Brown, Bazin L- co. By her father.

Palace and cottage; or, Young Amer[anon.. Boston, S. TrWi - ice in France and Switzerland. By Oliver ple 4' co. Boston, Lee Shepard, Agnes and the little key: Poor and proud; or, the fortunes of or, bereaved parents instructed and com- Katy Redburn. A story for young folks.

Boston, Phil pp. Adams William Taylor -continued. Adventures The of Harry Franco, a tale Rich and humble; or, the mission of of the great panic. Bertha Grant. A story for young people. Saunders, Boston, Lee,. Sheprs'd, Adventures The of Willson Avery. By Boston, B. Translated from the french, by S. Glocester, [Cng. Boston, LeTe fAor il:ngto A, etc. A letter in rllll le. Ploston, Lee,y Sh7ep- jects. By a missionary. Nelw- York, Tay70lor Gotld, [The army and navy stories]. Advice to a young christian, See 86 pp.

Boston, Brelwer 4' Tileston, Waterbury Jared B. Watch and wait; or, the young fugi- Advice to a young gentleman, on entering tives. By the author of the " Laws of pp. Boston, Lee 4 Shepardc, Adams -. Sketches of the Philadel7hia, Lea 4' Blacehard, By a grandmother. By a friend to the sex. Boslon, Tilliard, Gray 4" co. Lonidon, G. The oration of Asclhines against The same. Interspersed with anec- Ctesiphon. By dotes. Cam pp. Boston, J. Blnmstead, Bartlett, Addicks Mrs. Barbara O'Sullivan. Pocket 2Eschylus. The Agamemnon of 2Eschymanual, treating of the science of the lLs, with notes.

Munroe 4 co. Of orthography. By Theodore D. New pp. Philadelphia, Boston, J1. Mtnroe 4' Addison Joseph. The evidences of the co. Collected from the writings of Translated into english verse, by Henry Addison. Gree1fteld, [Mass. Denio, The happiness of the souls in heaven. S — eptem contra Thebas, a tragedy. The joys of thie [Gr. London, E. CuAll, Adriani Giovambattista. Istoria de' suoi gustus Sachtlen x,pp.

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April 26, by The Gatepost - Issuu

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